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Mio Misentry 12T unboxing introduction combined with 4G networking + remote real-time monitoring function


Do you envy the sentinel mode of a certain electric car? Now there is the latest MiSentry 12T product launched by Mio, a major domestic driving recorder manufacturer. After combining with 4G LTE signal, it can realize the remote real-time monitoring function. How does it feel in actual use? Let Grant help you Check it out.

Front and rear + interior triple camera

Epoch-making 4G networking function

This MiSentry 12T adopts a three-camera configuration, which are the front, interior and rear positions, so the main unit pasted on the front windshield has two lenses on it. The main reason for taking pictures of the inside of the car is to achieve a better anti-theft monitoring function. Once someone enters the car, the owner can be notified immediately. And these three lenses all use the industry's top standard Sony starlight night vision photosensitive element, with a pixel of 2 million pixels, and the interior of the car is an infrared lens, which can clearly capture images inside the car even in a low-light environment. It is worth mentioning that there is no display screen on the MiSentry 12T host. There is only a big button on the host for memory card formatting and emergency video recording. If you want to confirm the captured image, you can do it through the mobile app – MioNext .

MiSentry 12T adopts a three-lens configuration, which is used to capture images of the front and rear of the vehicle and the interior of the vehicle. In order to allow the product to enter the parking mode, the connection method of the power cord is not a common cigarette lighter plug, but requires a professional to install it. The three-wire configuration of the positive and negative lines + ACC line.

In addition, the most important function of this MiSentry 12T is its 4G LTE networking capability, which is used to strengthen its "anti-theft universal security" function. After the vehicle is parked, it will enter the parking mode and monitor the vehicle status at any time , as soon as there is a problem, it will send a mobile phone message to the car owner. For example, if the car is bumped, objects inside and outside the car move close, or the ACC power of the car is activated, etc., a message will be sent to remind the car owner to pay attention. And after the car owner receives the message, he can also watch the movement inside and outside the car through the MioNext mobile app in real time, and respond immediately, which completely improves the shortcomings of the past that can only be traced back to the problem afterwards.

There are four slots on the top of the main unit. In addition to the power cable, rear camera signal cable and memory card, the most important 4G LTE SIM card will also be installed in the slots when leaving the factory, and Mio also gives a gift One-year free service, one-year follow-up contract only needs 1200 yuan/year.

In addition, any collision event recording or manual event recording and other images will be automatically backed up to the cloud, so that key videos can be saved at any time, and car owners can also review the records at any time, or download them directly to the mobile phone to achieve the purpose of double backup. As for setting up the machine, updating the firmware, and speed measurement data, etc., it can also be done through the connection between the mobile App and the host, and the latter two are still automatically updated, no need for a computer, no need to plug and unplug the memory card, as long as there is Where there is a 4G LTE signal, you can keep MiSentry 12T in the latest and best protection status at any time.

Car owners can also use Mio Next to find the current parking location of their car, including opening real-time images to confirm the front and rear images of the car's parking location. The anti-theft and car-finding functions are quite powerful.

The MiSentry 12T also has a built-in six-in-one safety warning function, which can use the GPS positioning system and built-in speed measurement point data to calculate in real time when the vehicle is passing through the speed measurement section, and the voice warning in advance allows the owner to pay attention to the speed of the vehicle, so as to increase driving safety and avoid speeding. Taking photos banned. As for the MiSentry 12T’s shooting quality, the front and rear lenses are 1920×1080/30fps, and the interior lens is 1280×720/25fps. Since the internal photosensitive elements are all Sony’s starlight night vision chips, the captured images are very clear , the process used to confirm that the accident happened is definitely more than enough.

All system settings of MiSentry 12T, including parking mode, memory card formatting, etc., are performed through the Mio Next APP, and the operation is quite intuitive and simple.

As for the 4G LTE tariff issue, Mio thoughtfully included a 4G Sim card in the host when it left the factory, and a year of free tariff service. The calculation start time for one year is after the owner logs in to the MioNext App Start counting, and there is also a countdown time in the APP. If you want to renew the contract after one year, you can directly contact Mio. The fee is 1,200 yuan for one year, which is equivalent to 100 yuan for one month. The cost is within the acceptable range of most people.

Overall, the author thinks that this product is very suitable for car owners who park outdoors. It can monitor the inside and outside of the car at any time, so that they can park more at ease. The driving recorder has a 4G LTE network monitoring function, which is a very innovative technology. The design can get high marks, and it is a product worth recommending to everyone.

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