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Mitsubishi's next-generation small SUV "XForce" world premiere in India

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Mitsubishi's next-generation "XForce", an SUV exclusively built for the ASEAN region
●Stylish appearance with orthodox SUV elements
●Advanced interior with both function and modernity
FF can also safely drive on unpaved roads and flooded roads

Mitsubishi's next-generation "XForce" SUV exclusively built for the ASEAN region

On August 10, 2023, Mitsubishi released the new generation of small SUV "XForce" at the "30th Indonesia International Auto Show" held on the same day.

The new-generation "XForce" is a 5-seater small SUV developed exclusively for the ASEAN region that combines practicality and comfort. Mitsubishi has released preview pictures and some information many times before the release, but it has not announced the name of the car and the full picture of the car until now.

Mitsubishi said that in addition to Vietnam, the Philippines and other ASEAN regions, the new generation of "XForce" also plans to be sold in South Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Africa in the future.

Stylish appearance with orthodox SUV elements

The new-generation "XForce" is a small SUV with a total length of 4,390×width 1,810×height 1,660mm.

According to Mitsubishi, in order to create an appearance that has a strong sense of presence in the cities of the ASEAN region and external activities, it adopts an orthodox SUV style and has a sense of fashion. The front of the car takes Mitsubishi's design vocabulary "Dynamic Shield" to a higher level.

The headlights and taillights adopt a T-shaped light-emitting design, which not only emphasizes the sense of spaciousness, but also serves as a symbolic design. The fenders and sides of the car are full of muscularity to show the car's athletic agility.

The minimum ground clearance of the new generation "XForce" is 222mm, which is comparable to the orthodox off-road vehicle "Pajero". To ensure driving performance on bad roads, the car is equipped with 18-inch wheels and large-diameter tires.

State-of-the-art interior with both function and modernity

The "XForce" cabin adopts a horizontal design, which not only enhances the driving vision, but also facilitates the driver to grasp the posture changes of the vehicle body when driving on uneven roads. On the other hand, the instrument panel is made of mixed-weave fabric (woven with threads of more than two colors) adopted for the first time by Mitsubishi, thereby creating a modern and calm interior space.

The cabin is equipped with a 12.3-inch display screen that spans from the center console to the driver's seat and is integrated with the speedometer. It can be connected to the mobile phone through WebLink, and can also display information such as altitude, front, rear, left, and right tilt, and orientation with three instruments. .

The display screen also includes a driving scoring function supervised by Hiroshi Masuoka, a racing driver affiliated with Mitsubishi Ralliart. The digital instrument in the driver's seat can also be switched to an analog display screen.

Cabin length goes beyond the specifications of a small SUV

"XForce" has a cabin width of 1,444mm and a cabin height of 1,221mm, which is within the average standard for a small SUV, but the cabin length is 2,601mm, which exceeds the 2,450mm of the Outlander seven-seater model. Mitsubishi stated that "in order to allow all occupants to have a comfortable riding experience, a spacious cabin space is specially created", and three adults in the back seat will not feel crowded.

The rear seat adopts 4:2:4 separation and tilting, and four occupants can also carry long objects by car. A total of 8 tilting angles can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable sitting posture and load capacity, and to meet various purposes.

The trunk has a large area of ​​cargo space, and the height of the trunk floor can also be adjusted. The center console is equipped with functions such as wireless charging, and the center console can also use the air conditioner to cool drinks.

[Mitsubishi's first]Equipped with an audio system jointly developed with Yamaha

Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium Audio Parts

The sound system "Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium" jointly developed with Yamaha is also a topic of discussion at "XForce".

For the first time on a Mitsubishi car, the "Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium" consisting of 8 speakers can adjust the volume and correct the sound quality according to the speed of the car. This function allows the vehicle to enjoy the dynamism of the bass and the sound of the mid-to-high range when the vehicle is driving on uneven roads.

According to Mitsubishi, it also has 4 optional sound types, which can be switched according to preferences and moods. In order to maximize the performance of the audio, the sound quality of the cabin is also adjusted to provide passengers with a more comfortable and pleasant driving experience.

FF can also safely drive on unpaved roads and flooded roads

Although the 4A91 1.5L in-line 4-cylinder MIVEC engine equipped with the new generation "XForce" is a bit old, it is used in many models. The gearbox is a CVT, which can drive with stepless speed change at a low opening of the throttle valve to achieve low fuel consumption and low noise performance, and can obtain strong acceleration and improve engine performance at a high opening.

The drive specification is only FF, but it adjusts the suspension system according to the road conditions in the ASEAN region. It is also equipped with the "AYC Active Yaw Control System" that can properly control the driving force of the left and right wheels according to the driving mode selected by the driver, so you can drive with confidence .

It has 4 driving modes: Normal, Wet, Gravel, and Mud. In addition to AYC, it can also control the engine and steering at the same time to cope with various road conditions.

The minimum ground height of 222mm and the minimum turning radius of 5.2m, sufficient approach angle and ground clearance angle are also indispensable elements for comfortable movement in the ASEAN region. Mitsubishi stated that "the new-generation XForce is a small SUV that can safely drive in various weather and road conditions, adding excitement to daily life."

●Main specifications of Mitsubishi XForce (India specification)

[Full Length × Width × Height]4,390mm × 1,810mm × 1,660mm


[Vehicle weight]1,245kg

[Engine type]1,499cc inline 4-cylinder

[Maximum output]77kW (104PS)/6,000rpm

【Maximum Torque】141N・m(14.3kgf・m)/4,000rpm

【Transmission system】CVT

【Drive specification】FF

[Tire size](front and rear) 225/50R18

[Suspension system](front) MacPherson (rear) torsion beam

[Number of passengers]5 people

【Approach angle】21.0°

【Passing angle】20.5°

【Departure angle】30.5°

Original source:Mitsubishi unveils the new compact SUV "Exforce" in Indonesia for the first time in the world
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