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New choice for engine carbon removal: GREENWAY nano carbon removal

It is well known that carbon deposits are the source of all engine problems. In addition to making the engine prone to knocking and causing reduced power, it also causes poor engine performance, delayed starting, weak acceleration, unstable idling, jitter, noise, unknown noises, and various engine problems. Stable state...etc. are almost all related to carbon deposits.

However, the most neglected thing is the influence on the combustion state. The combustion is incomplete and the unburned fuel will run to the exhaust pipe and burn, which is the so-called "afterburning phenomenon".

"Afterburning phenomenon" will cause the engine temperature to rise abnormally, and high temperatures may accelerate the aging of plastics, rubber, electronics, and parts. That is why a car that is not well maintained will often have problems.

Therefore, it is recommended that during maintenance, the carbon deposits should be removed together, which will keep the engine as smooth, quiet and smooth as a new car, and maintain the best condition of your car.

At present, there are many ways to remove carbon, such as hydrogen and oxygen machines, foam cleaning and walnut sand... etc. are all common. However, the construction time of the hydrogen and oxygen machine is too long and the price of walnut sand is too high. Currently, a Taiwanese manufacturer has launched a new generation of GREENWAY nano carbon removal unit. In addition to being easy to install and feeling immediately, the cleaning process only takes 6 minutes. The price is also very affordable. It can be said to be very convenient and a good new carbon removal unit. choose.

GREENWAY nano carbon removal machine is easy to install and can be started with just one click

GREENWAY carbon removal machine chemical group takes into account both environmental protection and efficiency

GREENWAY nanomedicine has not only passed the SVHC235 high-concern substance test, but also complies with EU REACH certification. Its main ingredients are substances and special nanomaterials that can crack the sludge and oil film attached to the throttle valve and intake manifold. The first function is It softens and cracks the oil film carbon deposits attached to the oil film between the throttle valve and the cylinder intake valve due to the overheating of the engine oil. The second function is that the nanomaterials have a catalytic combustion-supporting effect in the high-temperature and high-pressure environment in the cylinder. The special nanomaterials The rice material will knock and penetrate the carbon film during the action process, which can gradually remove the carbon deposits attached to the oil scraper ring and the surface of the piston head and spark plug. Its effectiveness is highly recognized and it is also exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other places.

Just insert the medicine tube into the vacuum tube and use the engine's negative pressure suction to introduce the atomized medicine.

The principle of this carbon removal is to use the vacuum suction in the intake manifold when the engine is started to suck the cleaning agent into the manifold to remove the internal carbon deposits. Because this method is used for cleaning, not only the intake valve, but also the combustion chamber It can clean even the passages in the intake manifold. However, the most difficult carbon deposit to deal with is piston ring carbon deposit. After using the GREENWAY carbon removal unit to clean it, car owners will feel that the vibration of the car has become smaller. This is because the GREENWAY carbon removal nano-agent can penetrate into the piston ring to clean the piston ring and the piston. It is caused by the elasticity of the ring and the cylinder pressure returning to normal. After driving, you will also feel that the sliding distance has become longer and the acceleration becomes smoother and more powerful when climbing.

After applying GREENWAY nano carbon removal, the carbon deposit on the top of the piston ring is significantly reduced.
GREENWAY Nano Carbon Removal currently has service locations in the new focus of automobile department stores, Li Automobile Shops nationwide, and authorized maintenance plants. Readers are welcome to make an appointment to experience it.

Lichefang business locations:

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