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Nissan’s 2024-style model has added “Fairlady Z NISMO”! The car price is about 9.2 million yen

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●Nissan released the "Fairlady Z" 2024 model!
The "Fairlady Z NISMO" with exclusive tuning is only available in AT models
●Some specification upgrades and information about "Fairlady Z Customized Edition"

Nissan released the "Fairlady Z" 2024 model!

On August 1, 2023, Nissan released the "Fairlady Z" 2024 model. In addition to upgrading some specifications of the new-generation 2024 model, "Fairlady Z NISMO" is also added.

At the same time, Nissan expects to launch the "Fairlady Z Customized Edition" original kit that can reproduce the "Fairlady Z Customized Edition" exhibited at the "Tokyo Modification Motor Show 2023" in late October this year.

Currently Fairlady Z is still not accepting orders. Regarding the sales of Fairlady Z NISMO, currently Nissan only offers consumers who have already ordered Fairlady Z to reorder NISMO. Due to the limited number of production units, if there are more people who apply for reordering, they will be sold by lottery.

Nissan said that it will plan to receive new orders after the problem of long-term delivery of NISMO models is resolved.

The “Fairlady Z NISMO” with exclusive adjustments is only available in AT models

"Fairlady Z NISMO" has all NISMO-exclusive modifications on the engine, chassis, exterior and interior. The newly added Fairlady Z NISMO introduces the technology cultivated by Nissan on the GT-R and the technology specially developed for NISMO, and its performance greatly exceeds that of ordinary models.

Engine output increased by 15PS! 9-speed AT is not sloppy

"Fairlady Z NISMO" changed the electric exhaust valve control to increase the boost value for more precise control. It also introduces the single-cylinder independent control ignition system also used in GT-R, which increases the maximum output from 405PS to 420PS, and the maximum torque from 48.4kgf・m to 53.0kgf・m.

Only the 9-speed AT "9M-ATx" is set for the transmission system. While shortening the clutch stroke to improve the responsiveness of shifting, it also increases the number of clutch plates to enhance heat resistance during track driving.

In addition to the standard "Sport" and "Standard", the driving mode also adds the "Sport+" mode dedicated to NISMO. "Sport+" not only has exclusive shift and throttle control, but also switches to exclusive control for valve timing, which improves braking response and shift speed.

Through chassis adjustment, the vehicle has both excellent steering performance and tracking performance

Install rigid reinforcements around the steering gear and around the body to improve the steering performance of "Fairlady Z NISMO" and improve vehicle tracking performance. The car adopts the newly developed "Traction Mode", which can reduce understeer and oversteer through independent brake control of each wheel.

In terms of suspension, the elastic coefficient of the spring is optimized, and the shock absorber is also changed to a style with an enlarged diameter and high-capacity damping oil. In terms of braking, NISMO special braking system is adopted to make it capable of load sports driving.

Exterior design improves aerodynamic performance and interior design allows you to focus on driving

"Fairlady Z NISMO" is equipped with an aerodynamic package that condenses the experience and technology accumulated during the development of Nissan GT-R.

The front end is extended and lowered by 40mm, so that the body has a low center of gravity and a slender profile, and the aerodynamic performance is improved by strengthening the downforce. Optimize the cooling performance of water tank and brake through air guide.

The body color is available in 5 colors including "NISMO Stealth Gray/Super Black 2 Tone". The rims are made of gloss black 19-inch forged aluminum rims with widened rim width and lightweight.

The cabin adopts RECARO sports seats specially adjusted for NISMO, which have good support and can help the driver maintain a sitting posture under high-speed driving. The seat surface material of black Alcantara suede and leather has both texture and anti-slip effect.

The interior is based on a simple and sporty design, which enhances driving concentration and can also arouse a passionate atmosphere of sports driving.

Part of the specification upgrade and "Fairlady Z Customized Edition" related information

In terms of some specification upgrades, in addition to the standard configuration of Amazon Alexa for all specifications, the "432 Orange" body color is newly set, which imitates the "Grand Prix Orange" body color of "Fairlady Z 432" (S30). Version T and ST specifications provide blue interior options.

In addition, Nissan expects to launch an original kit that can reproduce the "Fairlady Z Customized Edition" exhibited at the "Tokyo Modified Motor Show 2023" in late October this year.

There are two trim kits, one of which is a starter kit with a front bumper and carbon fiber rear spoiler. The other is a complete reproduction of the "Tokyo Modified Motor Show 2023" display car, including a full kit with exclusive 19-inch aluminum rims, emblems, painted stickers, etc.

●Suggested price of Fairlady Z 2024 model

Basic specification (6-speed MT): 5,398,800 yen, (9-speed AT) 5,398,800 yen

Version S (6-speed MT): 6,245,800 yen, (9-speed AT) 5,858,600 yen

Version ST (6-speed MT): 6,657,200 yen, (9-speed AT) 6,657,200 yen

NISMO (9-speed AT): 9,200,400 yen

Original source:Nissan “Fairlady Z NISMO” is newly added in the 2024 model!The price is about 9.2 million yen
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