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[Parking in Cars]A must-read for newbies to car rentals! How to start a car rental with a budget of 10,000 yen!

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●A must-read for readers who plan to start traveling with car rentals
●The first time you stay in a car rental is to try it out! Just focus on "relaxation"
●Try using your own items to stay in a car park
●You can purchase all the supplies you need for your car rental for less than 10,000 yen!
●Let’s start by challenging the car rental!

A must-read for readers who plan to start traveling in car rentals

Car rentals have become popular due to the epidemic. I believe many people want to try them, right?

But when it came time to actually start, in addition to spending a lot of money, I wasn’t sure what supplies to buy. This article will introduce what supplies should be prepared first during a three-day and two-night car-stay.

The first time you stay in a car rental is to try it out! Just focus on "relaxation"

The first thing to focus on when traveling to a car rental is "relaxation".

A caravanning trip that could have been carried out with a low budget actually cost a lot of money in preparation and could not be started even if it wanted to be started.

According to the questionnaire survey designed by the author, more than half of the people who answered the question "Budget to spend on preparing items for the first caravanserai" were less than 10,000 yen.

Although you can create a comfortable car environment by spending money, it is very risky to spend a lot of money on spare parts without knowing whether you are suitable for a car rental.

It is recommended that you use your own original items for car camping from the beginning.

Try using your own items to stay in a car park

Items to purchase: Just use your own items:
sun visor Sleeping bag or quilt
Upholstered Pillow
LED light bath towel
Toiletries sandals

The necessary items for a three-day and two-night car trip are as follows. Items that need to be purchased are sun visors, cushions, LED lights, and toiletries.

The portable power supplies, IH cooking appliances, electronic pots, refrigerators and other items mentioned in the article introducing the car-home items are non-essential items for the first-time car-house.

To charge your mobile phone, you can use the cigarette lighter and mobile power supply in the car, and for meals, you can choose to eat out or at a convenience store. There are also charging sockets in camping sites and campervan campsites. As long as you use external facilities, there will be no big problem if the equipment in the car is simple.

In addition, because there will still be some height differences when the car seats are laid flat, it is better to have soft cushions, but if you have a quilt or camping sleeping bag at home, it is actually quite sufficient.

The author also used his own quilts and pillows for his first car-stay. Although it took up a little space, I could sleep comfortably as long as it was not winter.

The purpose of using sun visors is to protect privacy, LED lights are for interior lighting, and sandals can be used when moving from the car to the toilet. In addition to being used for bathing, bath towels can also make up for the height difference of the seat, and can also be used to cover the quilt. It is recommended that you prepare 2 to 3 pieces.

Toiletries are too big to carry around. It is recommended that you put the things you are used to into separate jars or prepare travel packaging.

You can purchase all the supplies you need for a car rental under 10,000 yen!

5,000Yen: sun visors, curtains

Sun visors and curtains to protect privacy are essential for car rentals.

A sun visor covers the driver's side and curtains cover the rear seats.

At night, you can clearly see the interior of the car after lighting up the lights in the car. With it, you can protect your privacy. Please be sure to remember it when traveling.

The sun visor placed in front of the windshield can be purchased from a 100-yen store.

I DIYed the sun visors for the driver's and passenger seats by buying sun visors, buckles, and hole presses from a 100-yen store.

You can use suction cups that you already own at home. If you don’t have them, you can buy them online.

The cost of the above items is approximately 800~1,000 yen.

The most expensive part is the curtains, among which curtain fabrics are the most expensive. The most needed items for curtain DIY are curtains, magnet hooks, and curtain tracks.

You can choose the fabric you like according to the size of the window. In order to prevent people from looking into the car from the outside, it is recommended that you choose thicker curtain fabrics. It will also be cheaper for people who are good at DIY to do it themselves.

Those who care about sunlight can choose blackout curtains.

It is recommended to choose strong magnets for magnet hooks.

If the magnet cannot hold it, you can use the buckle to insert it into the gap in the interior. If the magnet cannot hold it, you can directly stick the cloth on it.

The author's curtain track is a round rod from a hardware store. Of course, it can also be replaced by curtain wire or telescopic rod. It is recommended to use something that is easy to maintain.

By the way, if you want to keep the budget down, you can clamp the bath towel with an electric window or use a magnet from a 100-yen store.

3,000Japanese Yen: Upholstered

If you are camping in an ordinary car, soft cushions will be a necessity.

It is recommended to choose based on the following three criteria.

·Is the size just right?

·Is it easy to set up and store?

·How comfortable is it?

Better quality cushions cost more than 5,000 yen, while simple cushions cost less than 3,000 yen.

If you use it for daily camping, you can also use it directly. If you are concerned about the height difference of the seat, you can use a bath towel to adjust it.

There are also inflatable sleeping pads and self-inflating sleeping pads.

100~500Japanese Yen: LED Lights

With LED lights, you can work in the car.

The author personally attached the devil's felt to the LED lights from the 100-yen store and used it on the roof of the car. I suggest you try it too.

■Daiso COB push light white


Just press the middle to turn on the light, and you can choose the brightness.

■Daiso 55MD lantern


The mini lantern, which can be purchased at Daiso, has yellow light and mild tones.

500Japanese Yen: Toiletries

Toiletries are indispensable items for car rentals.

In particular, many hot spring pools do not come with toiletries, so it is recommended that you prepare them first.

Let’s start by challenging the car rental!

The must-have items for a first-time camper are sun visors and curtains to protect privacy, as well as sleeping mats, LED lights, and toiletries.

If you look hard enough, you can buy them all for less than 10,000 yen. You can start by challenging a car rental for the first time.

Original source:Beginners sleeping in a car[must see]How to start sleeping in a car starting from 10,000 yen!
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