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[Parking in the car]A car air conditioner that can continue to operate even when the engine is stopped?! At what stage is the development progress of "Parkooler"?

Readers who participated in the Japan Camping Car Show 2022, do you have an impression of "kyudensya"? It is one of the exhibits displayed by the van manufacturer "Dream AT" in Obihiro City, Hokkaido. Contrary to the simple introduction, it has epoch-making technology.

The evolved version of "kyudensya" "Parkooler" was unveiled at the Tokyo Camping Car Show.

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●What is the evolved version of "kyudensya", "Parkooler"?
●Can it be installed on existing car models?

What is the evolved version of "kyudensya" called "Parkooler"?

The Parkooler display car is the same as "kyudensya". At first glance, it is an ordinary Toyota Hiace.

What's special about it is that cold air will still be sent from the front and rear car air conditioners after the engine is stopped. Generally, the air conditioning of automobile air conditioners uses the power of the engine to drive the compressor. When the engine stops, the air conditioning system will also stop.

But the "Parkooler" uses gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle technology to operate, and the car's air conditioner can still run even if the engine is stationary.

How "Parkooler" works
The operation method is explained below.
When a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle is driving, the engine will run or stop depending on the situation, so the "engine-driven compressor" method cannot be used.
Gas-electric hybrid vehicles are equipped with an electric compressor driven by a motor, thereby continuously maintaining the operation of the vehicle's air conditioning system regardless of the engine's operating status. The "Parkooler" is also equipped with an electric compressor.
In addition to the general "engine-driven compressor", "Parkooler" is also equipped with an electric compressor (that is, two compressor systems). Although it is equipped with two compressors, it can use the car's own air conditioning system, so there is no need to install indoor or outdoor units.

The "Parkooler" operation method is to rely on the engine to drive the compressor when the engine is running (driving and idling); when the engine is stopped (when parked somewhere as a camper), the electric compressor is used to drive the air conditioning system, so it also has many derivations. advantage.

Excellent ability
The average vehicle is usually not insulated.
Therefore, as long as you turn off the engine in the hot summer, the room temperature will immediately rise, and it will become a terrifying high temperature in an instant.
Air conditioning systems can cool vehicles with low insulation performance. Camper vans that are insulated will have better results.

The vibration, corrosion resistance and other aspects of automobile air conditioners are designed and tested on the premise of being used in vehicles. More than 1 million vehicles worldwide use automotive air conditioning systems, and their durability is guaranteed.

Save space
Utilizing the car air conditioning system that is already installed in the car, it does not take up space inside the car. There is no need to go to great lengths to add a car air conditioning system or home air conditioning.

Can it be installed on existing car models?

Then comes the power issue that everyone is most concerned about.

"kyudensya" is equipped with a lithium battery, which is the power source for the auxiliary battery and vehicle air conditioning system.

The "Parkooler" exhibited this time is not equipped with a lithium battery, but relies on an external power supply (AC100V) to operate. If you just look at this point, you will feel that the new model is degraded.

But if the price of lithium batteries remains high, simplifying the system can reduce the price and can be used as long as there is an external power supply, which is a great improvement.

In addition to places with AC power sources such as campervan campsites, portable power sources that have recently become popular can also be used. Of course, a large-capacity auxiliary battery × inverter can also be used.

The biggest advantage of the simplified system is that "it can also be installed on existing vehicles."

As mentioned before, since it uses the car's original air conditioner, there is no need to clear additional space for installing indoor and outdoor units. In addition, it can also be installed on small vehicles such as light vehicles and vans.

Nowadays, many systems can only be installed on new cars, so this system has high hopes.

But it is a pity that the launch date of Parkooler has not been released yet, but it is extremely complete, so let us look forward to its future development.

Original source:Car air conditioner that works even when the engine is stopped? ! "Parkooler" whose development development is interesting
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