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[Parking in the car]Camping modification DIY! What should you consider first? (Part 1)

When you are doing DIY car camping modifications, have you ever been stuck in a situation where you don’t know where to start and are still unable to get started?

When I first started DIY, I spent a lot of time drawing design drawings and collecting materials.

This time I will introduce the author's DIY sequence to readers. I hope that readers who want to DIY next will be able to carry out DIY modification work more efficiently after referring to this note.

table of contents
●Draw a simple diagram based on your imagination
●Then make more detailed design drawings based on the simple drawings
●Purchase materials at nearby hardware stores
●Start with something that won’t change size
●Leave trivial items for last
●Have knowledge related to vehicle inspection
●Summary of DIY in-car camping modified car

Draw a sketch based on your imagination

The most important thing when doing DIY is "imagination". What items should be placed? What color should be chosen?...etc., think about it step by step.

First, use Instagram and other methods to collect information.
It is recommended that you use SNS software such as Instagram, photo websites such as Pinterest, or car camping magazines to collect information before DIY.
If you have a vehicle, refer to the pictures of the same model to help you imagine. The author mainly uses Instagram to collect intelligence.
Instagram not only has completed pictures, but also DIY flow charts. You can refer to these pictures during actual operations. The author highly recommends readers to collect information from Instagram first. In addition, if you use YouTube, you can not only know the finished product, but also how to make it. I highly recommend everyone to make good use of this resource.

Draw a floor plan
Once you decide what items you want to place, you can draw a simple floor plan.
It is recommended that readers measure the size of the vehicle compartment floor area in advance to grasp the approximate location.

For the author, the bed, table, and kitchen are necessities, so the placement of the above items is decided at the beginning.

After drawing the diagram, add tape to the cabin to make it more concrete.

You can also draw using iPad and PC

If you have an iPad or computer handy for drawing, you can draw the way you want to place it on the photo.

Since it is not a design drawing, the dimensions will vary, but this process can help the idea become concrete.

The author’s finished vehicle DIY product is not much different from this picture.

Based on simple drawings, design drawings are also easier to draw.

Then make more detailed design drawings based on the simplified drawings

Next, we talked about the two key points of "considering the thickness and length of the wood" and "paying attention to obstacles."

The following will introduce it to you in detail.

Match the thickness and length of the wood

Readers who usually do DIY should know that the length of wood is usually divided into 90~91cm and 180~183cm lengths, and there are almost no sizes of 100cm and 150cm.

Therefore, when drawing the design drawings, you must first examine what kind of wood will be used.

For example, if you want to use 2 pieces of 100cm wood, you need to buy 2 pieces of 180cm wood, otherwise it will not be enough.

If it is not necessary to be 100cm, it is recommended that you use 90cm as the benchmark when making.

How much material can be cut from 1 piece of wood will greatly affect the cost.

Pay attention to whether there are any obstacles

As shown in the photo, Bongo's cabin has tire bulges.

Placing items on top of the tires or placing them away from each other will affect the furniture design. Readers should pay special attention to this part.

This time, when making the bed, the author adopted the method of swinging the bed feet onto the tires. Instead, the kitchen is designed to avoid tires. The reason for adopting different designs depends on whether there is space for placement.

However, if the position of the support legs is asymmetrical, it will affect the strength of the item. It is recommended that you do not shift the position too much.

The height and width of furniture are also very important
The height and width of furniture can greatly affect ease of use.

Taking the table in my car as an example, the height of the support legs is 70cm.

Due to the emphasis on appearance consistency, the height of the kitchen is also made 70cm.

Looking back now, the kitchen should be made lower, so that it would be more comfortable when cooking.

Since the height and width cannot be changed once they are made, it is recommended that you anticipate various possibilities and think carefully before proceeding.

Purchase materials at a nearby hardware store

The author and my mother do DIY campervan modification work every Saturday, and every time they go to the hardware store to choose.

The main purpose of going to the hardware store is to buy wood and find new inspiration. When buying at a hardware store, you can see the actual items and make selections, which is different from online shopping.

Wood grain is one of the characteristics of DIY. The author highly recommends readers to go to the hardware store to choose.

You should also shop around at hardware stores.
The author lives in Ibaraki Prefecture, and there are 3 to 4 hardware stores within a thirty-minute drive. If there are many hardware stores near your home, you can use these stores to know the price of wood.
The types and prices of wood sold in different stores vary greatly. DIY supplies also have the same products but different prices.

Making good use of space can reduce costs

Although the author has some DIY equipment, it is still difficult to cut thick wood.

Therefore, what the author would like to recommend to everyone is a "hardware store that can rent work space."

Some hardware stores have wood cutting areas that require a fee, but some have free access.

Original source:DIY a car that can be used for sleeping in the car! What are the first points to consider?
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