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[Parking in the car]Camping modification DIY! What should you consider first? (Part 2)

Start with something that won’t change size

The author started looking for wood only after drawing the design, so the dimensions were changed midway.

Therefore, the author here calls on everyone to pay attention to the order, and recommends that you start with things that you do not want to change the size of.

The author starts from the bed with a certain size, the kitchen with some room for changes, and the table with possible large changes.

The author does not have a particular preference for the size of the table, so I changed the size to a compact tabletop with a width of 10cm and a length of 5cm.

Leave trivial items for last

Once the large furniture is finished, small items can be made.

For example, curtains, shoe cabinets, lockers, etc. Made to match the height of the remaining space and other furniture.

By the way, the author’s shoe cabinet is made from DIY products from the 100-yen store. Just lock it on a wooden board to make a simple shoe cabinet.

Have knowledge related to vehicle inspection

What the author pays most attention to when DIYing is the vehicle inspection.

I am ashamed to say that I knew nothing about car inspection before DIY, and I did not know which DIY was feasible and which was not feasible.

It is too risky to nail wooden boards to the ceiling without knowing which modifications are legal and which modifications are illegal, so I used wood grain sponge floor stickers to make them removable at any time.

These include "It is prohibited to remove the rear seats of passenger cars", "Only heat-resistant materials can be used in the interior of the car" and many other regulations. It is recommended that you check carefully before modifying to avoid problems.

DIY Summary of Camping Modified Vehicles in the Car

There are many aspects to consider when undertaking a DIY campervan conversion.

Budgets, design drawings, material purchasing methods, etc. all need to be constantly thought about. If you cannot spare time, it will be difficult to get started.

After completion, your car will have its own style and become much cuter.

Let’s try to build a vehicle of your own together!

Original source:DIY a car that can be used for sleeping in the car! What are the first points to consider?
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