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[Parking in the car]Installation method of curtains, a must-have for car rentals

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●Curtains are a must-have for bed and breakfast
●Are curtains really necessary?
●Simple and fail-proof curtain installation method
●Things to note when installing curtains

Curtains are a must for car rentals

To live a comfortable car-stay life at your destination, the interior layout of the car is very important. Curtains are one of the must-have items for car rentals. Curtains can ensure privacy and nighttime comfort.

I believe there are many people who want it but are not good at installing it and are troubled. This article will introduce you to how to install curtains.

People who are hesitant about installing curtains can also refer to this note.

Are curtains really necessary?

Why do motels need curtains? The reasons are as follows.

·Prevent the situation inside the car from being seen from outside the car


·Prevent the temperature inside the car from rising

Then let the author explain each point.

In order to prevent the situation inside the car from being seen from outside the car

Of course, when living in a car, you will be concerned about the line of sight outside the car. Curtains can block the line of sight from outside the car. Especially at night or in crowded places, ensuring privacy is a key point in making a car rental more comfortable.

Installing curtains can make life in the car more comfortable.

To prevent theft

Sometimes hostels will bring valuables into the car. Although Japan has better security than other places, it cannot be said that the chance of being involved in an incident is zero.

Therefore, anti-theft measures for car rentals are very important. Closing the curtains when spending the night in parking lots or campsites can reduce the risk of theft.

It can also reduce the chance of being seen with valuables and high-priced outdoor equipment in the car.

Therefore, curtains play a great role in preventing theft.

To prevent the temperature inside the car from rising

Rising temperature inside the car is a major problem for car rentals. Especially in the summer when the temperature is high, it is very hot inside the car. Therefore, it is very important to avoid direct sunlight in the car. Curtains can not only block sunlight, but also prevent the temperature inside the car from rising.

Although the author used white curtains this time, using darker curtains or gray curtains can achieve better light blocking.

In the second half of the article, readers will be introduced to curtain materials suitable for car rentals. You can also take a look at them.

Simple and fail-proof curtain installation method

Then the author will explain the simple curtain installation method.

Prepare materials

First of all, prepare the necessary items for installing curtains.

·Plastic curtain track
·Super strong double-sided tape
·Fast straps for gathering curtains

Advance preparation

The installation location of the curtains must be confirmed first. Cut the curtain track according to the length of the vehicle body and confirm whether there is a curvature at the installation location. If there is a curvature, the track cannot be installed using this method.

·Confirm the curtain track setting location

·Adjust curtain track length

installation method

Just stick super strong double-sided tape on the curtain track and press it firmly against the car body.
If the double-sided tape is weak and causes the track to fall off, you can try heating the double-sided tape before attaching it. However, in this case, it may not be possible to remove the track cleanly. Please consider this fully before deciding whether to do so.
In addition, be very careful when lighting a fire in the car. As soon as the curtain track is installed, the curtains can be hung on the hooks.

You can find curtains that fit the size of your car or adjust the size yourself.

Things to note when installing curtains

There are also a few things to note when installing.

Don’t let the weight of the curtains crush the curtain track

The stability of the track during installation is very important. The installation method introduced this time uses strong double-sided tape, so the track may fall due to the weight of the curtain.

It cannot be installed if it has a curvature.

If there is a curvature in the car, the curtain track cannot be installed in the above manner. Different car models have different places where curtain tracks can be installed. It is very important to confirm the length and curvature in advance.

Curtain track deficiencies can be adjusted with magnets

In the picture, curtain tracks cannot be installed on the car body and the concave and convex parts. In this case, the places where curtains are needed can be fixed with magnets.

※However, the car models that can be directly fixed with magnets are also limited.

The curtains must be kept in one place when the vehicle is moving
If the curtains are not closed in one place, the track may be damaged by wind. In addition, the curtains blowing in the wind while the vehicle is moving may also hinder driving.
Keep your curtains in one place for safe and comfortable driving.

Choose the right curtains for your car rental

The curtain fabric used this time is thin and has poor light-shielding properties. If you want to have a comfortable sleep, choose curtains with better light-blocking properties.
But curtains with better light-blocking properties may add weight. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose dark and gray curtains that can also cover the appearance of the car during the day.


Curtains are necessary to protect privacy and prevent theft when staying in a caravan.

However, you must first pay attention to the track position and curtain weight during installation. The author also recommends that you choose dark curtains with better light blocking properties.

The installation method introduced this time can be easily completed even by DIY novices. If you are hesitating about which installation method to use, please refer to it.

Original source:[Easy and no mistakes]How to install curtains necessary for sleeping in a car
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