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[Parking in the car]Is it inconvenient to store a modified camping car equipped with a simple bed set?

As long as you put a bed in commercial vehicles such as Toyota Hiace and Nissan Caravan, you can sleep in the car overnight.
Some people may have the question of whether it will cause some inconvenience even though the bed can be placed to sleep.
At this time, the author who drives the Nissan Caravan Multibed, lays the floor in the car room, and equips the bed set will answer your questions about the inconvenience, storage and placement of items.

I believe this is also a good reference for those who drive a camping modified car!

table of contents
●What kind of car is the Caravan Multibed equipped with a bed set?
●How big is the interior space of Caravan?
●Points to note when stowage
●What is the most suitable application for simple camping modified vehicles?

What kind of car is a Caravan Multibed with a bed set?

Caravan Multibed is a simple camping specification car that can be purchased at regular Nissan dealers. It is a floor and bed set specification, and the other parts are original Nissan Caravan.

There is no luxurious soft bed like a camper, no kitchen and storage racks in the car

・Bed size is 1,760mm×1,510mm

·The size of the cushion in the middle is 350mm×755mm, and there are two pieces in total

The size of the beds on both sides is about 580mm×1.510mm

※Because of the heating of the rear seat, the bed on the side of the passenger side is narrower in size

·The thickness of the bed is 50mm

The Multibed is light and compact, and can be easily unfolded and stored. After the bed is lifted, you can have almost the same storage space as a Nissan Caravan.

It is also very easy to flip the bed up and down.

1. First remove the two middle cushions
2. Turn the two sides into the state of long chairs and stools
3. Lift the bed and use the rear seat belt to fix the raised bed
4. Fold the foot of the bed.The locks on the legs of the bed are set on the side of the driver's seat, as long as one lock is unlocked, the other three legs of the bed will move together
5. Follow the same steps on the other side to store
6. The spacious car floor that can be used as storage space is exposed
7. When you want to use the bed, you only need to operate in the reverse order of the above

How big is the interior space of the Caravan?

Caravan's cabin length is 1,860mm, and the length after the rear seats are folded is 3,050mm.

The cabin height is 1,325mm and the cabin width is 1,490mm. Because of the relationship between the rear wheel arches, the interior width is only 1,115mm.

The wheel arch space of Caravan is different from that of Hiace, and the upper part adopts a flat design. In this way, it will be very stable when placed on the upper layer. By placing laminates on hard-to-use spaces such as wheel arches, they can be turned into luggage storage spaces.

Caravan has two types of "flat floor" design and "low floor" design. Caravan Multibed is based on the "low floor" design.

The advantage is that the wheel arch can be turned into a flat cabin by laying plywood on the wheel arch, maximizing the floor area of ​​the cabin.

However, the wheel arch height is 210mm, so the cabin height will be 1.115mm lower.

Points to note when stowage

The prototype of Caravan Multibed is a commercial vehicle, so the maximum stowage can reach 1,000kg. Even so, it is not recommended to place heavy objects on the bed set. The weight resistance of the bed set is not so high. It is more appropriate to place heavy objects directly on the floor of the car compartment.

The cabin has a flat bed set, so as long as it is not too heavy, it can be stowed.

The height of the bed set is 350mm, and the height from the bed to the ceiling is 1,000mm, so there is not much difference in roominess whether there is a bed frame or not.

Sheets and a small amount of furniture can be placed in the car. As long as the central cushion is removed, the bicycle can be loaded; the second row of seats can be stowed to expand the space of the car.

Caravan also has multifunctional nuts designed to hold items, which are distributed in

· Above the windows of the cabin, there are 8 places on one side (roof rails)

・Under the window, there are 4 places on one side (for fixed stowage)

・There are 2 places on both sides of the wheel arch (can be used for stationary bicycles, etc.)

There are 14 multi-function nuts on one side and 28 on both sides. Remove the plastic cover and you can use M6 nuts, which can be used to install roof rails and hooks.

Roof rails and hooks can be selected from the optional items launched by the original factory or DIY.

What is the most suitable application for a simple camping conversion vehicle?

Although the Caravan Multibed is not as well-equipped as camping, it can be bought at a cheap price.

After actual use, the author feels that this car is suitable for readers who like to camp in the car + use it as a special car for their interests. This vehicle is ideal for those with the interests described below.

· Enjoys skiing or snowboarding

·I like to ride a bicycle and travel around the country with a bicycle

·Want to go surfing at the beach no matter the season

·The hobby is fishing, and I want to carry a lot of fishing rods to the river or the sea

·The hobby is camping, and I want to travel around the country with a tent and a cassette gas stove

·I like to travel around by motorcycle

·I like camping in the car to go on a national hot spring tour

You can set off to your destination the night before and spend the night in the car on the way, or you can use it as a resting place.

Adding the original factory optional roof crossbar, you can store fishing rods and surfboards on the ceiling; change the bed set to a single-side configuration, and you can carry bicycles and motorcycles, but the single-side configuration can only sleep one person.

The spacious car room can also carry a lot of camping props and barbecue supplies.

In other words, using Caravan as a base for carrying out interests is the best way to use it.


The Caravan Multibed is simple to equip, but as long as the bed is lifted up, it can be turned into a cargo space. Its cargo capacity is high, and the storage space can also be configured by using hooks and cross bars. It is a car that can be enjoyed alone or with others.

In addition, adding a lift-up bed to a commercial vehicle should also achieve the same load capacity.

If your hobby involves a lot of props, then a converted camper with a cot is perfect.

Original source:Is it inconvenient to store a van with only a bed kit for sleeping in the car?
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