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[Parking in the car]Japanese specifications are more convenient to use! Lightweight and cheap camping trailer Indiana 300

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●A new model is here! More cost-effective than a campervan!?
Incarnate as a Japanese-spec European car that re-entered Japan
●Even the details are changed to Japanese specifications
●Compact and lightweight, easy to tow!

A new model is here! More cost-effective than a camper!?

Recently, the author often hears the voice of "the price of the car has become more expensive..." at the camping car show.

The reason for the increase in car prices is that the basic car becomes more expensive, and consumers' demand for equipment increases. That is to say, but after seeing the price tag, you will really feel that the increase is very different.

Most notable among these are camper trailers. At the Japan Camping Vehicle Show 2023 held in February this year, more than 30 camping trailers were exhibited.

Indiana RV, an old brand that sells camping trailers, has launched a compact new model that has attracted everyone's attention.

●Indiana 300 overview and specifications

Sleeping capacity: 2 (Indiana 300), 3 (Indiana 300L)

Overall length: 4500mm

Width: 2050mm

Height: 2550mm

Price: 3,575,000 yen (tax included)~

Incarnate as a European car that entered Japan again with Japanese specifications

In fact, it is not only Japan that has seen the price increase of campervans.

Imported camper vans have also been affected due to successive blows from rising local prices, rising freight charges, and the depreciation of the Japanese currency.

In this case, Indiana RV began to look for small and light camping trailers, and finally found products produced by NIEWIADOW in Poland.

You may not be familiar with Polish camper vans. Here I would like to introduce to you that NIEWIADOW not only produces camper trailers, but also has 50 years of manufacturing experience in car trailers, horse trailers, and boat trailers.

In fact, as early as 15 years ago, the company's camping trailers were also sold in Japan, but the agent at that time was not Indiana RV. At that time, the vehicle was discontinued due to factors such as "the interior layout is not Japanese standard".

Entrusted by Indiana RV this time, NIEWIADOW developed a Japanese model and entered Japan again.

Even the details are changed to Japanese specifications

Next, let's see where it has been changed to the Japanese standard.

First of all, the entrance and exit of the car are set on the left side.

In Japan, where traffic is on the left, setting the entrance and exit on the left is more convenient and safe for getting on and off the car and carrying items.

The following is a brief list of some changes to the cabin equipment of the Japanese standard

·The heating energy of the kitchen is changed from liquefied petroleum gas to cassette furnace

·The toilet is changed from a uniform dumping sewage type to an automatic sealing type

·Heating changed from liquefied petroleum gas to kerosene

Change from secondary battery (lead or lithium) to portable power

All of the above are changed to configurations that are convenient to obtain in Japan (cassette stove or lamp oil), cheap and easy to use (portable power supply).

Although it has been changed to Japanese specifications, the manufacturing quality remains the same.

The structure of the living room adopts FRP board, and the core material is "XPS foam insulation board" with high heat insulation and light weight.

The windows are double-layer acrylic windows, and the chassis is made by Alko, which is equipped with standard European camping trailers.

In terms of cabin layout, the front of the living room is the dining chair area, and the rear is the kitchen.

The dining chair area is divided into the 300 model (for 2 sleeping persons) which is compact and has more storage space.

There are also two types of 300L models (3 sleeping persons) with a longer dining chair area but less storage space.

The kitchen has a sink, gas stove and refrigerator.

The car is also equipped with a wireless reversing camera as standard, and the price starts at 3,575,000 yen (tax included), which is very cost-effective.

Small and lightweight for easy towing!

When it comes to trailers, everyone will think of "need a towing vehicle driver's license" and "now driving a small car that cannot tow a vehicle" and stay away from it.

However, the weight of the Indiana 300 is only 675kg. Not only does it not require a towing license, but it can also tow small cars such as Toyota Corolla and BMW 1Series.

Its total length is within 5m, so there is no need to worry about parking. It is fully equipped, cost-effective, and taxes and vehicle inspection fees are also very cheap.

It is a camper that can be bought without replacing existing vehicles, and it is worth including for reference.

Original source:Easy to use with Japanese specifications! Small and inexpensive caping trailer Indiana 300
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