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[Parking in the car]NEWS Keiichiro Koyama carefully modified the Toy-Factory "BALEIA" camper van

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●Modified Camping Car Award sub-winner campervan
●What is Camping Car Award?
●Matte khaki special color!
●Interior adopts Casa Home Style Edition
●The exhibition venue was personally decorated by Keiichiro Koyama of the idol group NEWS

Modified Camping Car Award sub-winner campervan

Japan Camping Car Show 2023 will be held on February 3, 2023.

The Toy-Factory "BALEIA" modified by Mr. Keiichiro Koyama of the idol group NEWS made its debut at the venue.

The carefully decorated BALEIA campervan will be loaned to the winner of the Camping Car Award - the idol group NEWS Koyama Keiichiro for one year as a secondary award.

The car was modified according to Keiichiro Koyama's preferences. This article will introduce the features and charm of the BALEIA base model.

What is the Camping Car Award?

The Camping Car Award is an award that recognizes celebrities who love outdoor activities in camper vans. The main purpose of the award is to inspire and popularize the concept of enjoying "car travel" with camper vans.

So far, celebrities such as Penalty Hide, Tsuruno Goji, Hiromi, Terry Ito, Yamaguchi Tomomitsu, Katase Nana, Fukuhara Haruka, Yamazaki Ikusaburo, Hayami Shigetoraichi and other celebrities have won the award.

The winner of this 11th session is NEWS Mr. Keiichiro Koyama. As a secondary prize, a campervan will be loaned to the winner for one year at a time. This time, Toy-Factory’s “BALEIA” was selected as the sub-prize vehicle.

Keiichiro Koyama was originally a camping enthusiast. He learned about the charm of camping during program planning. After that, he became more and more obsessed with camping. He began to collect camping props and would go camping whenever he had time.

After I became interested in camper vans, I happened to receive the Camping Car Award.

After Keiichiro Koyama won the sub-award BALEIA, he went privately to the Toy-Factory head office in Gifu to convey his modification needs to President Fujii Akifumi.

Then let’s take a look at Keiichiro Oyama’s version of BALEIA!

Matte khaki special color!

The base model is a Toyota Hiace camping special vehicle with a 4WD engine. The appearance has been slightly changed after being modified by Keiichiro Koyama.

The body color has been changed from white to matte khaki & black. It is said that this is a color change using molding, not a paint change.

Optional parts are also very diverse, such as: JAOS front and rear anti-collision bars, fender trims, and wheels.


The roof rack and side ladders are parts co-branded by JAOS and Toy-Factory.

In order to improve driving performance, the brake pads, brake discs, shock absorbers, front and rear balance bars, leaf springs, and torsion springs were replaced with Toy-Factory suspension parts.

Because Keiichiro Koyama wanted it to be a camper with off-road equipment, the roof rack was also designed with side tents.

Interior decorated in Casa Home Style Edition

BALEIA was modified by Keiichiro Koyama. The optional indoor furniture is "Casa Home Style Edition" made of special materials.

What is "Casa Home Style Edition"?

"Casa" means "home" in Spanish. Casa Home Style Edition is functional furniture made of warm materials, creating a calm and natural car space like at home.

It makes long-term camping trips in the car more comfortable, and also makes the journey spent with family and important people happier and richer.

The front and passenger seats are equipped with seats co-branded by RECARO and Toy-Factory.

The interior layout is the same as that of ordinary models. After entering the car compartment through the sliding door, there is a dining and chair area, and the kitchen inside. The end has bunk beds.

WHALEThe best feature is the spacious bed

The eye-catching upper bunk measures 2,000mm x 1,700mm, which is still quite long enough for adults to stretch their legs out, and can accommodate two adults in a straight row.

After spreading out the second-row seats and cushions, the lower level can also be turned into a bed. The size of the lower bunk is 1,900mm x 1,000mm, so two adults can sleep comfortably with their feet straight out.

The vehicle can accommodate a total of four people.

Large capacity storage space

Generally speaking, a large bed space will compress the living space and storage space, but BALEIA "has both a spacious storage space and a comfortable living space."

Equipped with air conditioning and heating

Keiichiro Koyama's modified models are equipped with household air conditioning and heating, which are optional items on ordinary models.

BALEIA general models are equipped with options such as a 100V inverter that converts the original 12V power supply into a 100V power supply that can be used with electrical appliances, highly insulated double-layer acrylic windows that improve the heat insulation effect and window opening operability, and solar panels.

The exhibition venue was personally decorated by Keiichiro Koyama of the idol group NEWS

Keiichiro Koyama’s version of Toy-Factory BALEIA, which was unveiled at Japan Camping Car Show 2023, is also very carefully decorated.

Stylish camping props are placed around the vehicle to recreate a camping-like scene.

Moreover, these camping props are all personal belongings of Mr. Keiichiro Koyama, who went to the venue to decorate them the day before yesterday.

WHALEprice, specifications


Specifications: Specially equipped camping vehicle

Number of passengers: 4

Number of people sleeping: 5

Vehicle size: 5,380mm×1,920mm×2,285mm

Engine: 2.7L gasoline engine/2.8L diesel engine

Gearbox: 6AT

Drive mode: 2WD/4WD


[Camping special vehicle 2.7L gasoline engine]

2WD: 6,210,000 yen (including consumption tax/excluding other fees)

4WD: 6,540,000 yen (including consumption tax/excluding other fees)

[Camping special vehicle 2.8L diesel engine]

2WD: 6,710,000 yen (including consumption tax/excluding other fees)

4WD: 7,040,000 yen (including consumption tax/excluding other fees)

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