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[Parking in the car]The world’s first? The era of in-car camping with electric vehicles is coming?! Stella Vita electric RV, a camper that runs on solar energy! (Part 1)

The number of electric vehicles worldwide is gradually growing.

Europe's exhaust emission regulations are becoming increasingly stringent and gasoline prices are rising year by year. Due to environmental considerations and fuel saving factors, the demand for electric vehicles has increased. Many charging places have been added to Europe's streets.

Camper vans used for leisure travel and other purposes are also affected by the electrification of the general environment, and vehicles that run on solar energy have been developed. It's called Stella Vita electric RV.

What kind of car is it? Let’s find out!

table of contents
●What is the completely self-sufficient Stella Vita electric RV?
●Driving long distances with small batteries and large solar panels
●Stella Vita is built with precision calculation design and lightweight body
●Lightweight interior
●Will a completely self-sufficient camper van be launched in the near future?!

What is the fully self-sufficient Stella Vita electric RV?

Stella Vita electric RV was developed by a team of 22 Dutch university students engineers

Solar Team Eindhoven

The electric camper was designed by the "Solar Team Eindhoven" team of science and engineering students at Eindhoven University of Technology.

It adopts a modern exterior design and is equipped with solar panels on the retractable roof, allowing the vehicle battery to store electricity through solar energy. At the same time, it is also the world's first campervan that can travel long distances solely on solar power.

The solar panels on the convertible roof are foldable.

Because the car does not need to be connected to an external power source and can travel long distances solely on solar power, it has aroused a lot of discussion.

Stella Vita embarks on a journey across Europe

Solar Team Eindhoven

October 2021. The team used Stella Vita to conduct a driving test trip from the local Eindhoven to Tarifa in southern Spain, with a total driving distance of approximately 3,000km.

If the vehicle breaks down during the journey, about 1,000km will be transported by truck. After the fault is eliminated and the vehicle can be driven, the vehicle will travel about 2,000km.

It was originally planned to rely on Stella Vita's solar energy for the entire test, but due to the poor weather in France and not much sunshine, it ended up being charged twice.

In addition, all tests rely on solar energy to complete the test, which also proves that the car can drive long distances using solar power.

By the way, the name "Stella Vita" comes from the fact that the car draws life from the sun.

Driving long distances with small batteries and large solar panels

Solar Team Eindhoven

Stella Vita is equipped with a 60kwh lithium battery.

As shown in the picture above, the vehicle is charged through solar panels installed on the roof.

When the vehicle is stationary and the roof is raised, the foldable solar panels installed on the roof can be unfolded.

The solar panel can generate 2kw of electricity when folded, and can generate up to 4kw when fully unfolded.

The general driving distance when fully charged is about 600km! It is the same as a gasoline car with a fuel consumption of 10km per liter running on 60L of full fuel.

As long as charging equipment is popularized, daily driving distance will be unlimited.

Car entertainment system

In order to prevent energy waste in the car, it is very important to correctly grasp the amount of energy consumption.

The Stella Vita car system can control the power consumption of home appliances in the car. Use the in-car entertainment system to determine whether the electricity should be used for home appliances or vehicle driving, so that energy can be used effectively.

Original source:world's first? Has the era of electric cars arrived for sleeping in your car? ! A campervan that runs entirely on sunlight! Stela Vita electric RV
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