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[Parking in the car]The world’s first? The era of in-car camping with electric vehicles is coming?! Stella Vita electric RV, a camper that runs on solar energy! (Part 2)

Stella Vita is built with precision calculations and lightweight bodywork

The body dimensions of Stella Vita are as follows. When the lift-up roof and solar panels are not deployed, the total length is approximately 7.2m, the width is approximately 2.05m, and the height is approximately 1.8m.

When the lift-up roof is raised and the solar panels are deployed, the width is 4.4m and the height is 2.54m.

Completely lightweight

Solar Team Eindhoven

In order to use electricity more efficiently, Stella Vita has made the car body as lightweight as possible.

The car is composed of an aluminum chassis and a fiberglass body, and weighs approximately 170kg.

Despite its lightweight design, all parts are very strong.

Excellent aerodynamics

Solar Team Eindhoven

Stella Vita's futuristic appearance is created through precise calculations.

Aerodynamics refers to the flow of air around a car, and it also varies depending on the shape of the body.

The greater the air resistance when driving, the more energy will be consumed. It is said that in order to reduce air resistance, the most ideal shape is a water drop shape.

Stella Vita adopts a waterdrop-shaped design. By rounding the body, roof and reducing the surface area of ​​the rear, it can reduce air resistance and reduce energy consumption when driving. The excess electricity is then supplied to the home appliances used for camping in the car.

Lightweight interior

Solar Team Eindhoven

Stella Vita is a two-person campervan. Based on the concept of "everyday life in Stella Vita is very important", a spacious and comfortable lightweight interior design is adopted.

Solar Team Eindhoven

The car is equipped with kitchen, sink, sofa, shower room, toilet, refrigerator, bed, storage and other daily necessities. It makes it possible to live a self-sufficient life that relies only on solar energy and does not need to be connected to an external power supply in a convenient and comfortable state.

Design that blends in with nature

Solar Team Eindhoven

The interior adopts a design that integrates nature.

Large side-by-side doors allow passengers to stay in the car as if they were outside.

The interior is decorated in tones that are consistent with natural and outdoor colors.

The living room is equipped for cooking both inside and outside the car, and the furniture is lightweight so it can be moved outdoors.

On sunny days, the living area of ​​a campervan expands outwards, so furniture that can be easily moved is very pleasing.

A fully self-sufficient campervan could be available in the not-too-distant future?!

Stella Vita was developed and designed by Dutch students.

Relying on solar energy to successfully complete long-distance driving tests, the car was recently introduced and mentioned on the ※Fully charged show's YouTube channel, and has once again become a topic of discussion.

※It is a channel related to the electric car show called Fully charged live.

Many fans left messages on YouTube and others looking forward to the official launch of Stella Vita in the future.

Perhaps the launch of fully self-sufficient campervans isn't too far away.

Original source:world's first? Has the era of electric cars arrived for sleeping in your car? ! A campervan that runs entirely on sunlight! Stela Vita electric RV
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