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[Parking in the car]Undercover investigation! There are also manufacturers in Japan that are engaged in planning, designing, and manufacturing trailers! CROCO ART FACTORY (Part 1)

It is common practice in Europe to use ordinary vehicles to tow trailers, and it is not uncommon for ordinary cars to be equipped with trailer couplings. On the other hand, trailers are quite niche in Japan.

Because it is common in Europe, there are many camping trailer dealers and parts factories in Europe. Of course, these are also quite rare in Japan.

Having said that, there are also companies in Japan that manufacture trailers starting from the frame. That is CROCO ART FACTORY Co., Ltd. located near Lake Tsukui, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

This time the author visited the CROCO ART FACTORY head office and factory and interviewed the president, Mr. Tokuda.

table of contents
●What kind of company is CROCO ART FACTORY?
●Trailers are lined up in the factory
●More like a studio or studio than a factory
●Beautiful design based on excellent technology
●Why choose to manufacture trailers?
●Can be made from scratch according to needs
●Multifunctional wooden frame and multifunctional 20ft container trailer
●Can trailers promote culture and convey dreams?

What kind of company is CROCO ART FACTORY?

The company designs, produces, and specializes vehicles in Japan and abroad. It is also an authorized dealer of the German trailer parts manufacturer "KNOTT" and uses KNOTT parts to manufacture various camping trailers.

CROCO ART FACTORY staff visits KNOTT, Germany

The company did not import KNOTT parts from the beginning, but ordered trustworthy parts (axles, brakes, etc.) from KNOTT when building trailers. This was an opportunity to sign an authorized dealer and start trading.

CROCO ART FACTORY builds camper trailers, campers, mobile offices, mobile dining trucks, vehicle transport trailers, 20ft containers and other trailers that can be towed by ordinary vehicles, and often comes into contact with customers from all walks of life.

CROCO ART FACTORY vehicle transport trailer

Some people have needs for camping trailers and dining trucks, and some business people have needs for mobile offices.

CROCO ART FACTORY "Roomette" can be used as a manicure room, DJ booth, or camper van

There are thousands of customer needs. To create products that meet the needs, you need flexible thinking and coping methods. Although you encounter many difficulties, it is also very interesting.

It's more fun than doing the same system thing every time.

Trailers lined up in the factory

If any readers want to order camper vans and mobile offices with CROCO ART FACTORY, they should want to consult their head office and factory.

Let’s find out together first.

After entering the company, you can see many Roomettes placed side by side.

There are products that have been completed and products that are being manufactured. There are also large parts, pushed frames (trailer frames) and other items.

Jøtul Norway retro freestanding stove placed in a warehouse

More like a studio or studio than a factory

After the author entered the office and ironworks room, I found that the indoor atmosphere was very much like a photo studio or a studio.

Just like the name of the club, President Tokuda and his staff are very artistic.

President Tokuda himself has participated in automobile design for well-known car manufacturers. The president’s conversations, sketches, and painting drafts revealed during interviews all show his extraordinary nature.

Beautiful design based on excellent technology

CROCO ART FACTORY President Tokuda

President Tokuda said that excellent industrial design should have both excellent performance and aesthetics. However, if there is too much emphasis on either design or technology, sometimes there will be a conflict.

President Tokuda mentioned a lot of design, technology and theoretical content in the interview, which was very interesting.

Sketches drawn by President Tokuda are randomly posted on the wall.

President Tokuda has worked in automobile design, so it is reasonable to be very particular about design, but he is also quite good at technology. If you are proficient in both aspects, you can make just the right and excellent products.

Many small parts are handmade by ourselves

After visiting, I found out that except for the axles and brakes, which are made of KNOTT parts, the rest are all done manually by the staff themselves. To outsiders, they think it uses small parts from commercially available products, and is also made by the staff themselves.

Generally speaking, hinges and other parts are first made into sizes and shapes that seem suitable, and then the details are adjusted.

Logo, door handles, hinges and other detailed parts are all very particular.

Reluctant matching will not only damage the overall design image, but also lead to malfunctions and other situations.

In the end, it is easier to make the adjusted parts yourself.

Original source:[Undercover report]There was actually one in Japan! A trailer builder that handles planning, design, and manufacturing!croco art factory
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