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[Parking in the car]What are the precautions for choosing a campervan and what are the recommended models?!

After the epidemic, the number of people who started to play camping in the car gradually increased. There are also many people around the author who usually play camping in the car, and the number of people in the car has also begun to increase.

Although they are all "camping in the car", due to reasons such as the frequency of camping and the degree of interior modification, the suitable car models are also different. If you want to enjoy camping in the car comfortably, what kind of car should you choose?

This article will introduce to you the precautions when choosing a car model, and the camper model recommended by the author.
Readers who want to start camping in the car or plan to switch to a camper van, please be sure to include this article as a reference.

table of contents
●Points to note when choosing a campervan
●What is the recommended car model for a camping trip in a car?
●Find your own campervan according to your preferences and style

Considerations When Choosing a Campervan

What should you pay attention to when choosing a car for camping in the car?

The author lists the following three points that should be considered.

"Cabin space" is spacious

The wider the cabin (the space behind the driver's seat), the more comfortable life in the car will be.

Campers will eat, sleep and rest in the car, and live in the same space for a long time, so the spaciousness of the car room is very important.

If the length of the compartment is shorter than the height, the feet cannot be straightened when falling asleep.

As long as the length of the cabin is 10-15cm longer than your own height, it is not a problem to lie flat and fall asleep. Ideally, there is room to make a bed (210cm). If it is not possible to make a bed, you can also make good use of cushions.

If the length of the cabin is not enough, the co-driver can be flattened and moved forward to ensure the foot space.

The seat can be folded forward or flattened to make it a flat space

The second important point is that you can lie flat and sleep in the car by folding the seat forward or laying it flat.

The seat is flat, and a cushion, cushion or sleeping bag is laid on it, and you can rest.

In addition, the second row of seats of the commercial vehicle can be folded towards the driver's seat. As long as the seats are folded, the space outside the seats can be used, and bed sets and cots can also be placed.

Because the author wanted to make full use of the cabin space of the van, the rear seats were removed and the number of passengers was changed.

If it is a car model with a variety of seats, you can enjoy camping in the car easily and happily.

In addition to camping in the car "can also be used in daily life"

The third consideration is that it can be used in addition to camping.

The commercial vehicle driven by the author can be used for daily commuting or grocery shopping.

I use the car for a long time on weekdays, so I chose this car because of factors such as good driving and easy access to the parking lot.

If you have the parking space and maintenance costs for 2 cars in the car, such as camping and commuting, there is no problem in buying a camper; if there is no such condition, it is very important to choose a car that is available on weekdays.

What is the recommended car model for a camping trip in a car?

Next, the author will introduce commercial vehicles, MPVs, and light commercial vehicles that are suitable for "camping in a car".

Commercial vehicle: Toyota Hiace


The most popular camping modified car is "Hiace". The reason for its popularity is that the cabin is very spacious.

The Hiace has a standard specification, and lineups such as High Roof (high roof), Long/Super Long (long version), and Wide (wider).

In the Hiace product lineup, the larger body sizes are the Super Long, Wide Body, and High Roof models. These cars are often used as the base model for camping conversion vehicles, with a cabin length of 3,540mm and a width of 1,730mm. The cabin height is 1,635mm, and a person with a height of about 150cm can stand in the cabin.

You can also create your favorite cabin layout, and this bike is very popular with camper remodelers and consumers alike.

Although the width and height only reach a certain range, the converted camper is easier to drive than the camper.

With excellent cabin comfort and layout freedom, there is no problem at all for daily use. Because of this, the price of second-hand cars has also remained high recently, making it difficult to buy.

MPV:Honda Stepwgn


If you are looking for an MPV for camping or a car that is mainly used for daily use, you can choose the "Honda Stepwgn" with a wide variety of seat specifications.

By flattening the second and third row seats, the cabin can be turned into a flat space, which can be used for camping in the car.

The length of the cabin can accommodate two adult males (about 1950mm), which is quite suitable for camping in the car for two adults.

In addition, by pushing the second row of chairs forward, the third row of seats can be stored in the bottom of the car. Those who pursue a completely flat car interior space can choose this one.

Stepwgn can accommodate 7~8 people and is suitable for daily use.

It can carry a lot of luggage. In addition to daily shopping and commuting, it can also be used for camping in the car once or twice a month.

Light commercial vehicle: Honda N-Van


Light commercial vehicles are very popular these days. Among them, the author would like to recommend "Honda N-Van".

The reason for the recommendation is that it has a large space beyond the average commercial vehicle.

The car has a low floor and a rectangular body, which ensures the space required for camping in the car. The folding storage of the co-pilot can not only expand the cabin space, but also connect with the rear seat to make it flat.

There is no designed B-pillar on the co-pilot side, and opening the door can create a sense of spaciousness connecting the inside and outside of the car.

As long as the light commercial vehicle has a lot of space, there will be more freedom and more comfort.

Find your own campervan according to your preferences and style

This article introduces readers to the key points that should be considered when choosing a car model and three recommended models.

Of course, there are some extremely popular car models that are not on the recommended list. For example, the "Mazda Bongo Brawny Van" that the author drove when camping is one of the popular models. Even if it is an older, used car, the price is quite high, and it is difficult to obtain because of the small number.

Bongo Brawny Van has a spacious cabin, is cheaper than Hiace, and it is a commercial vehicle with attractive durability. Although the length is enough, but the height is not enough, so this one is quite picky.

You can refer to this article and try to find a car model that suits your preferences, life style, and camping style in the car.

Original source:What are the points you want to keep in mind when choosing a car for sleeping in the car and what are the recommended car models? !
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