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[Parking in the car]Why do you want to buy a light camper modified vehicle when you already have an imported camper van? (Part 1)

The author has been traveling with the Roller Team Livingstone KJ imported campervan based on Fiat Ducato.
This time the author purchased another camping-standard vehicle based on a light vehicle.
Next, let the author introduce to you the specifications of light camper vans, why you buy a new car while owning a camper van, and my thoughts on comparing this car with camper vans.

table of contents
●What model is the newly purchased light camper?
●Why choose a general-purpose car?
●Equipment and specifications
●Other excellent equipment

What model is the newly purchased light camper?

Although it is a light camper (camping specification vehicle), it also has various equipment and specifications.

This time, the author did not purchase a special vehicle such as a camper van, but chose to purchase a light camping specification vehicle in the general passenger car category.

In terms of specifications, the vehicle registration does not come with a gas stove or other cooking appliances or a sink, but it does have a bed and dining table that can accommodate two people. It is no problem for a couple to travel in the car.

·Car name: Mitsubishi Town Box Wagon (Suzuki Every Wagon OEM): DS17W (2018 model)

·Engine: DOHC turbo intercooler (R06A)

·Drive mode: 4WD

·Body type: high roof (station wagon)

·Dimensions: 3.39m long, 1.47m wide, 1.91m high

Nishi-Owari Mitsubishi Ichinomiya traffic car

Why choose a general purpose car?

※The height of Livingstone KJ’s car may cause you to worry about touching the height-limited poles

Therefore, the author chose a vehicle that is different from Livingstone KJ and is classified as a general vehicle. The main reason for buying this car is the "height".

Its roof does not have side tents, solar panels and other equipment. It looks like an ordinary car, with a height of 1.91m.

There is no need to worry in places where there are vehicle height restrictions. The most representative example is the three-dimensional (indoor) parking lot.

Most car heights in three-dimensional parking lots are limited to less than 2.1m. The Livingstone KJ I drove was about 2.7m high. In places with height restrictions, it's not so convenient.

The author wanted a vehicle that could be used for camping, outdoor camping, shopping, etc. without having to worry about the height of the vehicle, so I finally chose a vehicle for general use.

Equipment and specifications

The core concepts of this car purchase are simplicity and safety.

"You can camp in the car anywhere", "You can have meals in the car", "You can enjoy personal interests in a light environment at night", "You can keep warm when the weather is cold", "You can avoid the problems that come with age" "Danger" is the standard filter.

Car camping is possible everywhere

Choi Cam Zi Mattress

After considering all aspects, the author chose the "Choi Cam Azusa" with a comfortable interior for camping in the car.

Choi Cam is an interior accessory that can be used on Suzuki Every and other vehicles, with beds as its main product.

The simple layout with sleeping space for two people is a major feature.

As long as the interior accessories are installed on the light vehicle, the couple can enjoy camping in the vehicle anytime and anywhere.

Can dine in the car

Choi Cam Zi Dining Table

The beauty of camping in a car is that the vehicle is a portable personal space.

In addition to sleeping equipment, dining tables and other dining equipment are also necessary in camping. Choi Cam can set up a table on the bed and enjoy local specialties.

Although the space is not large, it is very touching to be able to dine in your own space.

It's like a minimalist villa, perfect for a couple.

You can enjoy personal interests in a light environment at night

※This brightness can be turned on all the time in the morning (it can also illuminate the sides)

Reading or watching movies before going to bed requires a light source. However, if you install solar panels and other equipment on the roof, you may not be able to access the indoor parking lot.

At that time, the author was thinking about LED lights for camping, which was surprisingly easy to use.

The time spent in the car before going to bed is at most 6 PM to 2 AM, about 8 hours. The lamp I chose uses the maximum light source to illuminate, and it is not a problem to keep the light on for 8 hours.

As long as it is available, lighting does not require auxiliary power supply, and there is no need to spend a lot of money to set up a power supply system.

Keep warm when it’s cold

Livingstone KJ has FF heating and there are no problems in the heating part.

The light camper purchased this time relies on auxiliary power and electric blankets for heating.

After actual use, I found that there is not much space in a light camper, so an electric blanket is quite sufficient.

The electric blanket I used can be set to a maximum temperature of 50°C, and it feels as comfortable as an electric heating table.

In addition, it has low power consumption and can keep you warm for a long time on cold nights.

Avoid the dangers that come with age

Recently, there have been more and more reports in the news about age-related accidents such as incorrect use of the accelerator and brakes.

The Livingstone KJ, which the author mainly drives when camping in the car, is not equipped with features such as preventing the wrong pedal and collision safety.

Since I have to buy one more car, I hope it has auxiliary functions in case of emergencies.

The Mitsubishi Town Box Wagon I purchased is equipped with a function to prevent collisions and wrong pedaling caused by lack of concentration at low speeds.

Original source:Why buy a light car that can sleep in the car? Even though I have an imported camper.
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[Parking in the car]Why do you want to buy a light camper modified vehicle when you already have an imported camper van? (Part 2)

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