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[Parking in the vehicle]Light camper vans are best equipped with simplicity! Introducing ways to make your car trip more comfortable!

table of contents
●Just a storage cabinet and mattress are enough!?
●With simple equipment, you can still enjoy car travel life
●To streamline equipment, you must first plan the car travel life you want.
●Equipments that make car travel more comfortable
●Summary: Simple equipment can make car travel life more comfortable

Just a storage cabinet and mattress are enough!?

If you want to make your camper more comfortable, you need to buy more equipment.

The light camper the author and his wife drive is not spacious and cannot accommodate many equipment like a large camper.

But the author believes that as long as you build it carefully, you can also have a comfortable car and travel life. This article is to introduce to readers the various ingenious ideas the author has made to make car travel life more comfortable.

Simple equipment allows you to still enjoy car travel life

The cabin space of a light camper is limited, so as long as the equipment is streamlined, you can still enjoy a comfortable traveling life. Here I will introduce to you the equipment I chose and the equipment I later found out I didn’t need.

I hope it can provide some reference for readers who are troubled by not knowing what equipment to buy.

Equipment selected by the author

What the author pays most attention to when traveling in the car is "maintaining a spacious cabin space" and "helping sleep more comfortably."

Therefore, the author only prepares the following two items in the light camper.


·Furniture (storage)

The mattress I used is about 10cm thick, and the front and back sides have different hardnesses.

Use the harder side when eating and the softer side when going to bed. Adjust according to usage.

Mattress and storage space

The mattress only needs to be slightly flattened, which is very convenient. Because it has a thick mattress, you can sleep comfortably until dawn.

In addition, traveling by car will also require a change of clothes and daily necessities.

Ceiling storage cabinet can store clothes and towels

As long as there is storage space, you can comfortably spend your car travel life.

Especially in winter, the number of items will increase, so it is recommended that you reserve storage space.

Equipment that I don’t think is necessary

Camping vehicles are equipped with kitchens, heaters and other equipment. The more equipment you have, the more convenient and comfortable the space can be.

However, the more equipment a light camper is equipped with, in addition to increasing the cost, it will also make the interior space narrower and feel oppressive.

Therefore, the equipment that the author feels is not necessary is as follows.



·Auxiliary battery

·Ceiling lighting

·With track curtains

The reason why I don’t think these equipments are needed

The author realizes from the car travel habits that the above are non-essential equipment.

The author focuses on the following four points:

·Simple diet

·Drink and coffee

·Play games and read books

·Sleep and rest

The purpose of my trip is to enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food.

Meals are almost always based on foreign food, and I only eat in the car when I buy lunch at the supermarket.

Brushing your teeth can also be done outside the car, and the kettle can also boil water. Cooking is almost never done in the car, so the car is not equipped with a kitchen or sink.

Use two LED lights

Ceiling lighting used for games and reading sessions can be replaced by LED lanterns.

The lantern can also be used as emergency lighting, so I highly recommend everyone to get one.

By the way, in my car travel life, it is enough to rely on portable power sources.

You can sleep warm with a winter sleeping bag, so a heater is not a necessity for me.

If the temperature exceeds the temperature that the sleeping bag can withstand, the author will just go for a ride without accommodation.

In addition, the author also uses sun visors instead of curtains. The sun visor can be easily attached and removed by magnets or suction cups, protecting privacy and blocking the cold air in winter.

To streamline equipment, you must first plan the car travel life you want.

To streamline equipment, you must first think about your own travel style.

Depending on the style, the required equipment will change. For example, the author focuses on "improving the problem of small space and wanting to sleep comfortably until dawn", so the equipment is streamlined and streamlined.

First list the conditions that you pay attention to, and you will know what is important to you.

Equipment that makes car travel more comfortable

To reduce the configuration of a light camper, it is necessary to add items and configurations that can make up for these functions.

In addition to the things mentioned above, let me introduce to you other convenient gadgets.

portable power supply

The EcoFlow RIVER Pro portable power supply has a capacity of 720wh and can be used for home appliances such as electric fans and electric blankets for about 8 hours.

As long as you have this, you can comfortably spend a two-day and one-night car trip. And it can be fully charged in 1.6 hours, so you can charge it in time even on the day of departure.


LED lantern

The author doesn't like to use too bright lighting when traveling in the car. It is recommended that you choose lamps with adjustable brightness and warm-color light sources.


Curtains (sun visors)

Suzuki Every genuine sun visors and zenpo sun visors can block cold air and summer sunlight.

Electric fan (summer)

The "MONOYOI" electric fan can move up, down, left and right to circulate the air in the car.

Approximately 9 square feet of space is within the effective range, so you can spend a comfortable time traveling by car in the summer.

Screen window (summer)

Screen windows are an optional item for the author's light camper.

It is fixed to the window frame of the sliding door with screws, so there is no need to worry about it falling. There are more mosquitoes in summer, especially at night when they gather in car lights.

Screen windows can prevent mosquitoes from invading and are highly recommended for everyone to install.

Electric blanket (winter)

Place the SANYO washable electric blanket on the sleeping pad so that you can sleep warmly even if you only have a sleeping bag during winter car travel.


Warm bag (winter)

A heating pack is also a great tool for keeping warm.


Wearable blanket (winter)

You can use a blanket instead of a heater, or just wear a blanket to sleep. Moreover, it is smaller than ordinary blankets and easy to store, which is also highly recommended.


Electric blanket (winter)

Very convenient to use while dining or while driving.


Hot water bottle (winter)

Hot water bottles can also be of great use during car travel in winter. If you feel that an electric blanket is not enough to keep you warm, you can try a hot water bottle.

Summary: Simple equipment can also make car travel life more comfortable

"I want to make the interior of the car more comfortable!" Camper vans will be equipped with more equipment. The more equipment a light camper van has, the smaller the interior space will be, which will cause more inconvenience.

Even with the minimum equipment, the author can still make full use of the props and enjoy a comfortable car travel life.

Readers, please refer to the equipment and props we introduced to create a comfortable interior space in the car.

Original source:Light campers are best equipped with simple equipment! Introducing ways to make sleeping in your car more comfortable!
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