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[Parking in the vehicle]Place easily accessible furniture on the bed of a light truck for the convenience of triple jump (Part 1)

Light truck modifications have been booming recently. Each one has its own direction and personality, and it's also very interesting to just appreciate.
The author wants to build a multi-purpose vehicle that doesn't look too strange and can make good use of its original cargo handling capabilities.
In order to make the cargo table more comfortable, hanging shelves were built in the front and storage cabinets were used for storage.
But after using it for a long time, I will still have some new ideas and want to make some improvements.

This time I wanted to create a cabinet that is convenient for loading and unloading without interfering with the original purpose of the shelf. Of course, it is a necessary condition that the cabinet will not move or collapse while the vehicle is moving.

This article will introduce you to the installation methods and techniques of cabinets.

table of contents
● Utilization cabin altitude
●Tips for fixing cabinets
●Made into a double-sided shelf
●Light truck comfort plan proceeds smoothly

Utilization cabin height

The cargo bed of a light truck is approximately 2m x 1.4m. If its area is converted into tatami, as long as it is longer by 30cm, it will be equal to the size of two tatami. It's a bit subtle to say it's not wide, but it's still easy to use as a single room.

The author wants to use it as a vehicle for transporting goods. In order for this space to function as both a storage and a room at the same time, we must work hard on the aspect of "simply tidying up and sleeping". I have said before that stackable cabinets are very convenient.

Although it is very convenient to stack it upwards, after using it in the Caravan cabin, I gradually became more and more lazy to open the bottom storage cabinet.

Because it is very troublesome to open the lower floor, I gradually stopped putting commonly used items inside.

In this way, you will forget what you put in the box, and eventually it will become a pile of unused things accumulating in it, turning into a vicious cycle.

After many attempts, it was found that for use in the car, a lower-height double-layer storage cabinet (height less than 50cm) or a combination of two high and low sizes (height about 60cm) would be more appropriate.

However, the double-layer organizing cabinet is a bit wasteful for Boo3, whose cabin height is close to 140cm, because it does not take full advantage of the cabin height. In addition, it has a lid, and you need to open and close the lid every time you take an item, which is very troublesome.

A lot of space is already used in front of the cargo bed, and this is the limit if you don't want to block the optional additional windows.

The three cargo compartments of Boo3 can be opened. If it is made into a fixed cabinet, one cargo compartment will be blocked, making it lose its multi-functional advantage.

The author began to think about how to set it up so that it can be easily disassembled and the overall weight is not heavy. So I tried moving the cabinets at home to the left rear of the shelf.

I chose to place it here because the right half of the shelf is the sleeping space, and placing it in the front left will block the plastic bucket.

Although it is cheap and often looked down upon, it has just the right height, width, and depth, and is not heavy.

The entire surface of the cargo table is covered with floor mats. The material of the floor mat is hard memory foam, so items with small bottom area and high height will shake unstablely when placed on it. So the first priority is to deal with the cargo floor mat.

Tips for fixing cabinets

The left half of the cargo platform is covered with synthetic wood

The memory mat originally laid on the shelf can be divided into two pieces, so the memory mat placed on the left side of the storage cabinet can be removed.

This memory pad can improve the heat and sound insulation performance of the vehicle. I think it would be a pity to remove it.

In addition, there will be a 4cm height difference after being removed, making it unsuitable for carrying large items.

The author had already set the right half as the living space, so I finally decided to lay about 60cm of synthetic board directly on the memory mat on the left side.

In this way, not only will the thermal and sound insulation properties be sacrificed, but items placed at high heights will not shake. Placing items on the grooves of the reinforced structure is more stable than placing them directly on the floor mat.

The height difference of the plywood is 12mm, so there is no problem loading large items, and there is no need to worry about placing heavy objects that will damage the floor mat.

In addition, the floor mat itself has anti-slip function, so the plywood does not need to be specially fixed.

Hijet and Carry can repair and replenish engine oil and cooling water by raising the seats, but for engines, the cargo bed cover must be opened.

With this level of modification, it won't be too troublesome to move the engine.

Install a tripod on the bottom of the cabinet

In order to facilitate opening the engine room cover, the storage cabinet cannot be fixed to the plywood with screws.

Therefore, the author cut the length of 1 x 4 wood to the width of the plywood and installed it at the bottom of the organizing cabinet. The thickness of the 1 x 4 wood will not affect the convenience of placing items.

Place the stand toward the inside of the vehicle so that the cabinet will not fall down.

Next make a 1 x 4 lumber between the two legs and nail it to the plywood.

As shown below, the tripod can be fixed by sliding it into the 1 x 4 lumber fixed to the plywood.

Even if the truck bed is opened, the storage cabinet will not fall over.

The structure is simple and can be fixed, and it is also very convenient to install and remove.

Made into a double-sided shelf

Although the problems of fixing and loading and unloading are solved, the author feels that since the shelf is to be placed, it must be usable both inside and outside the car.

The wooden board on the back of the cabinet is easy to remove and can be turned into a cabinet that can be used on both sides.

The side of the cabinet facing the outside of the vehicle is supported by the Boo3 body. As long as you don’t put small things, you don’t have to worry about it falling. However, the side facing the interior needs a support.

The method I thought of was to remove the back panel, cut it into an elongated shape, and then snap it back into the rack's tenons to use as a baffle.

The hard storage box is difficult to take out due to the baffle, so I replaced it with a soft cloth storage box.

Later, because the cloth storage boxes were too soft, cardboard boxes or plastic baskets were added inside.

With a little ingenuity, you can turn it into a storage cabinet that can be used both inside and outside the car.

In addition, if the back panel is completely removed, the cabinet will tilt due to lack of support, so I kept the bottom back panel. Keeping the bottom layer of the back panel is quite helpful in terms of strength.

Although the bottom floor cannot be used in the car because the cabinet back panel is retained, this problem can be solved as long as the items are carefully selected.

The author puts snow chains, battery cables, tire nut wrenches, tire fenders and other items on the bottom layer.

The bottom layer is all for outdoor items, so it’s no problem to block the indoor side. The heavier weight of the items also makes the cabinet more stable.

Original source:When I placed familiar furniture on the loading platform of a light truck, it became much more convenient!
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