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[Parking in the vehicle]Place easily accessible furniture on the bed of a light truck for the convenience of triple jump (Part 2)


The original screw holes in the cabinet were reinforced and repainted to give it a new look.

Two coats of paint can change the overall appearance.

The upper two floors can be used to store indoor and outdoor items that need to be quickly accessed.

The picture above shows the view from the outside, and the picture below shows the view from the interior.

The cabinet is against the panel on the rear side of the vehicle, and hooks can be used to store brooms and the wires that fix the vehicle body.

An electric bicycle can be placed above the cabinet tripod. Placing it on the plywood will not damage the floor mat or infringe on the living space.

The bottom cabinet looks like this when viewed from the outside.

Light truck comfort plan proceeds smoothly

After this transformation, the convenience and comfort of the light truck have been greatly improved.

The renovation is being carried out bit by bit every day, and the degree of completion is getting higher and higher, and the comfort upgrade plan is proceeding quite smoothly.

The author will actually live there for a few days, then find inspiration based on the experience of using it, and slowly make corrections.

The whole transformation process was quite interesting!

The black bag in the picture contains an electric bicycle, and the gray bag contains an inflatable SUP.

Everyone must be confused when they see this place, where would people sleep when things are arranged like this? In fact, as long as the storage box at the rear of the vehicle is stacked on the left storage box, and then the inflatable SUP is stacked, a sleeping space that can accommodate one person can be removed.

The combination of a sleepable light truck and an inflatable SUP allows you to travel freely on land and water.

Plus, traveling in a light vehicle is cheaper, so you can travel more frequently.

Original source:When I placed familiar furniture on the loading platform of a light truck, it became much more convenient!
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