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Pictures of gorgeous Vanning modified cars! From gorgeous exterior to luxurious interior

table of contents
●What is the "Vanning modified car" that originated overseas and grew up in Japan?
●Exterior decoration
●Interior decoration
●Overseas Vanning modified cars
●The future of "Vanning modified cars" that values ​​individuality more than functionality?

What is the "Vanning modified car" that originated overseas and grew up in Japan?

Les Chatfield CC Express 2.0 / CC BY 2.0

Even if you don’t know the name, have you ever seen a modified car like the picture above? This type of vehicle is called a “Vanning modified car” and is a vehicle modified from an MPV or van.

This originally originated in the West Coast of the United States. In order to improve the comfort of moving and resting, the car was modified to look like a camper van. Later, it gradually became popular to modify the car with exaggerated and conspicuous interior and exterior decorations.

Vanning modified cars enjoyed a boom in the 1970s, but the craze began to fade on the West Coast after 1980.

When was Japan introduced it?
There are many theories about when it was introduced to Japan. One theory is that it was introduced in the 1970s when the West Coast was in its heyday. But Japan does not simply import popular things from the United States, it also develops an independent style in Japan.

The origin of independent development is that people who like vans do not like ordinary commercial vehicles, so they put comfort aside and modify them to have a different style and personality from others.

In Japan during the bubble economy, Vanning modified cars became popular in the modification industry, gradually deviating from the style originated in the United States and growing into a unique Japanese style.

Exaggerated and dazzling

Les Chatfield CC Express 2.0 / CC BY 2.0

With an exaggerated and gorgeous style as the mainstream, it is equipped with explosive sounds, big speakers and a powerful aerodynamic package. It is equipped with a rear spoiler that is as high as the car, and the exterior paint is also more exaggerated and conspicuous.

There was a period when you could apply to be a special vehicle, so it was more often seen on the streets. But now that the law has become stricter after the revision, it is becoming more and more difficult to encounter. Vanning modified cars have developed into a unique culture in Japan. There are many types of Vanning modified cars, and the amount of effort put into modifications is also different.

Exterior decoration

"Vanning modified car" is all about being exaggerated and conspicuous!

Vanning's modified cars are so exaggerated that they can no longer be seen as vehicles. In terms of appearance exaggeration, it ranks first. Its modifications no longer cover the size and exaggeration of several cars, and it must be difficult to drive in practice.

Interior decoration

Perfect for partygoers! Mobile audio car

Brett Samuel CC said – 継成2.0 / CC BY-SA 2.0 Source:
Dominik Deobald CC BY 2.0 / CC BY 2.0 Source:

Using the vehicle as a substitute for the stereo, this Vanning modified car is right in the heart of fans of exaggerated modifications. People who like music will also use their own exquisite speakers to play their favorite music while driving.

Overseas Vanning modified cars

TW CC means 2.0 / CC BY 2.0
TW CC means 2.0 / CC BY 2.0

Compared with Japanese Vanning modified cars, American Vanning modified cars are a little less bold. Do you suddenly not recognize Vanning modified cars when you see them? But in fact, the original Vanning modified cars look like this.

Although the craze for Vanning modified cars has waned in the United States, there are still Vanning modified cars that are modified from promotional cars and commercial vehicles.

What’s the future of “Vanning modified cars” that value individuality more than functionality?

In the modern era, which pursues functionality and ease of driving more than design, Vanning modified cars have also become more stringent due to regulatory revisions, and for a while they were even less common.

But most people use Vanning modified cars as a design to express themselves or represent themselves, rather than as a vehicle. Because of this, we will continue to support the Vanning modified cars developed by Japan in the future.

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