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Please ask FSK to answer your questions about thermal insulation paper

In summer, the temperature keeps rising, and the interior of the car is like a mobile oven. In order to effectively cool down the interior of the car, insulation paper with both quality and effect has become the key. However, there are hundreds of types of insulation paper, and there are many specifications that are difficult to understand. And functions, consumers don’t know where to choose. Let the owner of thermal insulation paper tell us some questions we will encounter when choosing thermal insulation paper.

●The darker the insulation paper, the better?

The dark and light colors of insulation paper are related to the transmittance of visible light. This is related to the driving habits of the driver, and it is not necessarily that the darker the color, the better. When judging the quality of the heat insulation effect, we must look at the heat insulation data. Infrared ray blocking rate and ultraviolet ray blocking rate are the most basic basis for judging the quality of the heat insulation effect. The weather resistance of the heat insulation paper is also very important. Good thermal insulation paper will not fade due to sunlight, and the insulation effect will be long-lasting.

According to the needs of the driver, you can choose the depth of insulation paper. FSK Ice Diamond insulation paper is available in various shades, so that when you choose high-transmittance insulation paper, you can also enjoy the treatment of high heat insulation, and the line of sight is Clear Kansai to the safety of drivers, FSK Ice Diamond thermal insulation paper uses nano ceramic technology. Its meticulous and rigorous coating technology can effectively reduce reflections in the car and make driving vision clearer.

●The importance of thermal insulation paper?

Hot sunlight shines into the car through the large front windshield, which will cause the skin of the driver and passengers to tan. When driving for a long time, the temperature inside the car will rise rapidly, making the car feel like an oven; high temperature and ultraviolet rays It will also cause cracks and fading in the car interior. All the above problems can be solved by installing car insulation paper.

The main function of thermal insulation paper is to block harmful rays and isolate sunlight heat sources, effectively lowering the temperature inside the car and saving unnecessary waste of air-conditioning energy. For female car owners who love beauty, it can also effectively block ultraviolet UVA and UVB that damage the skin.

The adhesive layer structure on the insulation paper will tightly adhere to the broken glass, preventing the fragments from flying after the glass breaks, harming the safety of drivers and passengers.

In addition, something that many people tend to overlook is the non-toxic test that affects our health. FSK insulation paper has passed the non-toxic test standard and will not emit toxic substances in the car, allowing car owners to feel more at ease in the car.

●How to maintain it?

1. Do not raise or lower the windows or wipe the inside of the glass with force for 7-10 days after installing the heat insulation paper.

2. Within one month after installing the insulation paper, do not activate the electric defogger line of the rear windshield.

3. Do not use suction cups to attach decorations to car windows.

4. Do not place hard objects on the dashboard to avoid damage to the heat insulation paper caused by impact during braking.

5. For daily cleaning, please use a sponge or soft cloth and wipe it gently with water. Do not use volatile detergents to clean and wipe the insulation paper on the car window.

6. Within 7 days after installing the heat insulation paper, do not blow the air conditioning vents directly onto the glass.

7. The FSK watermark on the insulation paper is randomly marked and has no direction. If you want to remove it, just wipe it gently with alcohol.

8. After the product construction is completed, there will be water vapor and blisters in the form of mist, which is normal. Please try to put your car in the sun. Within 15 days in summer or 45 days in winter, when the water vapor gradually evaporates, it will automatically Restore original color. Sunlight can quickly eliminate the moisture in the insulation paper and extend the service life of the insulation paper.

9. If you find any condition with the insulation paper, please return to the original construction shop as soon as possible and do not handle it yourself.

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