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Subaru "BRZ" facelift! MT model equipped with driving assistance system "EyeSight" and newly added "STI Sport" specifications

table of contents
●Subaru "BRZ" facelift! Added MT-specific EyeSight system and new specifications
●MT cars are also equipped with the driving assistance system "EyeSight"
●"STI Sport" specifications that embody a mature, high-quality sports car

Subaru "BRZ" facelift! Added MT-specific EyeSight system and new specifications

Subaru BRZ STI Sport

On September 22, 2023, Subaru released a facelift of the "BRZ" sports car equipped with a boxer 4-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive.

The change in this facelift is that the MT model adopts the "EyeSight" system, and along with this change, the "STI Sport" specification is added.

Other detailed changes include optimizing the body's dynamic stability system, and the 17-inch tires of the base specification "R" have also been changed to a new design.

Subaru also said that the facelifted BRZ model will be displayed at the "FUJI 86/BRZ STYLE 2023" held at Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture on September 24.

MT cars are also equipped with the driving assistance system "EyeSight"

The facelifted "BRZ" is equipped with Subaru's EyeSight system for the first time on a manual transmission vehicle. It is equipped with five functions: collision prevention braking system, lane departure warning system, lane departure warning system, front vehicle departure warning system, and cruise control system. It is not equipped with reverse braking assist and accelerator mis-pressing control system. In addition, it is equipped with cruise control system. Also different from automatic models, it is not a full-speed cruise control type.

Subaru said that the facelifted BRZ "adjusts the EyeSight collision avoidance, collision damage reduction, driving burden reduction and other performance to match the characteristics of an MT car." It can stabilize the car body in various real-life scenarios while maintaining high-level driving. Feelings of pleasure and peace of mind.

"STI Sport" specifications reflecting a mature, high-quality sports car

With this facelift, Subaru also adds "STI Sport" specifications. The biggest difference from the general specifications is the chassis and interior and exterior design.

The suspension part of the chassis is adjusted by STI to improve steering response. The front shock absorbers use STI-adjusted Hitachi Astemo to create SFRD frequency-sensitive front shock absorbers, which combines a sporty ride with a comfortable experience.

As a factory option, you can choose 17-inch Brembo front and rear ventilated brake discs.

For the exterior, the door mirrors and roof antenna are painted in black, and matched with 18-inch aluminum rims in black metallic paint. The interior uses decorative accessories such as burgundy and black seats and metallic black parts.

●Special equipment for STI Sport specifications


STI tunes Astemo to create SFRD frequency-sensitive front shock absorbers

STI tuned rear shock absorbers

215/40R18 high-performance tires & 18-inch aluminum rims (black metallic color)

Brembo front and rear ventilated brake discs (original option)


LED headlights (with "BRZ" cherry red emblem)

Electric folding door mirrors (black metallic)

Roof antenna (black metallic color)

STI emblem (front, rear)


BOXER instrument (burgundy decoration, STI Logo)

Suede/leather seats (black/burgundy red stitching + black color + STI Logo)

Gear lever decoration (black metallic)

Heating knob & switch (black metal color)

Engine start button (STI Logo, red)

Dashboard & door trim cushions (BRIN NAUB leather covered + red stitching)

●BRZ recommended selling price

R (6-speed MT): 3,300,000 yen, (6-speed AT): 3,355,000 yen

S (6-speed MT): 3,487,000 yen, (6-speed AT): 3,542,000 yen

STI Sport (6-speed MT): 3,762,000 yen, (6-speed AT): 3,817,000 yen

Original source:Subaru “BRZ” has been partially improved! MT cars are also equipped with the driving support system ``EyeSight'', and a new grade ``STI Sport'' has also been added.
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