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Subaru Forester still has the adventurous spirit to convert into an SUV concept even after becoming a gasoline-electric hybrid model

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●The fourth and fifth generation Forester with a strong and solid image
●Equipped with FA20 direct injection turbo and X-MODE, the attractive fourth-generation model (2012)
●The fifth-generation model that is friendly to the environment but still full of "adventurous spirit" (2018)

The fourth and fifth generation Forester with a strong and solid image

The new sixth-generation Subaru Forester in the United States was released not long ago (November 17, 2023).

The popular SUV, which is now the mainstay of Subaru's products, experienced the first and second generation models designed as crossover wagons. After the third model was launched in 2007, it received strong demand from North America, its main sales market, and switched to a design concept that emphasizes the convenience of a large SUV. and continue to improve.

It is well received as an SUV with extremely high driving performance in any scene.

This time we will introduce the fourth-generation model and the current fifth-generation model that have a solid and powerful feel as an SUV.

Equipped with FA20 direct injection turbo and X-MODE, the attractive fourth-generation model (2012)

From the original third-generation model with a bit of arc and less powerful feeling to the fourth-generation Forester with a thicker feel

Following the third-generation model that "converted to an orthodox SUV design concept" by increasing the minimum ground clearance to improve driving performance on bad roads, enlarging the size to improve rear seat comfort and ride performance, the fourth-generation model launched in November 2012 The current model has further upgraded its size and enhanced its SUV functions.

Subaru's SUV lineup has become very rich entering this period. There are the high-end SUV "Outback" and the small and light urban SUV "XV". Among them, the Forester is positioned as a "legendary all-round SUV with excellent off-road driving performance."

The design is based on the Impreza (fourth generation) and MPV Exiga of the same period, and adopts a strong and stable image design. The chassis platform and drive machinery are modified from the previous generation, and the turbine engine uses the new 2.0L direct injection turbine (DIT) FA20.

After the size upgrade, in addition to the ample space in the car, the seat height has been increased, the comfort level has also been upgraded, and the line of sight has become wider, and the door panel is used to cover the side skirts, so that clothes are not easy to get on when getting in and out of the car. dirty.

It is also worth mentioning that it uses "X-MODE", which uses a single switch to adjust the electronic control of the throttle, gear ratio, and drive force distribution to an off-road driving mode, and can maintain a stable vehicle speed below 20km/L. , "Hill Descent Control" that can safely go downhill even on landslides becomes more like an SUV.

Although it is equipped with the newly developed 6-speed MT, which is also the last MT model, it is only equipped with the 2L naturally aspirated version (FB20) with cheaper specifications. The model equipped with MT's powerful turbocharger cannot be launched in Japan due to fuel consumption issues.

The fifth-generation model (2018) that is friendly to the environment but still full of "adventurous spirit"

Due to fuel consumption issues, the current Forester, which was mainly powered by the e-BOXER model in the later period and equipped with a downsized CB18 turbine, seems to have introduced a gasoline-electric hybrid model in the sixth-generation model released in North America in an attempt to survive.

From a design point of view, it can be said that the fifth-generation Forester is a continuation of the previous generation model. It has been upgraded with the new-generation chassis platform "Subaru Global Platform (SGP)" and the safety driving assistance system "EyeSight", giving it a completely new look.

The power system has also changed from the previous 2L direct injection turbo FA20 and naturally aspirated engine FB20 to a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine "FB25" and a motor-assisted gasoline-electric hybrid version FB20 "e-BOXER", which is more environmentally friendly. .

In the facelift in October 2020, the FB25 was abolished. In addition to the specification of the same engine, it was also converted to the e-BOXER model. It was also equipped with a direct injection turbine "CB18" with a longer stroke than the FB, and the body became larger and heavier. , but it combines environmentally friendly performance with excellent driving performance.

Its design concept is almost the same as that of the previous generation model, but it emphasizes "even if it is not used as a vehicle for outdoor activities, it has a strong image and reliability that can handle the performance. It can also satisfy the passengers' adventurous heart." ” and so on, to endorse its performance.

During the RV trend of the 1990s, orthodox off-road 4WDs were over-equipped and unpopular, so they were converted to Crossover SUVs that looked like off-road vehicles but were like cars inside. However, in modern times, they seem to have returned to the image of "people you can rely on in emergencies." and performance" style.

This image strategy has also greatly increased the sales of Forester. As it is remodeled and replaced, its sales and internal share of Subaru have gradually grown. It is the largest single model of Subaru except for derivative models (Legacy Outback, etc.). The most.

Original source:``Even if it becomes a hybrid, you won't forget your sense of adventure'' Subaru Forester, which has undergone a major change in its concept as an SUV[Recommended car]
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