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Subaru releases improved version of "Legacy Outback"! "Eyesight X" expands detection range

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●Subaru "Legacy Outback" improved! New special car added
●"Eyesight X" expands detection range, improves security performance and convenience
●Special car "Limited EX Active×Black" specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts

Subaru "Legacy Outback" improved! New special car added

Subaru Legacy Outback X-BREAK EX

On September 7, 2023, Subaru released an improved version of its flagship SUV "Legacy Outback".

In addition to improving safety performance and convenience, this time also made some adjustments to the appearance. At the same time, the "Limited EX Active×Black" special car has been added.

The facelifted Legacy Outback will be available for pre-orders on July 20. This time, detailed specifications and prices will be announced.

"Eyesight X" expands detection range, improves security performance and convenience

Subaru Legacy Outback X-BREAK EX

The biggest change in this facelift is the upgrade to Eyesight X. By adding a wide-angle monocular lens to Eyesight

In addition, all car series are equipped with smart interior rearview mirrors, which ensures good rear visibility even when loading cargo, carrying passengers in the back seat, at night, or in poor weather conditions. The lens of the smart car interior rearview mirror is changed to be hidden in the roof antenna. In line with this change, the entire car series is also equipped with shark fin antenna.

In terms of in-car convenience, the 11.6-inch screen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto functions has been changed to standard equipment in all car series, and Apple Carplay can also be connected wirelessly.

The car-linked system "SUBARU STARLINK" has also added functions such as remote control of air conditioning and in-car Wi-Fi. Signing a service contract can make the use of the vehicle more convenient. Among them, the remote control of the air conditioner can adjust the temperature inside the car before riding, improving the riding experience.

In addition, ventilated seats and seat cushion adjustment functions are added to the original optional Nappa leather seats in the "Limited EX" specification.

●Main changes to Legacy Outback

Newly added wide-angle single-lens camera, new-generation Eyesight, standard on all car series

Smart car interior rear view standard for all car series

Adopt new aluminum ring design

SUBARU STARLINK adds remote control air conditioning function

Apple Carplay connects wirelessly

Apple Carplay/Android Auto 11.6-inch screen is listed as equipment

Ventilated seats are added to the driver's and passenger's seats, and a seat cushion adjustment function is added to the driver's seat (Limited EX leather seats are equipped with vehicles)

Special bike "Limited EX Active×Black" specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts

Subaru Legacy Outback Limited EX Active×Black

The Limited EX Active×Black special car newly added to the lineup during this facelift is based on the Limited EX specifications and is specially designed to create a convenient and upgraded car for people who love outdoor activities.

The interior of the car is equipped with water-repellent seats, which are very necessary for outdoor activities. In addition to the exclusive black painted water tank guard and rear bumper trim, the exterior is also equipped with ultra-black metallic painted 18-inch aluminum wheels and other features.

"Limited EX Active×Black" uses an exclusive stowable crossbar roof rack, and the body color can also be set in an exclusive color.

●Main equipment of Legacy Outback "Limited EX Active×Black"

Water tank guard (black + metallic black paint)

Front fog lamp cover (black paint decoration)

Door mirrors (black paint)

Front and rear bumper trim (black paint)

Water-repellent seat (black x silver stitching)

Dashboard trim & door trim (black leather x silver stitching)

18-inch aluminum rim (black metal paint)

Roof rack (black metal paint)

OUTBACK/symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive system rear decoration (black metallic paint)

Harman Kardon audio system (original option)

Skylight (original option)

●Legacy Outback recommended selling price

[1.8L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder direct injection turbine engine]

X-BREAK EX (AWD): 4,25,7000 yen

Limited EX (AWD): 4,400,000 yen

Special car Limited EX Active×Black (AWD): 4,510,000 yen

Original source:Announcement of improved model of Subaru “Legacy Outback”! "Eyesight X" now responds to pedestrians, bicycles, etc.
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