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Taiwan's first used car dealer selection award, Second-hand Car News, launches the "Taiwan Excellent Used Car Dealer Award"

Secondhand Car News, a professional media that has been dedicated to Taiwan's used car market for many years, exclusively introduced Japan's "Goo Appraisal" vehicle appraisal system in 2013. It is currently the only third-party media in the market that introduces a professional vehicle appraisal system that can be fair and impartial. To accurately judge the transparency of all vehicles sold by used car dealers and the accuracy of the vehicles sold.

Over the years, with the support and affirmation of "Goo Appraisal" by many used car dealers in North, Central and South China, Second-hand Car News has accumulated tens of thousands of vehicle appraisal big data. On this basis, Second-hand Car News will officially launch in 2023 The first "Taiwan Dealer of the Year" was launched to select excellent used car dealers by counting the appraisal rate of all car dealers in the year, as well as the rate of high-quality cars without accidents and water damage in the market. In May this year, a grand awards ceremony was held jointly with the "Taiwan Car Of The Year Awards", known as the "Oscar Awards of Taiwan's car industry".

"Taiwan Excellent Used Car Dealer Award" Selection Criteria

・Shortlisted Awards: They are divided into imported car dealer groups and domestic car dealers groups to be judged separately. The basic number of appraisals throughout the year must be more than 40 cars.

・Word-of-mouth Award: Based on the time when the car dealer was established, and taking into account the reputation of market consumers, it has a certain degree of business scale and market influence. The shortlisted car dealers all have good reputations based on the review of second-hand car experts.

・Transparency Award: Car dealers are willing to take the initiative to use third-party appraisals to publicly disclose the condition of vehicles for sale, and are committed to promoting information symmetry in market transactions. The shortlisted car dealers all have a third-party appraisal rate of 80% in the entire store, and the one with the highest rate will be selected to win the award.

・High Quality Award: According to the annual third-party appraisal of shortlisted car dealers with a number of 100 vehicles, more than 80% of the appraisal results are "beautiful and good cars", and the one with the highest percentage will be selected to win the award.

・Comprehensive Award: Based on comprehensive expert opinions and various evaluations, honorary car dealers will be selected to win the award.

Taiwan's first used car dealer selection award

Encourage transparency and quality in used car transactions

Taiwan Boroto Co., Ltd. held the 2022-2023 first "Taiwan Excellent Used Car Dealer Award" award ceremony at Dazhi Dianhua in Taipei in May this year. This event attracted the active participation of many guests and media, fully demonstrating the high level of attention from all walks of life to Taiwan's used car market.

The "Taiwan Excellent Used Used Car Dealer Award" is an evaluation award established by Taiwan Boludo Co., Ltd. based on the third-party vehicle identification system-"Goo Appraisal" and the annual identification big data evaluation from 2022 to 2023. . This evaluation is mainly based on a massive selection based on impartial, fair and open third-party appraisal data. It targets high-quality used car dealers that meet the selection criteria and stand out, and commends them for their outstanding contributions to Taiwan's used car market. Thanks for their profound influence on the development of Taiwan's used car industry and their efforts in improving market credibility and service quality.

Taiwan Baoludo hopes to encourage more used car dealers to work together to improve the transaction transparency of Taiwan's used car industry through the holding of the "Taiwan Excellent Used Car Dealer Award", provide consumers with a safe and trustful trading environment, and then create a sound and transparent The used car trading platform creates a win-win ecology between the industry and consumers and promotes the prosperity of Taiwan's used car industry.

2nd-hand Auto News will officially launch the first "Taiwan Excellent Used Car Dealer Award" in 2023, and in May this year, it will cooperate with the 2023 18th "Auto News Awards" known as the "Oscar Awards of Taiwan's Auto Industry" Jointly organize a grand awards ceremony.
The biggest award of the "Taiwan Excellent Used Used Car Dealers Award" - the Comprehensive Grand Award, was personally opened and announced by Suzuki Nobutaka, Chairman and General Manager of Taiwan Boluto, on the stage.

The awards are divided into two categories and three categories.

Encourage excellent car dealers with both quality and quality

The selection results are evaluated based on the performance of each car manufacturer throughout the year and are divided into two categories and three major groups. The two categories are "Excellence Award" and "Contribution Award". The selection criteria for the "Excellence Award" are based on the "quality" of the vehicles sold by car dealers throughout the year, while the "Contribution Award" is based on the proportion of the total number of vehicle appraisals made by car dealers throughout the year.

In order to ensure fairness, during the selection process, car dealers were divided into three groups according to their size and characteristics: "word-of-mouth", "transparency", and "high quality", and the best car dealers were selected from each group. Won various awards. At this award ceremony, many outstanding used car dealers stood out. The following is the list of winners of various awards:

Word-of-mouth Excellence Award:

Deyi Automobile

Hongzhan Automobile

Shengyi Automobile


Jinda Automobile

Gengyi Automobile

Word-of-mouth Contribution Award:

Sheng Rui International

Shoufu Motors

Jilin Automobile

Gucci on the car

Dingxiang Automobile

Dingpei Automobile Industry

Transparency Excellence Award:

Dongwei Automobile

easy car

Yude International

Gaosheng Automobile

Quan Shang International Automobile Industry

Jindi Automobile

Transparency Contribution Award:

courtesy car industry

Jimei International Automobile

Dongqing International Vehicle Industry

Jinde Automobile

Minglong Automobile

Laoxiao Professional Garage

High Quality Excellence Award:

Yongxin Automobile Industry

Debao Automobile

Wutai Automobile

Youshun Automobile

Yulun Automobile

Manji Automobile

High Quality Contribution Award:

Deutsche Automobile

Jiaming Automobile

Shengyi Automobile

Guofeng Automobile

Quanfu Motors

Wenjia International

Overall Grand Prize:

Xinzong Automobile

This award ceremony not only recognized the outstanding performance of these outstanding used car dealers in the past year, but also further promoted the development and improvement of Taiwan's used car market. These award-winning car dealers have set an example for the industry with their excellent quality, reputation, transparency and high-quality operations, and have made important contributions to the development of the used car market. Taiwan Bolto Co., Ltd. thanks all the car dealers who participated in the selection and congratulates all the winners on their outstanding achievements.

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