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Take the courage to cut open the rim of a super luxury car that costs 4.5 million yen... What's inside?

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●Cut open the Veyron rim to find out!
●Bugatti Veyron is?
●Special tires and rims for Veyron with non-general specifications
●After cutting the tire, it was found that…

Cut open a Veyron rim to find out!

The American YouTube channel "Waterjet Channel" released a video of cutting the Bugatti Veyron rim with a water knife to confirm the internal structure.

The Bugatti Veyron is a high-performance car with a price of about 180 million yen, and a new wheel is about 4.5 million yen.

Bugatti Veyron is?


The Bugatti Veyron 16.4, launched in 2005, is a high-performance model developed by Volkswagen's Bugatti. Equipped with 4 turbos on the 8.0LW 16-cylinder engine, the maximum output is 1001PS, the maximum torque is 127.5kgf・m, and the maximum speed is 407km/h, setting the record for the fastest commercially available car at that time.

100L of fuel can be used up in 12 minutes at full speed, and the fuel consumption at this time is about 0.8km/L. It is said that it takes about 2.3 million yen to change the engine oil, and the annual vehicle maintenance cost is more than 20 million yen.

Special Veyron tires and rims with non-general specifications

In order to allow a vehicle weighing more than 1,800kg to run at 400km/h, the Bugatti Veyron uses very special tires and rims.

The car is equipped with Michelin special custom tires, Pilot Sport 2 with a front wheel size of 265/680R500 and a rear wheel size of 365/710R540. Its value is different from that of general specification tires, and they are all marked in millimeters.

The wheel frame is also a forged magnesium alloy wheel frame ordered from OZ Racing for this non-general specification tire.

You can buy a supercar for the price of changing tires
In order to ensure driving safety, the tires need to be replaced every 4,000km. Each time, the wheel frame needs to be hung on the X-ray inspector to check whether there are any fine cracks. The tires need to be replaced every two times or every 16,000km. rims.

The tire price is about 1.2 million yen, and the wheel frame price is about 3.3 million yen. Tires and rims are 4.5 million yen x 4, totaling 17 million yen. Including the special work of loading and unloading the tires, it will cost 4.5 million yen just to replace them.

In other words, the replacement of Bugatti Veyron tires and wheel frames will cost about 20 million yen. And if the car travels at 400km/h, it will reach the wear limit of the tire within 15 minutes.

After cutting the tire it was found that...


And the Waterjet Channel cut the Veyron's ultra-premium tires and rims.

After cutting the tire with a water knife, it was found that Veyron uses "PAX tires", which are special structures that fix the carcass to the wheel frame.

What are PAX tires?
Even if the tire becomes flat after a puncture, its internal structure can still support the tire to travel a certain distance, which is the same as the tire structure equipped with bulletproof vehicles and military vehicles.
Veyron will choose PAX tires. Compared with the ability to continue driving after a puncture, it should be more important to its ability to respond to a puncture at high speed.

Why should the tire be fixed to the wheel frame?
Vehicles or Superbikes with powerful horsepower like Veyron, due to their strong tire grip and torque, will cause idle rotation between the tires and the wheel frame, causing power loss or air leakage. Veyron fixed the tire to the rim, probably to prevent the tire from sliding around the rim.

From the video of Waterjet Channel, we can know that when a commercially available car is given a power of 1001PS and runs at 400km/h, the tires and wheel frames will bear the pressure that ordinary vehicles cannot match. In addition, meticulous maintenance and high cost are required Maintenance costs.

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