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The butterfly-shaped 4-wing door concept car Evos "Does Ford want to sell this car?" became a topic of discussion

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●Built by Ford "a four-door car that looks like a coupe"
●The "four-winged strange bird" appeared in Frankfurt in 2011
●Four-wing and PHEV are not new at all? The most important thing is the front design

"A four-door car that looks like a coupe" built by Ford

"Evos" released in 2011.A four-door concept sedan that looks like a coupe with cleverly hidden opening seams

When it comes to Ford-related four-door cars that look like coupes, Japanese people will automatically think of the Mazda RX-8, but in fact, Ford also has this type of concept car!

Unlike the RX-8, it does not use split doors, but a 4-door design like butterfly wings at the front and rear. It is also a PHEV environmentally friendly car, but its true identity is a concept car that shows the new direction of Ford's design vocabulary "Kinetic Design" .

This article will introduce to you the Ford Evos, a concept car that was released in 2011 and is quite new, advanced and informative.

In addition, Ford's SUVs sold in the Chinese market starting in 2021 also use the "Evos" name, so be careful not to get confused!

The "four-winged strange bird" appeared in Frankfurt in 2011

I didn’t expect the rear seat door to open like this! Considering practicality, the Mazda RX-8 is more realistic Author:!Koss CC BY-SA 2.0

At first glance, it looks like a two-door coupe, with a dynamic and charming curved body, four protruding fenders, and large-diameter wheels with wide, earth-gripping tires, giving it the look of a typical American muscle car. impression.

The doors on both sides of the front and rear seats are opened with gull-wing doors that open upward. Perhaps butterfly doors are more appropriate to describe it here, because it is actually a four-wing door!

The rear seat door opens with the rear fender as the fulcrum, which does not affect the convenience of getting in and out of the car. However, if it is commercialized, the practicality of the trunk will be sacrificed. This is also a special design that can only be tried on concept cars. It is surprisingly harmonious in terms of its coupe-style four-door design.

Among the concept cars displayed by Ford at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Evos gained great attention with its four-wing design, but Ford seemed to have an ulterior "purpose."

Four-wings and PHEVs are not new at all? The most important thing is the front design

The four-wing doors are a performance designed to attract everyone’s attention. The most important focus of the display is the Ford front “Kinetic Design” design. Author:Simon Yeo CC BY-SA 2.0

In fact, Ford also released the coupe-shaped 4-wing concept car "Iosis" at the 2005 German International Motor Show, so it is not new at all.

So is the plug-in hybrid system a completely new design? This power system has already been confirmed to be used in Ford's upcoming C-Max PHEV "C-Max Energi" 2012 model.

In other words, the four-wing and PHEV systems are not new technologies, especially the four-wing doors are just a way to attract everyone's attention. So what does Ford want to convey without hesitation? The answer is "the main design direction of future car fronts."

Ford began to adopt a new design called "Kinetic Design" in the late 2000s. The aforementioned "Iosis" was the concept car used to introduce this design.

Originally, "Kinetic Design" was only adopted by Ford in Europe. Later, in order to expand the design to the United States and the world, it was specially refined. In other words, "Evos" is a model used to introduce the new "Kinetic Design" design.

Ford has launched many similar design models with the "Evos" front design as the center since 2010. In 2021, it will launch a new SUV "Evos" focusing on the Chinese market. The front design is also similar to the concept car "Evos".

The concept car attracts everyone's attention with its special design. The main purpose is to showcase the new design of "Kinetic Design". Looking at it this way, if you focus on the most conspicuous place at first glance, you may miss the real point. It is also very important to listen to the manufacturer's introduction!

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