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The new generation of "Land Cruiser 70" also has a soft top and short body size! Looking forward to the introduction of military-spec models in Japan

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The whole picture of the new generation "Land Cruiser 70" is released, and the key points of the facelift are revealed
●Witness the new generation overseas specification 70 Series! What is the difference from the Japanese specification?
● "Reverse input is good, just want to open" Abundant options for overseas specifications!
●Is it possible to introduce the military-spec Land Cruiser 70 into Japan?

The whole picture of the new generation "Land Cruiser 70" is released, and the key points of the facelift are revealed

Land Cruiser70 (prototype)

The Toyota "Land Cruiser70", which is expected to be re-sold in Japan at the end of 2023, was unveiled as a continuous sales model on August 2, causing heated discussions.

Although the new-generation 70 Series has the same long-axis body as the 30th anniversary model launched in 2014, the headlights have been changed to the round design that fans have been waiting for. Plus, it's built as a station wagon rather than the existing van. The rear seats are comfortable and recline slightly.

For the Japanese station wagon model, the spring rate of the rear leaf spring is adjusted to be softer, taking comfort into consideration.

The engine is changed to a 2.8L diesel engine. The 4L V6 gasoline engine used in the 30th anniversary model has high gasoline consumption, which makes Japanese car owners very troubled. I believe that it will be more wallet-friendly after switching to a diesel engine.

The 6-speed AT design is adopted this time, making this car the most owner-friendly model since the launch of the 70 Series. This change allows owners of self-driving licenses to also drive the car, broadening the Land Cruiser user group in one go.

Its safety equipment is substantial, and it is equipped with an electric differential as standard, but the model type is only one station wagon and it is a single specification. There is no pickup truck that fans have been waiting for.

Witness the new generation of overseas specifications 70 Series! What is the difference from the Japanese specifications?

The car is expected to go on sale in the winter of 2023, and Toyota dealers have also received many inquiries from consumers. But at present, the original factory has not released detailed information, which makes consumers and businesses fall into a state of itching.

But the production of overseas models seems to be progressing very smoothly. The picture above shows a new generation of 70 Series captured in a certain place, which is obviously different from the Japanese standard car.

Its most notable features are its shorter body dimensions and its soft top. Although the 70 Series was sold in Japan from 1984 to 2004, it was not popular in Japan, which has a hot and rainy climate.

Judging from the fact that the steering wheel is set on the right side, this car may be a model that is going to be sold in Australia. It also uses halogen headlights instead of LED headlights, which is also different from Japanese cars. The narrow model is also a unique design for overseas specifications.

"Reverse input is also good, just want to open" Overseas specification options are abundant!

Land Cruiser Family

At present, the 70 Series is sold to more than 100 countries including the Middle East and Australia, with a monthly export volume of nearly 7,000 units. And the car has been sold overseas since 1984, and it can be said to be a super evergreen model among Toyota.

The basic body sizes of the 70 Series are divided into three types: Short, Long, and Super Long. Short is divided into hard-top and soft-top; Long has vans (station wagons in Japan) and two-seater trucks; Super Long has multi-person passenger cars and double-box vans.

This time, the Japanese standard car is equipped with a large resin-made tortoise fender, and the overseas car model is set in two types: wide body and narrow body. Australian and Middle Eastern models are different from Japanese cars in that they are equipped with snorkel fittings.

These models can be purchased through reversing vehicles, but imported from countries without inspection and manufacturing certificates, exhaust and other related inspections may be required, and the cost will increase accordingly. Even so, there are still many people who want to drive the 70 Series models that are not sold in Japan, and the 78 Troopy is also extremely popular in the market.

Is it possible to introduce the military-spec Land Cruiser 70 into Japan?

Land Cruiser70 (Prototype)

By the way, the Japanese Self-Defense Force currently uses the Type 73 Jeep (1/2 ton truck) based on the Mitsubishi Pajero (second generation), and the vehicles introduced in the first phase will soon be retired. Although Mitsubishi Motors Okazaki continues to produce the car for now, rumors point to the car being discontinued in the near future. The 70 Series is attracting attention as a next-generation introduction vehicle.

Pajero is a discontinued model, and parts manufacturing and supply are very difficult. In response to such a situation, the Self-Defense Forces had to remove parts from old vehicles, which was very inconvenient.

On the other hand, the 70 Series, which is an active model and has proven sales performance, has no major problems in production and manufacturing. Although it's still just a rumor, maybe in the future we can see the 70 Series soft top model in military color paint driving on the roads of Japan.

Original source:The new Rankle 70 also has a “soft top and short body”!Expectations for introduction of military specifications in Japan
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