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The next-generation "Century" has become an SUV model! It is equipped with a V6 3.5L plug-in hybrid, and the price is 25 million yen

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●The world premiere of the new generation Toyota "Century"
●Reproduce the appearance of traditional Japanese arts with the hands of craftsmen
●Preserve high-grade and comfortable moving space! Added full tilting function
●The power specification is V6 3.5L plug-in hybrid electric system
●Create a unique "Century" customized plan in the world

The world premiere of the new generation Toyota "Century"

Century KIWAMI LINE(Black)

On September 6, 2023, Toyota will conduct the world premiere of Century online. Toyota Century launched its first-generation model in 1967 as a welcome car exclusively for the Japanese market, bringing passengers a comfortable mobile space experience for more than half a century.

The new Century will be open for pre-orders from now on and is scheduled to go on sale in mid-2023. Toyota also stated that the Century sedan model will continue to be sold in the future.

When purchasing a Century, the "Century Meister" Toyota dealership who has a good understanding of vehicles will communicate with consumers in detail to provide vehicles that meet consumers' expectations.

Reproduce the appearance of traditional Japanese arts with the hands of craftsmen

Appearance of the venue

According to Toyota, the exterior of the new Century "inherits traditional Japanese beauty and character while creating the next era. The Chauffeur Car with a new look reflects the values ​​​​of global social leaders."

From the previous body design that was mainly horizontal, it has been changed to place the center of gravity on the rear seat and pay attention to the appearance of the rear seat. Around the door, there is an exterior design that represents Toyota's textile origin, inspired by the shuttle of the textile machine, and presented through the waistline.


The water tank cover is inspired by the traditional Japanese architectural woodworking technique "Kumiko Saiko (a woodworking technique in which wood chips are assembled into various complicated patterns using the mortise and tenon method)", and is presented in detailed geometric patterns. The headlights and taillights use a deep 4-lamp design to create a "majestic look".

The car pillar uses stamping technology to reproduce the shape of the "ho-rib (a ridge line on the side of the blade)" on the body of a Japanese sword. In addition, Century's characteristic "Phoenix Factory Logo" is hand-carved by Edo gold carving craftsmen, with exquisite carvings. The mirror-like body color is available in 7 colors.

Maintain high-grade and comfortable moving space! Added full dump function

Interior color: black

The interior of the new-generation Century is designed and built with people-oriented thinking in mind, providing comfortable interior space for both business and private purposes.

The interior of the car adopts a traditional horizontal design, which can make people feel calm. The panel used for the instrument panel is laminated with aluminum and then laser-processed to create a unique decoration with aluminum floating on the wood grain.

The seat uses "Suga embroidery", one of the Japanese embroidery techniques, to make it more three-dimensional. Toyota stated that the interior design of the Century is "luxury simplicity in pursuit of comfort and convenience". There are 3 colors to choose from.

Interior color: Mid Brown

The biggest feature of the new generation of Century is that the rear seat can be tilted up to 77°. The rear door glass and quarter windows are all made of privacy glass with dimming function, which can block the external view and soften the external light entering the cabin, bringing passengers a calm atmosphere like a Japanese room.


Even getting on and off the car is very particular about the characteristics of Century. The rear door can be opened up to 75° and the push-out compartment floor can be dismounted without lifting your feet. Passengers can get on and off the car in a natural posture through the automatic storage of electric pedals and the large handlebars installed on the B-pillar.

The power specification is V6 3.5L plug-in hybrid oil-electric system

V6 3.5L plug-in hybrid electric system

In order to make the Century both quiet and powerful, Toyota has newly developed a V6 3.5L plug-in hybrid system. It can be used as an electric vehicle for daily driving, and when there is a scene that requires long-distance movement and acceleration, it can be powered by a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, so the PHEV power system was selected.

Both drive system and steering system rely on electronic control to achieve excellent driving performance. The four-wheel steering system "Dynamic Rear Steering" is adopted, so that it can take into account the driving in the low-speed range and the medium-high speed range.

The newly set "Rear Seat Comfort Mode" controls the slight changes of the vehicle through precise control of the high-output rear motor (e-Axle), and reduces the shaking when changing lanes and front and rear shaking during acceleration and deceleration.

TNGA platform/high rigid body

The frame adopts the newly developed "rear compartment separation structure", and beam-shaped reinforcement parts are added between the compartment and the rear compartment, so that although it is a hatchback, it has a body rigidity exceeding that of a sedan. The compartment and the rear compartment are separated by "soundproof glass", achieving excellent quietness.

Create the world's unique "Century" custom-made program in preparation

Century KIWAMI LINE(Glory Red x Silver)

Toyota said that the new generation of Century "continuously pursues the essence, inherits the character, quietness and ride comfort that match the Century, and Century will continue to evolve in the future, becoming a new welcome car that lives up to customer expectations."

In addition, it is reported that in the future, it will launch customized solutions such as body color and interior decoration that can meet customer preferences. Toyota said, "We will listen to customers' expectations and provide "Freedom in motion (ultimate freedom of movement)" to more customers."


●Toyota Century vehicle information

Overall length: 5,205mm (-130mm)

Width: 1,990mm (+60mm)

Height: 1,805mm (+300mm)

Wheelbase: 2,950mm (-140mm)

Front and rear seat distance: 1,220mm (+85mm)

Vehicle weight: 2,570kg (+200kg)

Number of passengers: 4 (-1)

Engine type: 2GR-FXS 3.5LV 6-cylinder engine

Gearbox: stepless gearbox

Drive mode: E-Four Advanced (electric motor 4WD)

※The value in () is compared with the value of the car

●Toyota Century recommended price

Toyota Century: JPY 25,000,000

Original source:The new "Century" is an SUV model! Equipped with a V6 3.5L plug-in hybrid, the price is 25 million yen
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