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The small facelift Toyota "GR Corolla" is open for lottery registration! The estimated number of sales is 550 units, and the number of additional units will not be ruled out in the future

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●Toyota "GR Corolla" minor facelift! Expected sales of 550 units
Small facelift to upgrade the driving performance of Toyota "GR Corolla"

Toyota "GR Corolla" minor facelift! Expected sales of 550 units

GR Corolla new color Cyan Metallic

On August 23, 2023, Toyota Gazoo Racing announced a minor facelift for Toyota "GR Corolla", and a limited number of 550 units will be sold in Japan by lottery.

The content of Toyota's minor facelift is based on technical feedback from super-endurance races and other competitions to improve operational intuition and stability.

The facelifted Toyota GR Corolla needs to register at the GR CorollaRZ negotiating application lottery page from 13:30 on August 23rd to 8:59 on September 11th. Toyota will announce the winner on September 22nd (Friday). Negotiations will begin in late September. Sales are expected to begin in the fall of 2023.

Toyota said that although the sales are limited to 550 units at this stage, because the shortage of semiconductors is gradually slowing down, it does not rule out increasing the number of sales in the future.

Small facelift upgrades Toyota "GR Corolla" driving performance

Cyan Metallic exclusive Black x Blue interior color

The specific changes of Toyota "GR Corolla" include improving the fastening rigidity of suspension parts, changing the shape of the air intake hole of the front bumper, and adding a new limited color "Cyan Metallic" to the exterior.

front suspension parts

In order to improve the steering response performance, high-rigidity screws are used in the front suspension parts to strengthen the fastening, so that the support rigidity of the front lower swing arm and the steering gear box can be improved.

rear suspension parts

Toyota said that by increasing the size of the screw heads of the rear suspension parts and increasing the fastness, this improvement also improves the responsiveness of the steering operation and the straight-line stability, and enhances the sense of unity of the vehicle.

By changing the shape of the air intake holes in the front bumper, the air guide in the wheel arches is optimized, thereby improving the driving stability at high speeds. Only 50 of the 550 units adopt the new "Cyan Metallic" body color and the exclusive interior design embellished with blue stitching.

●Main changes of Toyota GR Corolla

The front and rear suspension parts use screws to strengthen fastening rigidity

Change the shape of the front bumper air intake hole

Limited to 50 units with "Cyan Metallic" new body color and exclusive interior color

●Toyota GR Corolla recommended price

RZ: 5,250,000 yen

Original source:Improved Toyota "GR Corolla" starts lottery acceptance! The planned sales volume is 550 units, but there may be more?
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