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The true condition of the car is revealed. Japan’s Goo third-party professional second-hand car appraisal

After a used car has been used, the condition of each vehicle can be said to be unique. If you want to know the "real condition" of a used car, having it handed over to a professional used car appraiser is definitely the best choice. The "Japanese Goo Second-hand Car Appraisal" (hereinafter referred to as Goo Appraisal) system, which is authorized by the "Japan JAAA Automobile Appraisal Association" and Taiwan Boludo Co., Ltd. is introduced into the Taiwan market and sold as an agent, has in-depth experience in technology and appraisal standard procedures. , and even invited Japanese appraisers to stay in Taiwan for a long time.

Goo Appraisal serves as a third-party impartial appraisal unit to inject better services into Taiwan's used car appraisal market. Consumers can clearly understand the true condition of each used car through the complete Goo appraisal report and avoid unknown sources. Items and reduce unnecessary buying and selling disputes, making the information of used car transactions more transparent. Goo appraisal not only allows car dealers to establish excellent goodwill, but also is the best gatekeeper for consumers to buy cars with peace of mind.

Yasuhito Kusama, the representative of Goo Appraisal in Taiwan, Chairman of Nippon Auto Credo Co., Ltd., hopes that Goo Appraisal can set up a good communication platform for domestic car dealers and consumers.


"JAAA (Japan Automobile Appraisal Association)" may be quite unfamiliar to Taiwanese consumers. In fact, JAAA has created the first place in Japan for the number of second-hand vehicle appraisals for nine consecutive years as an impartial third-party appraisal unit. Glory, establishing Japan’s authoritative position in second-hand car appraisal. The Japanese Goo appraisal team, which debuted in October 2014, is composed of professional used car appraisers with an average of five or six years of experience in appraising used cars. Each appraiser certified by JAAA has spent an average of one year in Japan. The number of various types of second-hand vehicles that have been appraised has reached more than 10,000, and the appraiser team has more than ten appraisers with qualifications to appraise 100,000 vehicles! Such profound experience and strength will definitely bring a new atmosphere to the domestic used cars.

Don’t miss even a screw

In fact, those who invest in used car appraisers in Japan have more or less experience as inspectors at auction houses, or have experience in automobile sheet metal, painting, warranty and other related work qualifications. Even so, it takes at least one year to train a qualified used car appraiser on average. Although most students have a certain foundation, they still need to learn quite a few appraisal courses and accept various appraisals during the development stage. Graded training and continuous practical testing are used to hone the skills of each appraiser trainee in order to cope with the very picky Japanese used car market.

Experienced Japanese appraisers carefully inspected the condition of the car's bottom to determine whether there were signs of disassembly or repair work on the chassis structure from the details of each part.

In Japan, the price of a used car is not only determined by the condition of the car itself, but also by the appearance and interior decoration, which are the most important areas for everyone to compare. Especially if there are just a few scratches or a little dirt on the exterior and interior, the price of the car may drop. There is a considerable gap. Therefore, a Goo appraiser who can act alone will never allow any oversight in every small detail. More importantly, no matter any make or model, it can be as large as the exterior sheet metal, the body structure, or as small as every detail. Screws, through rigorously trained appraisers' item-by-item inspection and accumulated practical experience, they can determine which parts of the vehicle have been replaced, and even find traces of repairs or welding due to collisions. Simply put, the key role played by Goo appraisal is to reveal the "true condition" of used cars to consumers and record them in detail, eliminate consumers' doubts, establish an effective communication and mutual trust platform for buyers and sellers, and thereby enhance the overall used car market. service quality.

No hiding of the real car condition

The key to the Goo appraisal from Japan is that it can record the true condition of used cars in each appraisal report. In particular, the "repair record" of the vehicle that consumers are most concerned about, such as whether screws and sheet parts have been replaced, or whether there are repair welding points and traces of sheet repairs on the body structure, etc., will be clearly marked on the appraisal certificate. The location and extent of repairs will be clearly marked. And notes are provided to allow consumers to have a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the car's condition.

The Goo appraisal includes four major aspects: "vehicle appearance", "vehicle interior", "engine electromechanical" and "maintenance history", with a total of 344 inspection items. Each Goo certificate is valid for 90 days, and comes with the condition that the mileage cannot be increased by 50 kilometers. If any of the conditions are true, the certificate will immediately lose validity to prevent unscrupulous car dealers from exploiting loopholes and affecting consumers. Possibility of equity. Nowadays, Goo appraisal has added paint, interior details evaluation, voltage, air-conditioning temperature, tire tread and other inspections, which can more fully present the detailed condition of the vehicle under inspection.

The interior is often one of the factors that determine the price of a car, and appraisers will pay close attention to every detail in front of them.

Another feature of Goo Appraisal, which is the first of its kind in Taiwan's vehicle appraisal industry, is to use a "star rating" system of 1 to 5 stars to indicate the completeness of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The significance of such an appraisal to car dealers is not only to better understand the quality of the product, but also to restore the product to its most perfect state through beautification, repair, etc. to speed up sales based on existing problems with the appearance and interior. speed and increase the transaction rate.

In addition to finding the engine number and confirming that it has not been worn or altered, the surrounding beams must also be inspected to confirm whether the vehicle under inspection has been hit in the past.

A third-party impartial stance committed to information transparency

Goo Appraisal is a completely independent capital third party and is not affiliated with any domestic alliance or car dealer group. It authenticates used vehicles circulating on the market from an impartial and professional third-party standpoint and detailed testing standards, allowing "used car appraisal" to exempt "players" "Concurrently with the referee", consumers will not be at a loss because of the different appraisal information of each company.

Goo Appraisal insists on using an impartial third-party appraisal unit to set the benchmark for domestic used car appraisals, adhering to absolutely high standards, allowing appraisals to return to the purest "factual expression", revealing the true car condition to consumers, conveying correct information, and making used cars more accessible. Transactions are no longer reduced to mutual price-cutting competition, but reflect the value of vehicle items through fair and transparent appraisals, so that consumers can buy with peace of mind, and car dealers can also establish excellent goodwill, establishing a solid foundation for Taiwan's used car market. Buy a car with real peace of mind and a transparent transaction environment.

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