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Toyota GR, GR SPORT and GRMN are? A detailed introduction to sports car brands with motorsport DNA

table of contents
●Toyota sports car brand "GR"
●Modification specifications are divided into "GRMN", "GR" and "GR SPORT"
●Five representative models of GR brand
●What are the key points of GR modification?

Toyota sports car brand "GR"

GR Logo

"GR" is Toyota's "sports car brand" that utilizes the brand's know-how gained in racing activities and then uses exclusive tuning to improve vehicle performance.

The word "GR" comes from the racing department "TOYOTA GAZOO Racing", which has launched car models since 2017. Its predecessor was the "G's" brand.

In addition to sports cars, GR also transforms "urban commuter cars" into sporty designs and launches a variety of models. In other words, GR can meet both "daily use needs" and "driving pleasure".

Many people must have had the feeling when driving a family car that "although they want to enjoy an exciting driving experience, sports cars are still a bit convenient in terms of use...". At this time, GR, which can meet daily needs and enjoy driving pleasure, is an attractive option.

Modification specifications are divided into "GRMN", "GR" and "GR SPORT"

GR is divided into three brands: "GRMN", "GR" and "GR SPORT" according to the concept of modification and strengthening.

GRThe highest peak of the brand "GRMN"

MARK X GRMN (2019)

"GRMN" is a modified and enhanced brand developed in racing activities and is at the pinnacle of GR.

GRMN is taken from the prefix "GAZOO Racing tuned by Meister of Nürburgring". By the way, Nürburgring is a famous place for vehicle development and testing.

GRMN is a limited-edition model that adopts racing-like body rigidity, aerodynamic performance and a specially tuned power system. In the past, "86 GRMN (2016)" was launched in a limited edition of 100 units, and "MARK X GRMN (2019)" in a limited edition of 350 units. Both cars were so popular that they were sold out immediately.

"GR" that pursues orthodox driving performance

GR Supra GT4 EVO

"GR" is infused with GRMN essence. It is the main brand that demonstrates the driving performance and world view pursued by GR, and pursues the creation of "driving charm" through fine tuning.

The brand is divided into products such as "GR86", "GR Supra" and "GR Yaris", all of which are models that pursue orthodox driving performance. It is very suitable for consumers who "do not pursue the GRMN level, but pay attention to driving performance."

Experience the driving performance of the GR brand "GR SPORT"


"GR SPORT" is the entry-level model of the GR brand, launching various modified models with enhanced sports performance specifications.

Because it is an entry-level model, you can experience the "GR brand driving performance" at a price lower than "GRMN" and "GR".

It is built based on Aqua, Yaris Cross and Hilux models. It is convenient for daily use and can enjoy sporty driving performance. This is its major charm.

Five representative models of the GR brand

GRMN Yaris

GRMN Yaris

The compact body is equipped with an engine with a maximum output of 272PS/maximum torque of 370Nm, which further upgrades the performance of "GR Yaris".

In order to improve the rigidity of the car body, spot welding was performed at position 545 and the structural glue was extended by 12m. In addition, drive systems such as sparse-gear gearboxes and mechanical LSDs have also been strengthened.



The GR86 uses a horizontal and low body design and reduces the space behind the cabin to create a wide silhouette with a low center of gravity.

It is equipped with a 2.4L engine with a maximum output of 235PS and a maximum torque of 250Nm. It has the driving performance of a sports car that easily reaches the high speed range.

Focusing on sports performance, it brings a responsive and comfortable driving experience.

GR Corolla

GR Corolla

When the GR Corolla was first launched, it was set to be sold as a general model. Later, it was changed to a limited model due to production conditions.

Equipped with a powerful 1.6L engine, the maximum output can reach 304PS/the maximum torque can reach 370Nm. A three-outlet exhaust pipe with an exhaust pipe valve is used to reduce exhaust pressure while also having a silencing effect. It can still emit a powerful exhaust sound at high speeds.

By continuing the convenience of Corolla Sport, "convenience" and "driving performance" have been further evolved.



Aqua GR SPORT is based on commercially available Aqua. The "Functional Matrix Grill" design is used to create a wide model.

The wheel size has been upgraded to 17 inches, and the specially adjusted suspension system has an overall ride feel that is firm but very comfortable. The car can experience the driving performance that GR pursues.

The car has enhanced control responsiveness and accuracy, so it can drive comfortably whether in urban or suburban areas.

Yaris Cross GR SPORT

Yaris Cross GR SPORT

Yaris Cross GR SPORT launches regular engine models and gasoline-electric hybrid models.

Although it uses the same 18-inch wheels as the Z specification, the car is lowered by 10mm to improve sports performance and uses "FALKEN FK510 SUV" sports tires. The suspension and steering are also tuned for sporty performance.

Body reinforcement parts have been added to the center and rear of the underbody to improve body rigidity. It is a vehicle with light driving performance and excellent handling performance.

What is the focus of GR modification?

GR Corolla RZ forged aluminum rims

Although GR is a car for daily use, in order to provide car owners with an excellent driving experience, it has been adjusted in three major aspects: "driving configuration", "performance" and "design".

GR adopts supportive and non-fatiguing seats suitable for long-distance driving and sports driving, and a small-diameter steering wheel that provides immediate response to create a driving configuration.

In terms of performance, the suspension system is optimized on the basis of improving the rigidity of the car body, so that it can not only achieve agile driving performance, but also achieve both "security" and "driving pleasure". In addition to driving performance, the large-size tires that create a compact car silhouette are also a GR feature.

The exterior design is full of the unique neat beauty of a sports car, and the sporty design is not out of style. Coupled with the aerodynamic kit that pursues aerodynamics and cooling performance, you can feel the difference from ordinary cars at a glance.

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