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Toyota released the Prado successor car "Land Cruiser 250"! There is also a new Land Cruiser 70!

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●The "250 Series" that returned to the origin from "Land Cruiser Prado"
●Full update after 14 years! Evolution of "Land Cruiser 250"
●Toyota "Land Cruiser 70" revived in Japan!

The "250 Series" that returned to the origin from "Land Cruiser Prado"

From left: Land Cruiser 300, Land Cruiser 70 (prototype), Land Cruiser 250 (prototype)

On August 2, 2023, Toyota released the next-generation model "Land Cruiser 250", the successor to the "Land Cruiser Prado" SUV.

The Toyota Land Cruiser off-road vehicle was born under the name of Toyota BJ on August 1, 1951, and this year celebrates its 72nd anniversary. Toyota said that because of its very sturdy characteristics, the car is also known as "a vehicle that can return safely no matter where it goes." At present, a total of 11.3 million Land Cruisers have supported people's lives in more than 170 countries and regions.

Three series have been launched so far, namely the "300 Series" wagon, the "70 Series" with durability and off-road performance, and the "Prado" with excellent driving performance and comfort.

Toyota stated that in order to return the "Prado" that is going to the high-end route to the root of Land Cruiser's emphasis on practicality, it began to develop the "250 Series".

It is rumored that Land Cruiser 250 and Special Car First Edition are expected to be launched in Japan in early 2024. In addition, "Land Cruiser 70" will be reintroduced to Japan in the winter of 2023 and will continue to be sold.

Fully updated after 14 years! The evolution of "Land Cruiser 250"

Land Cruiser 250 (prototype)

The biggest features of the new generation of "Land Cruiser 250" are "replacing the platform to improve the basic performance of off-road vehicles", "various power systems that respond to the needs of the region and a friendly environment", and "integrating traditional, modern and reborn interior and exterior design".

The frame is the same as that of "Land Cruiser 300"! Body rigidity increased by 30%

Land Cruiser 250 (prototype)

The "New Land Cruiser 250" shares the GA-F chassis platform with the 300 Series, but the rigidity of the frame has increased by more than 50%. The cabin design focuses on strengthening rigidity and reducing weight, using ultra-high-strength steel plates and aluminum materials where appropriate, and increasing the spot welding range and the use of structural adhesives.

Through these designs, the rigidity of the body is increased by 30% when the body and frame are combined.

The suspension adopts front double A-arms, rear multi-link, and is also equipped with SDM (Stabilizer with Disconnection Mechanism), which is the first Toyota brand to adopt the switchable state of the front shock absorber. These changes greatly improve the tire's grounding performance on uneven roads.

Land Cruiser 250 (prototype)

In addition to improving the chassis, it is also equipped with an AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System) that automatically adjusts the damping force of the shock absorber according to the driving mode and road surface conditions, which not only improves the road adaptability when driving on non-paved roads, but also improves ride comfort. .

The new electric steering system is adopted, which can improve the drivability at low speeds with light steering, and can also reduce the instability of the steering wheel caused by bumps when driving on off-road roads.

Electric steering is also a necessary mechanism for lane cruise assist. While ensuring the robustness of the Land Cruiser, it also achieves easy-to-control and non-fatiguing steering operations.

Land Cruiser in the North American market adopts gasoline-electric hybrid engine for the first time

Land Cruiser 250 (prototype)

"Land Cruiser 250" has launched a total of 5 power specifications to meet the needs of various countries and regions.

The Middle East and Eastern European markets are set with a 2.4L gasoline turbo engine with a maximum output of 281PS; mass-produced cars in Japan and other countries are set with a 2.8L diesel turbo engine with a maximum output of 204PS and a 2.7L gasoline engine with 163PS.

In addition, the Land Cruiser series first 2.4L gasoline turbo oil-electric hybrid system with a combined output of 330PS is prepared for the North American and Chinese markets; the Australian and Western European markets will launch a 2.8L diesel turbo+ with 204PS in consideration of fuel consumption in urban traffic jams 48V system.

The car is equipped with the off-road driving assistance function "Multi-Terrain Select", which can select the driving mode from 6 modes such as "SAND (sand)" and "DEEP SNOW (deep snow road)" according to the road surface conditions. / High gear, engine, brake and suspension are under unified control to give full play to the best driving performance.

"Multi-Terrain Select" also has an "AUTO" mode, which can select the most suitable driving mode based on sensor information.

Stylish interior and exterior design and upgrades for convenience

Land Cruiser 250 (prototype)

Toyota stated that the keywords for the interior and exterior design of the Land Cruiser 250 are "Reliability", "Timeless", and "Professional".

The appearance maintains the horizontal profile of the Land Cruiser, and the height of the center of the hood is slightly lowered to ensure the visibility of the road ahead. The height of both ends of the vehicle is slightly higher, the purpose is to allow the driver to better grasp the width of the vehicle. The concave shape under the side of the car is a measure taken to avoid hitting rocks.

The headlight adopts an easy-to-replace structure. In addition to the three-eye reflector, it can also be replaced with a round headlight. The easily damaged front bumper has also been changed to a detachable panel for easy replacement.

Land Cruiser 250 (prototype)

The interior is also designed horizontally, which has the effect of safety and fatigue resistance required by off-road vehicles.

The waistline of the side windows is 30mm lower than in the past, and the height of the top of the instrument panel is also lowered according to the waistline to ensure a good front view. In order to make the switch buttons less confusing, the shape and operation method are specially changed according to various functions, so that the driver can operate without staring at the hand movements.

In addition to the knee pads to maintain the riding posture on off-road roads, the car also has a hand support plate in front of the central screen, so that the driver can operate the touch screen stably.

Land Cruiser 250 (prototype)

The central screen can be used as a multi-function display screen during off-road driving, and the "road surface perspective image" can be confirmed through the cameras around the front wheels. It is also equipped with Toyota's first "reversing road surface perspective image" that displays the surrounding rear wheels when reversing.

The central screen can also display information such as the operating status of various systems, the direction of the front wheels, the pedaling depth of the accelerator and brake, and an inclinometer.

●Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Prototype main information

[Total length]4,925mm (+100)

[Width]1,980mm (+95)

[Height]1,870mm (+20)

[Wheelbase]2,850mm (+60)

[Suspension System](Front) Double A-arm, (Rear) Multi-link

[Three off-road angles]

Approach angle 31° (±0)

Departure angle 23° (±0)

Passing angle 23° (±0)

※The value in () is the value compared with the past

Toyota "Land Cruiser 70" revived in Japan!

Land Cruiser 70 (prototype)

The Land Cruiser 70, known as the "Heavy-Duty model", is an off-road model with the theme of strength and toughness. Although it has been re-sold many times before, with the release of the Land Cruiser 250 this time, it is officially announced that it will return to Japan.

The Land Cruiser 70, which is expected to be launched in the winter of 2023, inherits the characteristics of this series and continues to evolve in line with the times.

Land Cruiser 70 (prototype)

The power specification has high power performance and low fuel consumption. The 1GD 2.8L diesel turbo engine known for its reliability is paired with a 6-speed AT, which not only improves output and torque, but also improves quietness.

The chassis continues the durable and reliable trapezoidal chassis, which not only maintains off-road driving performance, but also takes into account the comfort of driving on paved roads.

●Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Prototype main information

[Full Length × Width × Height]4,890mm × 1,870mm × 1,920mm


【Engine】1GD 2.8L diesel turbo engine

[Maximum output]150kW (204PS)

【Maximum torque】500N・m (50.9kgf・m)

[Transmission system]6 Super ECT (6-speed AT)

Original source:Toyota announces the new Land Cruiser 250, the successor to the Prado! Also the new “70”!
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