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Toyota "Yaris" series are all excellent students? Derivative models that increase sales

The "car sales ranking" that has repeatedly become a topic of discussion in reports does not refer to the specific sales of a single car model, but the sales of a series. It also includes derivative models.

However, "No. 1 sales in ○○!" is quite powerful publicity for car manufacturers, and it is also better for consumers to imagine what kind of car it is, so there are more and more such cases.

This time, we will introduce the Toyota Yaris series, which has improved its sales ranking and is relatively new among derivative models. Now, unlike Vitz at that time, there are more and more derivative models.

table of contents
●Yaris Cross (August 2020)
●GR Yaris (September 2020)
●GRMN Yaris (summer 2022)

Yaris Cross (August 2020)

After the "Vitz" era, the first derivative model in Japan is an SUV

Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid X(2WD)

In Japan, it has been sold under the name of "Vitz" for three consecutive generations. Toyota has not named derivative models such as FunCargo, Ractis, and Platz in Japan. It has been sold under the international car name "Yaris" since the fourth generation.

The first extension of the "Yaris" series is a popular SUV, and it is also the most popular small SUV, named Yaris Cross.

Unlike the prototype car, the power system does not have a 1L engine, but only a 1.5L engine and a gasoline-electric hybrid. While enlarging the body size, it has created the smallest coupe-style SUV in Toyota through large-size tires and the smallest ground clearance. Its sales are the highest in the series.

GR Yaris (September 2020)

Born for WRC, it is a high-performance car that looks like something else even though it bears the name of Yaris

Toyota GR Yaris RZ Performance Edition

Although it is called "Yaris", the name of the car starts with GR (Gazoo Racing). It is different from the Yaris and Yaris Cross produced by Toyota East Japan. It is produced by the "GR Factory", a dedicated production line for the GR series at the Toyota Motomachi Plant, and is a different entity.

Its chassis platform is composed of two different platforms, the front half adopts Yaris, and the second half adopts Corolla. Use wide-body design fenders, front and rear line protection bars and other accessories to create a fierce appearance, and it is a special rally car for WRC events.

It has a 1.6L 3-cylinder turbo high-performance 4WD model and a 1.5L 3-cylinder naturally aspirated FF model. The former is active in various races, and the latter is equipped with a 10-speed CVT model, which is completely different from Yaris.

GRMN Yaris (Summer 2022)

The ultimate GR Yaris is limited to 500 units, I wonder if there will be a second one?

Toyota GRMN Yaris track kit

Compared with increasing the number of sales, GR Yaris is more like an image signboard to promote sales. And its ultimate form was released at the Tokyo Modified Motor Show 2022, and it is planned to launch a limited number of 500 units in the summer of 2022.

In order to improve the rigidity of the car body and reduce the weight of the car body, the roof and engine cover are replaced with carbon fiber products, and the rear seat is removed to change to a two-seater specification. The maximum torque of the engine.

It can be called the ultimate version of GR Yaris. Since the third-generation Vitz GRMN has launched a 1.5L turbo GRMN turbo and a 1.8L supercharger GRMN, it is speculated that it may launch a second bomb.

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