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What is Koenigsegg "Dihedral Synchro Helix Actuation Doors" with a long official name?

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●The name is too long to make the media very troubled!
●From Sweden, the world's fastest supercar manufacturer
●「Dihedral Synchro Helix Actuation Doors」
● "Jesko", "Gemera" and other models are still on sale

The media is very troubled by the long name!

From this angle, you can see how the root of the door works, which opens outwards and then upwards (Koenigsegg Gemera)

Most people are more often exposed to the most common outward opening doors, the sliding doors that are also common on light vehicles and the folding doors of buses.

And the doors of the vehicle come in a variety of forms. There are top-opening doors commonly known as "gull-wing doors", and special-designed doors that are retracted into the side beams of the car. It is also used to show individuality and highlight the equipment of rare cars.

Among them is a door with a complex mechanical structure and a long name. This time, I will introduce the "Dihedral Synchro Helix Actuation Doors" of the Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg.

From Sweden, the world's fastest supercar manufacturer

Agera R (2011), Koenigsegg's first self-made engine and the first upgraded version of Agera ©slava296/

First of all, let’s introduce Koenigsegg. It is a supercar manufacturer established in Sweden in 1994. The company’s philosophy is to “create the world’s top supercar”. Like W Motors in Germany, it is a very good manufacturer.

Although in the early days Koenigsegg adopted the Ford V8 engine and then tuned it by itself, this is a decision-making policy that is often seen in start-up manufacturers "using engines produced by well-known companies with guaranteed performance". But since the Agera, which debuted in 2011, it has started to use its own R&D engine.

Although it is so exquisite in pursuit of the world's top, it is not easy to develop its own engine. Koenigsegg is very lucky to have an excellent sponsor who recognizes its high performance.

「Dihedral Synchro Helix Actuation Doors」

Agera successor Jesko.Looking at this picture and reading the name of the car door, I feel like I am doing some nirvana

After Koenigsegg started its business, it released the first-generation prototype car "CC" and began to use this unique mechanical door.

At first glance, it looks like a "guillotine door" that opens upwards with the center in front of the door as the axis, but in fact it is a mechanism that is fully opened outwards and then rotates upwards like a guillotine door.

Because there are many moving parts and most rely on electric control, the weight also increases. In addition, the door needs to keep a distance of about 70cm from obstacles such as walls, which is a very restrictive mechanical design.

The advantage of this kind of door is that it does not need to consider the influence of the door and the body when opening and closing, and there is more freedom in the design surface and hinge setting, which can avoid the impact of the aerodynamic performance caused by the door and the convenience of getting on and off the car.

"Dihedral Synchro Helix Actuation Doors" is a patented design by Koenigsegg, a special door that cannot be seen by other manufacturers.

"Jesko", "Gemera" and other models are still on sale

Gemera, known as "the world's fastest four-seater Mega-GT", also hopes that the name of Dihedral Synchro Helix Actuation Doors can be so concise

The original Koenigsegg supercar has the world's top acceleration performance and top speed, but the "Agera ONE:1" (2014) equipped with Koenigsegg's own design engine and carefully crafted can reach a maximum output (1MW=1,000kW=1,360 horsepower), and Called "Mega Car".

Koenigsegg seems to have taken a fancy to this title, calling the Agera successor Jesko (with 1625 horsepower when using ethanol blended fuel) as "Mega Car", and the 4-seater Gemera is also called "the world's first fastest four-seater Mega-GT".

In addition to being the world's top, Koenigsegg also likes to be crowned with titles. It also has a super long name on the door, which feels very proud. But it is also a manufacturer that has created the fastest record and has the strength to do so.

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