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❝ ABV Caribbean Restaurant and Tavern 2022 June Haiti Month Event New Dishes Announced ❞

Theme: French flair from the Caribbean

Haitian-style fried plum and red bean rice

The Republic of Haiti, located in eastern Mexico, was originally the residence of the Arawak Indians, but after the Spanish colonial rule, a large number of African blacks immigrated. After becoming a French colony in 1697, it has now become a French colony after its successful independence. A multi-characteristic country dominated by black Africans and combined with a deep French culture. In the daily diet of Haitians, in addition to seeing the original habits of African blacks, it is not difficult to find that there are many characteristics of French cuisine.

The new dish for this event will be the staple food closest to local life – Haitian-style fried plum blossom and red bean riceHaitian Griot and Pikliz Start talking. In Haiti, where agriculture is the mainstay, most farmers usually eat rice, beans and roots. Griot, a dish named after people with high status in traditional African tribes or extended families, also echoes the fact that meat is a special occasion and A holiday-only ingredient, it's cooked by marinating pork cubes in peppers, onions, orange juice, lime or lemon juice and frying, giving the pork a beautiful sauce color. At ABV, it is eaten with the local classic red bean rice, making it the most delicious local dish.

And another classic staple – Haitian red bean polenta with grilled sea bassHaitian Cornmeal with Red Beansis the Haitian delicacy selected by ABV as "the most healing". Based on cornmeal, a large amount of spices are added and mixed well, and the polenta is boiled with the most classic local staple, red beans. , paired with grilled fresh sea bass to create a dense, tender and rich taste for this dish, which is heart-warming and very delicious!

Haitian Red Bean Polenta with Grilled Sea Bass

When it comes to the local delicacies of Haiti, ABV has also recreated the traditional Sunday lunch of Haitians this time: traditional Haitian chicken stewed with cashew nutsHaitian Cashew Chicken! Fry the marinated and steamed chicken with the onions so that the surface of the chicken is golden brown. The cashews are boiled in water for a few minutes, then drained and added to the chicken. The crispy cashews pair with the tender texture of the chicken, making it a perfect Sunday first choice! Usually Haitians eat it with black rice with mushrooms or green peas, but at ABV it can also be paired with a cold craft beer as a side dish!

Haitian-Style Spicy Tomato Beef Balls

Plus this classic Haitian fried beefHaitian Fried Beef TassotIt is a traditional dish of Haiti. Tassot is a traditional Haitian cuisine prepared with lamb or beef as the main ingredient. Thick chunks of meat are usually marinated in a mixture of onion, orange and lemon juices and then deep-fried until they are crispy brown on the outside. Once you take a bite, the rich meaty aroma and thick meaty feel immediately explode in your mouth!Eat crispy fried beef with classic Haitian picklesPicklesEnjoyed together, refreshing and greasy, let people take one bite after another, it is worth tasting!

Classic Haitian Crispy Beef

Due to the influence of colonial culture, there is a historical context behind many Haitian dishes that is worth exploring. This Haitian beef and pumpkin soup“Soup joumou” Haitian Beef & Pumkin SoupIt can be said that it is a delicacy of mountains and seas, and it is not as good as the good taste of "freedom" contained in it! In the past, this pumpkin soup was specially cooked on New Year's Day and served by African slaves to white slave owners, and slaves were not allowed to enjoy it. Now everyone can enjoy this soup freely, symbolizing the Haiti was liberated from slavery and colonization.
In addition to squash, this soup also includes a variety of vegetables, beef, and seasonings such as thyme, parsley, and peppers. The abundance of materials seems to make people feel the joy of freedom in Haiti.

Haitian Beef Squash Soup

The new dishes of this event have collected 9 delicious dishes with quite Haitian characteristics. Maybe this country is not rich, and it has gone through untold hardships towards freedom, but they can definitely experience cultural diversity and enthusiasm from their dishes. , the sour and spicy Haitian-style spicy tomato beef balls, the sour and fragrant Haitian home-cooked Haitian-style beef stew with fresh vegetables, and the sweet and fluffy Haitian street with banana doughnuts.

Haitian Month Menu

ABV's Caribbean Quest activity collects classic delicacies full of local characteristics from all over the world. In addition to bringing the amazing taste buds to the table, we also hope to convey the wonderful humanities and history of each dish and each country to everyone through the cuisine. A customer, so that cooking is not just cooking, but can explore the world from food.

Haitian Month Menu

About|ABV Caribbean Restaurant

It is full of the European style of the colonial era. It uses seafood, meat, vegetables and a lot of spices flexibly. It matches the spicy flavor of various dishes and sauces. In addition to being appetizing, it also enhances the taste buds at different levels.

Collecting classic specialties from Central and South America/Latin America and the Caribbean islands, blending the cooking traces left by various ethnic groups in history, ABV uses ingredients and spices to create a new generation of gourmet United Nations!

In Taipei Zhongxiao Store, you can experience the cabin bar style decorated with various woods and watertight windows, like a large ship sailing on craft beer and various cuisines in various countries.

The design of Zhubei Guangming Store is inspired by the combination of Peruvian Lima-style balconies and Spanish colonial style. The beige-based walls and colorful paintings create a bar experience with a retro and neo-classical atmosphere.


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