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【100 Questions】Welcome to the scorching heat (middle)Cool and cool summer battle

One of the mandatory inspection items of the air-conditioning system: check the condition of the cold exhaust fins

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the author also learned that the life of the original cold exhaust of some models does not seem to be very good. After some vehicles have been used for about 5 to 6 years, the fins will begin to become brittle. The problem, especially for vehicles in areas near the sea or in industrial areas where the air contains salt or acidified gases, will occur faster. In severe cases, as shown in the picture, pressing the fins with your fingers will fix the problem. If the radiator is broken, if you use high-pressure water jet for cleaning, the fins of the entire cold radiator should be blown out, which will seriously affect the cooling capacity of the cold radiator. If the cold radiator is not replaced at this time, the compressor will be waiting for replacement.

To confirm this problem is very simple, just look through the holes of the front bumper air dam to see if the fins of the cold radiator are broken or not, or if the fins have not been broken but have begun to appear, it means that the cold radiator has been oxidized to very thin. It is recommended to replace the new product without spending more money to repair other parts. If you want to replace the radiator, you may consider a non-original refrigerating radiator. The quality of some refrigerating radiators is not worse than that of the original refrigerating radiator. In addition, after knowing the shortcomings of the original products, they will often carry out Improvement, and the price is also lower than the original cold row, it will be a solution that can be considered when repairing old cars.

The second item of the air-conditioning system must be checked: whether the amount of refrigerant is sufficient

The leakage of refrigerant makes the amount of refrigerant insufficient, which leads to the lack of air-conditioning, which is also a common air-conditioning problem in many cars. The reason why the refrigerant leaks is that the rubber O-ring in the air-conditioning joint loses its seal due to the end of its life. At this time, oil stains or a lot of oil stains will appear on the joints, which is not difficult to judge, and these pipeline joints will appear in the cold row, compressor, expansion valve, etc.

In addition, due to the low working temperature of the evaporator located under the center console of the passenger seat in the car, some models may have residual water in the pipeline in rare cases. Once the refrigerant encounters water, it will be converted into hydrochloric acid, and then rusted. Evaporator, the evaporating gas will be damaged after a long time, which will lead to the leakage of refrigerant. If the refrigerant leaks inside and outside the car, there will be a little garlic odor. In addition to making the air conditioner not cold, if it is inhaled into the human body, it will also have an impact on health. The solution It is to maintain the air-conditioning system regularly, and clean the acidified refrigerant and refrigeration oil in it and replace it with new ones.

In addition, in addition to the above problems that cause refrigerant leakage, the most commonly overlooked problem is the blockage of the expansion valve, which blocks the compressor but continues to push the refrigerant, which will cause the pressure in the high-pressure pipe to be too high. The system protects the life of the compressor. , the pressure relief valve inside the compressor will be opened, and the refrigerant will be released to the atmosphere. As long as it is discharged three more times, the refrigerant in the pipeline will be completely leaked, and the air-conditioning will not be cold. It is necessary to confirm whether the expansion valve is Blockage can be measured by a pressure gauge. If the high pressure is higher than 200psi, the low pressure is too low or even negative pressure, it can almost be confirmed that it is the problem of the expansion valve. However, this problem can only be found by a professional technician. Generally, car owners only need to remember to check the oil stains on the joints. Just change the refrigeration oil regularly.

The third item to check the air-conditioning system: confirm the operation status of the compressor

At present, about 80% of the compressors of the car are also equipped with an electromagnetic clutch. This part is responsible for switching the operation timing of the compressor. When the owner presses the A/C button in the car, the passengers in the car should hear a "coffee" sound. , the electromagnetic coil on the air-conditioning compressor will generate a magnetic attraction, so that the pulley and the compressor shaft will be linked, and the compressor will start to press the refrigerant, and then the air outlet in the car will start to blow cold air.

However, if the internal lubrication of the compressor is insufficient, or the pressure in the pipeline is too large due to poor refrigerant heat dissipation, the rotational resistance of the compressor will increase greatly, and the electromagnetic clutch will slip in severe cases, especially when the engine speed is relatively high, the clutch is engaged and slips. The problem will be more serious and high heat will be generated. Finally, the electromagnetic coil on the clutch will be damaged due to the high temperature. At this time, the compressor will not be able to operate, and the air conditioner will not be cold. The judgment method is very simple. If you press the A/C button, there is no If you hear a click in the engine room, or if there is no fluctuation in the engine speed, it means that the clutch pack is not engaged.

Faced with this problem, if the efficiency of the compressor itself is not bad, you can only replace the clutch pack instead of the entire compressor. However, you need to replace the refrigerant, refrigerating oil and check the heat dissipation efficiency of the cold exhaust, and observe whether the high pressure is still too high. Prevent the same problem from happening again and again.

The fourth item that must be checked in the air-conditioning system: Make good use of the air-conditioning circulating cleaning machine

If your car has not maintained the air-conditioning pipeline for more than 5 years and 100,000 kilometers, you may consider maintenance and replace the internal refrigeration oil, but how to change the refrigeration oil to be fast and effective? In the past, it was quite difficult to replace the refrigeration oil. It was necessary to disassemble the whole air-conditioning system, clean the old refrigeration oil with chemicals, and then assemble it back to the car one by one. The whole process takes about a day, which is not only time-consuming but also labor-intensive. Therefore, unless there is an opportunity to overhaul the air-conditioning system, it is impossible to update the internal refrigeration oil. However, in recent years, due to the rise of global environmental protection awareness, foreign countries have increased requirements for air-conditioning efficiency (fuel saving), and began to find ways to reduce the capacity of refrigerants used. (recycling and recycling), so the issue of air-conditioning maintenance, which was not taken seriously before, has gradually been paid attention to, creating a lot of business opportunities, and also prompting manufacturers to actively develop fully automated air-conditioning maintenance processors, making air-conditioning maintenance a very simple matter.

When performing air-conditioning maintenance, it is only necessary to connect the high and low pressure pipelines to the refrigerant pipes of the car, and then with the assistance of special equipment, all the old refrigeration oil and refrigerant can be updated in about an hour, so that the internal maintenance can be achieved. The effect is that the owner does not have to wait too long to complete the delivery of the car. At present, the completion price of this service is about 2,500 to 3,500 yuan, depending on the amount of cold coal.

Before cleaning the pipeline, first connect the high and low pressure pipelines, and use the high and low pressure gauge to confirm the health of the air-conditioning system again. For example, if the high pressure is too high, it means that the heat dissipation of the cold exhaust may be insufficient. , Once any abnormal problem is found, it will be repaired and eliminated first, and then the air-conditioning system will be cleaned and maintained.

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