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【2022 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance】Rally Running BullLamborghini Urus Performance

●Extensive use of carbon fiber composite materials

●Maximum output increased to 666hp

●Chassis control enhancement, new Rally mode

●Introduction time: 2022.Q4

●Domestic price: estimated from about 14 million yuan

Before the official announcement of the Pebble Beach event, the Urus Performante went to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which is quite a test of vehicle strength, hoping to show the strength of the vehicle with actual results. The route of each corner wrote an excellent score of 10:32.064, breaking the record of 10:49.902 written by itself in 2018, setting a new achievement in the mass-produced SUV category, and setting a new benchmark for the super SUV class. .

Strengthen the super running fighting style

Echoing Performante's super sports car genes, the new car adopts a purer and sharper hood and front design, showing the brand's consistent strong styling design. At the same time, the extensive use of carbon fiber composite materials makes it the model with the most carbon fiber kits in the class, such as the carbon fiber front bumper and rear splitter with more performance-oriented styling, and the new large-area air intake enhances engine cooling performance. Let this super SUV strengthen the already quite domineering appearance, but at the same time also have the neat feeling of sports car. The new aerodynamic design of the whole vehicle draws airflow to the front wheels, reducing the resistance of the air vents on both sides of the carbon fiber hood, helping to improve overall aerodynamic efficiency and helping the engine to dissipate heat. An additionally designed rear spoiler increases the rear downforce of the Urus Performante by 38%, the new front bumper, to the hood and roof, are now all replaced with carbon fiber versions, plus the cooperation with Akrapovič The titanium alloy sports car exhaust system, and the optional carbon fiber roof, the total vehicle weight has been reduced by 47 kg, and the overall aerodynamic efficiency has also increased by 8%.

The aerodynamic detail setting of the whole car has been strengthened, and the chassis has been adjusted to be more sporty to strengthen the physical control response.

Compared to the standard Urus, the overall body of the Urus Performante is lower and wider, reflecting a supercar-like fighting style. The suspension system is replaced by steel springs with electronically variable damping barrels, the chassis is lowered by 20mm, and the wheelbase is widened by 16mm; the low-profile streamlined body is increased by 25mm due to the more prominent front design, rear wing and rear bumper. Wider carbon fiber wheel arches feature new optional 23-inch or forged 22-inch lightweight wheels with titanium screws and specially developed Pirelli tires. In the future, it will provide the P Zero standard tires from Pirelli, or the P Zero Trofeo R semi-hot-melt tires that were used for the first time in Huracan Performance and set a new record in the Nurburgring. The tires are also optimized for such a large volume and load as the Urus. , It is also the first time to use such competitive hot tires in this type of super SUV class. Of course, this tire will also take into account different environments with high temperature and high grip or wet and slippery ground temperature, showing perfect daily versatility .

The cockpit features Nero Cosmus black Alcantara as standard, with new hexagonal seat stitching, and the "Performante trim" package includes more options including leather upholstery. For example, the doors, headliner, and seat backs are all standard, and of course can be further customized by Ad Personam, including interior matt carbon fiber details, red door handles and custom kicks with the Ad Personam logo plate. And this blackening design also uses black anodized aluminum alloy material. The matte black finish can be extended to other interior details, including controls such as the TAMBURO lever in the centre of the console, the start/stop button or the driving mode selector, if you opt for the Dark Package.

The cockpit emphasizes black matching, and a large number of black CNC aluminum alloy accessories are used.

Chassis electronic control synchronization upgrade

Urus Performante maintains the same power heart but the output is increased to 666hp, and the horsepower-to-weight ratio of 3.2kg/hp is currently the best in its class. Excellent braking ability makes the braking distance of 100 kilometers only 32.9 meters, and the performance strength is still strong. In addition, it maintains a strong torque plateau output of 86.7 kgm at 2300~4500rpm, enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.3 seconds, and the top speed is 306km/h. With the new differential design, the torque distribution is more optimized. The locking ratio is increased from 3.16 to 3.4 in the driving state, and from 3.02 to 3.33 when coasting. With the new version of the rear axle steering system to assist from the side, the handling strength must be stronger. .

In addition to the full optimization of the standard driving modes, the Urus Performante has added a Rally off-road mode, which brings this super SUV a different and extremely fun sportiness on the muddy track. The oversteer character of this mode is paired with anti-roll bars and steel spring suspension, which can be used for driving performance on rough roads. After the original factory was released, the general agent Jiayu Xingye also issued a press release saying that the new car is expected to arrive in Taiwan in the fourth quarter of this year, and orders will be opened from now on, and the estimated price will be around 14 million yuan.

All modes have been re-adjusted, and the new Rally mode is conducive to high-speed running in mud or sand road conditions.
In addition to the basic configuration, customized services can also be used to make personal embellishments.

Before the official transformation of the brand, the original factory launched the W16 Mistral, the ultimate sports car limited to 99 units, as the end of the fuel power. The pure open-top design is inspired by the Type 57 Roadster Grand Raid, which is also the first open-top work of the Chiron car series after the Veyron GranSport Vitesse. This convertible body is also redesigned for this car. The arc front block and side windows are connected to form a seamless integrated shape. The side air intakes and doors are also completely different from Chiron. The ram air intake effect of the air port at full speed will create a very violent inhalation sound, and the air intake volume at the limit state reaches 70,000 liters per minute, thereby achieving the same 1600 horsepower as the Chiron Super Sport and 163.1 kg of maximum horsepower. With maximum torque, it can accelerate to 100 in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 420 kilometers.

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