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【2022 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance】The racing life Porsche 911 GT3 RS

●Emphasis on strengthening the aerodynamic design and introducing the DRS variable tail

●Continuation of 4.0L six-cylinder configuration, maximum horsepower 525hp

●A large number of CFRP lightweight materials are used, with a net weight of 1450kg

●Introduction time: 2023.Q1

●Domestic price: from 12.23 million yuan

The 911 GT3 model belonging to the high-performance GT Series has been developed for more than 20 years. Every update makes everyone feel the unfathomable strength of Porsche in the development of sports cars. The new 992 generation fully brings this concept to a new high.

Strong Active Aerodynamics

After decades of continuous evolution, the 911 GT3 car series has already escaped the original logic of racing-style street cars, but has continued to develop into a new high point of street-style racing, such as the new 992 generation new cars. Look, you can feel its extremely competitive settings, and feel the difference between the real racing field and the production car. The 911 GT3 RS has greatly modified the configuration of the existing models with three sets of coolers, and changed to a single large water tank design. In addition, the newly developed air intake guide design at the front of the car and the variable guide fins hidden at the bottom of the car are canceled. The space function of the front luggage compartment is improved. This change also makes the side air intakes in your impression of me change from the original air intake and cooling requirements to active aerodynamics. With the combined force of all the aerodynamic packages, the new car can provide an ultra-high downforce of 409 kg at a speed of 200 km/h, which is more than twice that of the 991.2 generation model and three times that of the current 911 GT3. Under km/, it can provide up to 860 kg of downforce performance, but the high downforce setting also slightly reduces the top speed performance, and the new car has not exceeded the 300km/h mark.

The new car is built closer to the purebred racing mentality, and it is also significantly different from the street car style of the 718 GT4 RS.

The biggest feature of the 911 GT3 RS exterior is nothing more than the largest set of rear spoilers ever built. Adopting the Swan Neck connecting rod shape, the size is obviously much larger than the previous models and higher than the vehicle itself. In addition, the DRS variable drag reduction function is added for the first time. The upper fins can be operated through the hydraulic system and can be opened by the driver actively, but the high-speed heavy braking can be automatically adjusted to the maximum angle, providing air braking effect, and with the mechanical braking system, according to According to the original factory, the 200-0km/h deceleration distance can be further shortened by two meters, and the actual effect is self-evident.

The DRS variable tail function is officially added, which is beneficial to the dual effects of high-speed drag reduction and downforce improvement.

In addition, the 992 GT3 RS no longer adopts a large fixed front diverter like the previous models, but instead is equipped with a set of hidden front diverters that can guide the airflow up and down, so that the airflow under the vehicle can be changed more in line with the model; the front wheel arch guide The flow shape is taken from the classic Le Mans championship race car, the 911 GT1, to further reduce the airflow pressure on the wheel arches. The air in the front hatch is thrown out to the sides through the large opening and the fins similar to the rib shape, and the air flow is continuously diffused outwards with the roof fins, so that the upper air intake of the rear engine can obtain a lower intake air temperature. , and this is also an important source of the engine's 20-horsepower boost.

purebred racing life

The double A-arm link of the front axle of the 911 GT3 RS adopts an F1-like sheet structure and can generate 40 kg of downforce at the top speed, further maintaining the downforce of the front of the car to show its high-speed racing atmosphere. At the same time, the wheelbase of the 911 GT3 RS is 29mm wider than that of the 911 GT3, and the double A-arm links on the front axle are also lengthened, and the dynamic balance during high-speed braking is also considered in the chassis structure. The ball joints have been lowered, the rear axle multi-link has been retuned and the spring rates have been revised to maintain the balance of the car during deceleration. At the same time, in addition to changing the chassis suspension with three modes, in Track mode, the steering wheel knob can be used to adjust the damping on both sides of the four-wheel shock absorber, and the PTV electronic differential and ESC can independently adjust the intervention intensity.

The power system continues the 4.0-speed naturally aspirated engine, but the replacement of the new camshaft and upper seat increases the horsepower to 525 PS. The final transmission of the seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission system is larger than that of the 911 GT3 to improve the overall acceleration response, and the design of the independent bottom air intake can ensure the heat dissipation requirements of the transmission during intense driving. In addition, the front brake adopts a six-piston monobloc caliper with a 408mm disc; the rear axle maintains the 380mm disc and four-piston fixed brake caliper of the 911 GT3, and the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake System (PCCB) is optional. Discs will be upgraded to 410 mm, 390 mm. The tires are made of 20/21-inch aluminum alloy tires. When it comes to light weight, the new car uses a large number of CFRP body structures, including doors, front wings, roof, front hatch and racing seats, which are made of carbon fiber, making the new car's net weight only 1,450 kg.

The cabin of the new 911 GT3 RS remains in classic RS style, with the free optional Clubsport racing package including a steel roll cage, hand-held fire extinguisher and six-point seat belts for the driver's seat. The Weissach kit is treated with carbon fiber on the front cover, roof, mirror cover and part of the rear wing, and the anti-roll bars and rear connecting rods on the front/rear axles are all made of CFRP, which helps to improve the overall appearance. Dynamic handling response. The roll cage is also made of carbon fiber material, which saves six kilograms compared to the steel roll cage. The PDK shift paddles in the Weissach kit are introduced into the magnetic pole induction technology of the racing car, which can bring more accurate paddle induction force and the crisp shifting sound closest to the racing car. Coupled with the forged magnesium alloy wheels, it can also reduce the speed of the car. Weighs eight kilograms. Through these supporting upgrades, the current 911 GT3 RS has significantly widened the gap with previous models, showing various technical equipment that is closer to modern racing cars, and showing the side that is closest to regular GT3 racing cars.

A North American-exclusive RS 50th Anniversary Group was also launched at the Pebble Beach event.
The multi-function steering wheel can now directly adjust the status of the chassis, differential, etc., completely replicating the driving style of the racing car, allowing car owners to experience the flavor of modern racing cars.

The V12 Vantage hardtop model released earlier was originally expected to be the last appearance of the Vantage 12-cylinder special version, but the original factory has further oversized the V12 Vantage Roadster convertible model. The power system is also a 5.2-liter V12 turbocharged. The output of the engine reaches 700 hp/76.8 kg meters, and the weight of the 1855 kg vehicle is 60 kg higher than that of the Coupe, but it still has a top speed of 321km/h and 0-00 in 3.5 seconds. The whole car also adopts the same wide body, a full set of carbon fiber sheet parts and detailed aerodynamic kits as the Coupe, and can also be equipped with a rear spoiler to enjoy the same domineering style as the Coupe or retain the same efficient aerodynamics but more elegant. Look good, and appreciate the powerful sound of the original V12 engine that was meticulously set by the factory but retains its original character.

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