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【2022 Taiwan Car of the Years Awards Best Domestic Mid-Size Car~】Fulfilling all aspects of Ford Focus

●Model price: Four-door 1.5L Ti-VCT Dream: 709,000/ Four-door EcoBoost 182 LV2 Super Type: 799,000/ EcoBoost 182 17 SLA: 909,000/ Four-door ST-Line Lommel X: 948,000/ Five-door 1.5 L Ti-VCT True Type: 709,000/ Five-door EcoBoost LV2 Super Premium: 819,000/ Five-door ST-Line: 909,000/ Five-door ST-Line Lommel X: 948,000/ Active Lv2 Super Premium: 859,000 / Active Wayward Edition: 918,000

●Listing date February 2019

Since its launch in 2019, Ford Focus has always been enthusiastically supported by fans for its all-round performance that surpasses its competitors in the same class. The strong advantages have also made this mid-size benchmark car spanning RVs, hatchbacks and crossovers. It was affirmed by the "2021 Auto News Award" for the best domestic medium-sized car, and this year, as a seed player, he once again challenged the masters. As expected, he still occupies the commanding heights and once again won the "2022 Auto News Award" for the best domestic medium-sized car. .

Dynamic Design Charming

There are so many aspects to the Ford Focus to analyze the reasons for its success. From the outside, its dynamic and smooth shape creates a positive and sharp aura, coupled with the highly recognizable air intake dam design and the forward extending The line of the hood easily outlines the outline of the body with a strong running style, not only the five-door hatchback version, but also the four-door RV design is also beautiful, and even the cross-border version Active is also widely praised. The popularity of the market comes naturally.

The five-door version of Ford Focus emphasizes rich running patterns, showing infinite movement both in motion and in motion.
The cross-border version Active has the current Outdoor pedigree, showing a reckless and active style.

In the cockpit, the Ford Focus supported by the new C2 chassis has an advantage of 2,700mm wheelbase, which easily creates a spacious riding performance and rich storage functions. The flat rear seat floor makes the foot space more comfortable. The design aspect wins with delicate texture and strong technical style, SYNC® 3 entertainment communication integrated system (built-in Chinese voice control system), HUD intelligent head-up display, EPB button-type electronic handbrake and the only E-Shifter electronic knob gearshift in its class, Effectively reduces the number of control keys, coupled with the only 12.3-inch full-color LCD smart multi-function instrument panel with full-screen design in its class, 1920 x 720 pixel high-resolution image quality provides a clear and concise information interpretation interface for driving, and includes Apple CarPlay ® and Android Auto™ systems, including an 8-inch floating full-color LCD touch screen, Qi wireless charging stand, and B&O subwoofer surround sound system, together with the greatly enhanced cabin quietness project, have achieved a million-level achievement A rare and valuable driving atmosphere with both texture and technology.

The Active interior is matched with the exclusive dynamic blue brush-patterned interior panel, adding a technological texture to the simple luxury.
The only 12.3-inch full-color LCD smart multi-function instrument panel with full-screen design in its class, the 1920 x 720 pixel high-resolution image quality provides a clear and concise information interpretation interface for driving.

The pioneer of intelligent driving is safe and secure

Speaking of the current upsurge of Level 2 driver assistance systems, in Taiwan, it is driven by Ford Focus's Co-Pilot360 all-round intelligent driving technology assistance system. And the ACC Stop & Go full-speed cruise control system (with low-speed following), LCA Lane-Centering Assist, PCA Forward Collision Warning System (Pre -Collision Assist), AEB full-speed area auxiliary braking system (with pedestrian/vehicle/bicycle detection), ESA evasive steering assist system (Evasive Steering Assist) and TSR road sign recognition assist system and other complete technologies, both the driver and the passenger. You can enjoy a comprehensive smart safety technology experience. In addition, high-standard models also have built-in AFS headlights, active steering lighting assistance, dynamic multi-light lighting, automatic level adjustment, steering assistance lighting, and Glare Free smart lighting. The Dynamic LED intelligent dynamic lighting system, including anti-glare high beams, sequential direction lights and other functions, ensures clear driving vision at night without blind spots.

The Dynamic LED intelligent dynamic lighting system can provide six lighting modes, with more precise light distribution and lighting brightness, bringing a safe and smooth lighting experience for driving.
Co-Pilot360 all-round intelligent driving technology assistance system is equipped with iACC intelligent cruise control system, full speed cruise control system and LCA lane guidance assistance system, making the driving process safer and easier.

As for the passive safety part, the whole car series comes standard with 6 SRS auxiliary airbags and the well-known high-rigidity car body, which has passed the crash test certification of the German TÜV Rheinland Group (TÜV Rheinland). The data is nearly identical, of course ensuring the highest level of security.

Strong kinetic energy solid body

In terms of power, two power specifications are currently available depending on the model. Among them, the 1.5L Ti-VCT naturally aspirated dual variable valve timing gasoline engine is an inline three-cylinder aluminum alloy cylinder block design, with 123ps and 15.3kg- m peak output, mated to the SelectShift™ six-speed automatic transmission. The EcoBoost 182 turbocharged gasoline engine also uses an inline three-cylinder, but uses turbocharging technology to show strong explosive power. The 1.5L displacement can squeeze out a maximum horsepower of 182ps and a peak torque of 24.5kg-m. Together with the SelectShift™ eight The automatic manual transmission system and the VDE cylinder intermittent technology that can operate with two cylinders have created an excellent average fuel consumption performance of up to 17.6km/L.

As for the well-known control part, Ford's latest C2 platform also creates a rigid and light body structure, using up to 33% aerospace-grade boron steel and advanced high-rigidity steel, not only the weight of the body structure is reduced by 16kg, but also The anti-torsion strength of the car body is increased by 20%, and the suspension system is properly set. At the same time, it brings excellent dynamic driving performance and achieves excellent handling feel. It is the most fun-to-drive car in the price range.

The Focus ST-Line Lommel X is equipped with the ST Edition spinning lightweight performance frame developed by the performance team, bringing excellent body stability and precise steering just like the Focus ST.

Everyone can find a Focus for you

Talking about the biggest charm of Ford Focus, in addition to its handsome design, spacious and technologically advanced cockpit, all kinds of configurations, rich and powerful power, and the Co-Pilot360 all-round intelligent driving technology assistance system that conforms to the Level 2 autonomous driving standard, it is more important. It also fully meets the different needs of each consumer for a car, not only a stable and slender four-door saloon car, but also a dynamic and handsome five-door hatchback. The ethnic group's desire for outdoor life, considering that there is no competitor in the domestic car industry to be so comprehensive, it is no wonder that it has once again won the unanimous affirmation of many professional judges, and won the "2022 Auto News Award" for the best domestic medium-sized car.


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