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【2022 Taiwan Car of the Years Awards Best Imported Medium and Large Car~】Skoda Superb, the throne of large car

●2022 model price


Elite Edition TSI: 1.279 million / Sportline: 1.549 million / Honor Power Edition: 1.749 million

Superb Combi

1.5 TSI: 1.379 million / 2.0 TSI SportLine: 1.649 million / 2.0 TSI SportPlus 4×4: 1.779 million

●The launch date of the 2022 model is December 2021

The Skoda Superb, which won the "Best Imported Medium and Large Car in 2021" with a facelifted new car last year, won the jury's affirmation and favor again with its 2022-style model this year. , coupled with many active safety sub-main equipment comparable to the luxury class, it has won the honor of "2022 Best Imported Medium and Large Car", showing its strong product power.

Powerful or economical, with a wide choice of power and models

Skoda Superb still maintains six main arrangements in the 22-year-old vehicle compilation, including RVs and station wagons, which can provide a complete arrangement of three different grades. The 2.0TSI high-output four-cylinder turbo engine that starts from the elite version and even the top-level power honor version or Sportplus can provide 150hp, 190hp and a maximum power output of 280hp, and it also depends on the vehicle with different output models. Positioning provides the most suitable combination of equipment and unique functions. For example, the 1.5TSI engine is equipped with the unique ACT cylinder stop system, which can provide the best fuel consumption and efficiency control during stable driving. At the same time, the 280-horsepower models are also fully equipped with four-wheel drive systems and DCC electronic shock absorbers Equipped with solid driving skills and excellent performance data, you can enjoy 0~100km/h acceleration in 5.3 seconds at its price, and the price/performance ratio can be described as excellent value.

In addition to the excellent power, the perfect safety assistance also continues to enhance the value-added charm of the Superb. 9 airbags, full-speed ACC, lane deviation/maintenance, Front Assist rear approach warning system, and MKB secondary collision pre-brake system are all included. It is included in the standard equipment of the whole car series to meet the various auxiliary needs of users.

Matrix LED smart headlights illuminate all roads

With the evolution of European lighting technology, Superb leads its peers to use Matrix LED smart compound eye headlights, which were only used in luxury brand high-end cars in the past. The camera lens with Lane Assist and offset assist functions above the windshield is responsible for environmental detection. After accurately calculating the road conditions and vehicle conditions ahead, it adjusts the brightness of the LED unit with the shortest response time to ensure that the The best lighting effect for the driver, and the vehicle in front or oncoming vehicle will not be affected by glare. In addition, together with the corner lights and the front fog lights made of four LED lights, it can be used as a steering auxiliary lighting, and the brightness and angle of the light will also change when cornering, so that the driver can maintain absolute safety in the face of dark road conditions. Best field of view clarity.

In addition, the application of light group technology in the taillights is also very good. It also adopts LED light sources with high recognition, long life, shock resistance and durability, and can quickly adjust the brightness. The taillights on both sides are equipped with up to 64 LEDs. It can effectively improve the recognition, and at the same time, it can also provide car owners with a unique light show in the Leaving Home / Coming Home mode, and provide the dynamic series of direction lights, which also shows the unique luxury technology style of flagship cars.

Imported Matrix LED headlights for optimized lighting.

Wide-body cockpit, CNS 3.0 infotainment system is fully functional

Superb is an advanced subordinate. When the current car was launched, it took the lead in the market and set the size to 4,869mm x 1,864mm x 1,469mm. Coupled with a wheelbase as long as 2841mm and the advantage of being good at arranging the cabin space, it created a very spacious riding space. The high-quality materials such as leather or Alcantara and the thick seat design make the ride quality show the flagship level. The Skoda Superb has a generous luggage compartment capacity of 625 liters for RVs and 660 liters for station wagons. It is also equipped with a smart somatosensory electric tailgate system, which can be easily operated after daily shopping. At the same time, when opening the luggage compartment, the cover can be The tailgate retracts inwardly, making it easier to pick up items, and the station wagon version also has a multi-layered raised floor with a storage box for more convenient elastic storage.

In the cockpit that is almost as spacious as a large luxury RV, not only the gear seat and the center console are decorated with high-quality 3D decorative panels, but the 10-color optional interior ambient lights provided since the minor facelift add to the configuration of the vehicle. room texture. Not only that, the seats are also available in three different model grades, including comfortable and luxurious black leather seats, two-tone leather seats, or the sporty SportLine and top-spec SportPlus with black Alcantara leather and white stitching for exclusive sports cars. The seats, regardless of the double front seats, also have an eight-way electric adjustment function to ensure that both the driver and the occupants can feel pampered.

The cockpit of the SportLine is laid out with blood as the main tone, and the exclusive sports car seats with black Alcantara leather and white stitching bring strong visual tension.

The latest generation of CNS 3.0 third-generation infotainment system on the center console, in addition to the original satellite navigation, also has a real voice function that conforms to the Taiwan environment, and has designed a very complete guidance capability, and the guidance information can also be adjusted according to driving needs. In addition, the touch screen of the full traditional Chinese interface has been upgraded to 9.2 inches. With the gesture sliding control and the ability to customize the home page and my favorites, an intuitive operation interface similar to that of a smartphone is realized. In addition, the entire Skoda Superb car series All are equipped with digital instruments as standard, creating a fully digital cockpit environment.

A new 10-color cabin atmosphere light is added to give the cockpit a richer and more intimate mood.
The whole car is equipped with digital instruments as standard, with the latest CNS 3.0 third-generation infotainment system in the center console, creating a fully digital cockpit environment.

Under the conditions of complete power performance, cabin space and digital technology, Skoda Superb also won the unanimous applause of the "Automobile News Award" judges again, and the title of best imported medium and large car is well deserved.


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