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【2022 Taiwan Car Of The Years Awards Best Imported Mid-Size Car~】Skoda Octavia

●2022 model price


  1. TSI E-TEC: 103.9 /1.5 TSI E-TEC: 115.9 萬

Octavia Combi

1.0 TSI E-TEC: 113.9 /1.5 TSI E-TEC: 125.9 /2.0 TSI 4 × 4: 136.9 萬

●Listing date September 2021

Since its introduction in 1996, the first three generations of the Octavia have sold more than 7 million units worldwide. And in 2020, it achieved a dazzling achievement in which a single model accounted for more than a quarter of the total sales of the whole brand, which shows the importance of Octavia.

Škoda Taiwan officially introduced the new fourth-generation Octavia in September 2021, and combined models and powertrains into as many as five models, including the top-gauge 2.0 TSI 4X4 four-wheel drive model, with a wide range of options.

Strong and large space, no problem across grades

Skoda has always been known as a space magician, and using the high design variability of the modular chassis, it has gradually adjusted its own design methods from simply creating a space superior to its peers in the past, and has developed its own set of product logic. The length of the fourth-generation Octavia has increased to 4689mm, an increase of 19mm (Hatchback model) / 22mm (Combi model) compared to the previous generation; the same cabin width has been increased by 15mm, and through the 2686mm wheelbase, the rear seat knee The space is extended by 23 cm, and the spacious space is almost comparable to the level of general medium and large cars, but the moderate body size still maintains the convenience of daily commuting and mobility.

Not only is the passenger space excellent, but the storage space of the Octavia luggage compartment is also wonderful. The overall capacity has increased by 10 liters (hatchback model) and 30 liters (Combi model) compared with the previous generation, and the total capacity is as high as 600 liters (hatchback model). And the excellent performance of 640 liters (touring model) is no less than the brand flagship Superb, becoming the leader in its class. Especially on the touring model, the car owner can set the function of opening the first stage of the rear curtain synchronously with the tailgate through the large screen host, which is more conducive to daily storage of items; and can use the double floor to store small items or valuables. achieve the best privacy effect.

Light oil and electric assistance, showing high efficiency kinetic energy

The power options are also as rich as the cabin space. The fourth-generation Octavia provides consumers with a full range of power options. Consumers who demand daily practicality and economy can naturally give priority to two 1.0TSI and 1.5TSI engines with 48V E-Tec light gasoline system. The former has 110hp, 20.4 kgm maximum power output; 1.5 TSI has an exclusive ACT cylinder stop device, which not only provides 150hp and 25.5kgm maximum power output, but also provides the best engine operating efficiency in long-distance travel; as for the highest-end 2.0 TSI can be It exerts a performance of 190hp and 32.7kgm. Skoda adopts 48V light gasoline technology for the first time, and it is also the first to use this new-generation power technology that is helpful for energy saving and power, ahead of many other models of the same class. The advantage is that the 48V electric power assists the engine and provides additional kinetic energy assistance through the motor, which makes the acceleration feel improved and maintains the smoothness of the shift, thus allowing the Octavia 1.0TSI to create a super economical fuel consumption performance of 20.4km/l. In addition to the economical fuel consumption, the three power systems are matched with the efficient transmission of the DSG seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The 0~100km/h acceleration performance of the 1.0 TSI E-TEC can be completed in 10.5 seconds at the fastest; the 1.5 TSI E-TEC is more It has improved to 8.5 seconds, and the top gauge 2.0 TSI has the quasi-performance car data of 7.4 seconds. It shows the high efficiency performance of the three sets of power systems at all times. With the low wind resistance appearance of 0.24/0.26Cd of the whole car series, the power is more prominent. Advantage.

Octavia Combi is not only outstanding in the cabin space, but also the complete power matching highlights its high purchase value.

Not only is the power outstanding, the Octavia is currently the most digitally intelligent mid-size car. It is equipped with a 10.25-inch color digital instrument panel, providing four screen modes including basic, traditional, navigation, and road virtual reality display, which can be switched instantly, and the HUD head-up display provides a rich way to read driving information; the new car is equipped with a variety of ADAS as standard. The functional Travel Assist intelligent vehicle array assistance system not only can be easily started with one button, but also covers the most complete full-speed range ACC active speed control. It has the Stop And Go function from 0 to 210km/h, combined with Active Lane Assist active correction The lane departure and warning system forms the effect of semi-autonomous driving assistance. The new-generation Side Assist rear approach warning system also adds Exit Warning, which can detect approaching objects 35 meters behind the car, including bicycles, running pedestrians, etc., even if the vehicle is turned off within 3 minutes. It can be interpreted, and the occupants in the car who want to open the door will be warned with lights and sounds to avoid accidental injury.

Travel Assist driving assistance can be activated at the touch of a button, which is convenient and easy to operate.

Bright and beautiful inside and out

OCTAVIA inherits the previous dual-light group shape, but uses LED headlight groups to create dual-light areas in the form of light strips, and is equipped with Matrix LED smart compound eye headlight technology to perform various lighting switching through 48 LED light groups. This high-tech equipment is now available on this first-range model.

All headlights are equipped with Matrix LED light sets, and the detailed adjustment of up to 48 light sources can achieve very ideal illumination and shading effects.

The fourth-generation new car uses the Info Sense smart and intuitive digital cockpit. It has many high-tech equipment that was first equipped, and a large-scale tablet-style multimedia voice-controlled host. In addition to supporting gesture page change and touch, this time it has added a voice-activated function, just shout "" "Hello Skoda" can adjust the temperature in the car, navigate, turn on music, and many other functions through voice commands, allowing car owners to enjoy high technology and enhance the interesting use of human-car interaction. Of course, this 10-inch multimedia host is not only functional, but also can set various equipment in the car through the screen system, such as: turning on and adjusting the multi-mode LED ambient light in the surrounding cabin, and the door opening settings of the Keyless keyless remote control, etc. In addition, its full set of mainframes includes digital instruments, all with traditional Chinese interface, allowing consumers to easily read and enjoy using various functions. The overall comprehensive and balanced skills are well-deserved as the "2022 Best Imported Mid-Size Car" of the Auto News Award. !

The interior adopts a new V-shaped structure, and the large touch screen and the console with a combination of different materials are more eye-catching in terms of texture and design style.
The shift seat is changed to a small electronic wire-transmission module, which greatly helps the cabin control and detail texture.


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