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【Car Fan Club】As long as there is a change, you can participate in the 2022 Taiwan Car Change Culture Undifferentiated Car Gathering

Cooperation/Taiwan car change culture

This 2022 Taiwanese car-changing culture indiscriminate car gathering has entered the second session this year. Since it is an indiscriminate car gathering, it also means that any beautifully modified car can participate, and many car owners have carefully modified the scene. If you love cars, let the author introduce the modified cars that appeared in the venue!

Preparing for half-year car gathering activities

On-site display of many beautiful cars

This 2022 indiscriminate car gathering organized by "Taiwan Car Change Culture", according to the organizer, this year's car gathering is the second, and the event has been planned since the beginning of the year. Fortunately, it was not postponed due to the epidemic. This will give everyone more time to prepare. Among them, the most eye-catching domestic modified car part, the organizer specially selected more than 100 vehicles from more than 200 various modified cars to enter the exhibition. Each exhibiting car has a certain degree of modification, and various styles and styles There are trends. Although the event venue is the parking lot of Changhua Yuanlin Open-Air Night Market, the outdoor temperature on that day was as high as 36 degrees, but it did not affect the atmosphere of the on-site event. Instead, it attracted many car fans and friends to buy tickets to visit the venue, making the entire venue very lively.

There are quite a variety of car models on the scene that day. In addition to the common Japanese car series such as Honda, Toyota and Nissan, there are also Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other car models. Each car has undergone different degrees of modification, especially the most Air-pressure wide-body cars, which are easy to become the focus of attention, can be seen everywhere, making the whole party a modified car show. Due to the limited space, the author can only pick out the most classic car models to introduce. Excuse me, let's take a look at what beautiful cars showed up that day.

Toyota/Lexus models

As the best-selling car brand in China, Toyota has always been an unpopular modified car in the past. However, this situation has changed significantly in recent years. There were many Toyota/Lexus cars that had been modified to look good. Among them, the CH-R and IS cars are the most popular, and the momentum of each car is quite high, allowing people to see the different appearances of Toyota cars.

Honda models

The Honda car series has always been one of the main exhibitors in the car gathering event. In addition to the well-known models such as Civic EF and EG/EK, the car models that appeared on the day include Integra DC2, Civic EP3 and S2000. The car appeared, so Honda fans feasted.

Nissan/Ford/Mazda models

The representatives of the modified cars in the Nissan car series are mainly Tiida, and almost all of them have obvious modifications, making them very good modified demonstration cars. In addition, there are also several works from the Ford and Mazda camps on display. Let's take a look at those beautiful remodeling works.

Subaru car models

In this year's Subaru lineup, WRX/Levorg is the main protagonist of the exhibition.

Mitsubishi/European performance car

There are many Mitsubishi Fortis modified cars, and one of them is more beautiful than the other. In addition, there are many leading European performance cars on display. The space is limited, so the author will group them together.


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