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【Car Market Analysis】Buying gas is completely different from delivering a carStop falling and rebounding? See you soon!

The HR-V's performance was a big break. With only 1.5L natural intake power, the listing result (1401 units) that made the market dumbfounded in July was still less than half of the legendary Corolla Cross (4064 units). , became the biggest contributor to Taiwan's Honda taking the third place in the whole market.
Comparison of the number of vehicles listed in the total domestic market from 2021 to 2022 (unit: vehicle)
※The data in the summary table is subject to the number of new car licenses inquired by the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications.

According to statistics, a total of 38,192 vehicles were listed in the domestic new car market in July this year, an increase of 17% over June and a 3% increase over the same period last year. The domestic and imported vehicles were 23,303 and 14,889 respectively, and the domestic-import ratio was 61%. : 39%, accumulatively 241,349 new cars were listed from January to July, 7.1% less than the same period last year, domestic and imported cars were 138,824 and 102,525 respectively, and the domestic-import ratio was 57.5%: 42.5%.

Many factors cross influence the market share of each brand is changing

With the gradual cooling of the Omicron epidemic, the sales of new cars gradually recovered in July this year. However, it can be seen that the growth rate of the number of imported cars is significantly lower than that of domestic cars. Imported cars only increased by 2.7% compared with June. The number of listed vehicles is 6,755, and the total market share has hit a new low record in 2022, only 17.7%. On average, there are more than 5.64 new listed vehicles, and only one is a high-end car. The proportion of high-end cars in recent years has remained stable at more than 1/5. Not the same, it is generally believed that the continuous shortage of raw materials and components is due to the fact that the Ukrainian-Russian war has not ended. Although Europe, the United States, Japan and other places have reduced control over the Omicron epidemic due to their demands for economic development, but because of the rise of Omocron 4.0/5.0 in Europe and the United States, and the continued increase in Omicron 2.75 in Asia and other places, although everyone hopes that economic activities will gradually return to normal, The speed of virus mutation and spread is unpredictable, so there are problems in the supply of components, chips, and complete vehicles. In addition, there are at least 500 merchant ships blocking ports or queuing up on average every day around the world. Even if the Ukrainian-Russian war ends in a short period of time, there are still many naked eyes Unseen force majeure factors continue to affect the domestic auto market.

In July this year, there is still only one imported car in the top ten best-selling car series, the RAV4. Although it is slightly warmer than the abnormal performance of only three digits in June, it not only halved, but also fell 55.1% compared with last year. Hetai announced earlier that the best-selling Lexus model may be in short supply. In addition, July is not the month when Tesla arrives in Hong Kong. Apart from the RAV4, the most surprising thing is that the new generation HR-V is on the list for the first time. And it is also the Top 4, the runner-up of domestic small SUVs, and the runner-up of domestic SUVs. In addition, CR-V (1167 units) is still the champion of domestic medium and large SUVs and the champion of medium and large SUVs of general brands in the market, while Fit is only listed. 366 vehicles, it can be seen that the Pingtung plant makes way for HR-V production capacity; although it is determined that the HR-V e:HEV gasoline-electric version cannot be introduced this year, but only with Downsizing gasoline 1.5L power to support the overall situation, it can be To hand in such a transcript in July is really enviable.

Although the RAV4 is still on the top ten best-selling list due to the lack of cars, it is fortunate to hold the thousand-unit threshold (1062 units), but it also rarely falls to the Top 9.
The domestic mid-to-large SUV overlord CR-V, even though the major facelift has been revealed, its listing in July still increased by 4.6% compared with 6. The cumulative 8.5% decline from January to July compared to last year is really rare. After all, opponents are always watching. The picture shows the 2023 U.S. standard brand new and overhauled style).
Zhonghua Automobile is actively deploying MG, and HS even shouted that the full-equipped gasoline car has a market price of less than 950,000, and even demanded that the budget of imported small SUVs can be upgraded to the top-end mid-size luxury, and they are all pure passenger cars. The SUV class must be murderous.

Taiwan's Honda old god is dumbfounded at the competition?

It is said that in 2022, Taiwan's Honda will easily win the third place in the total market (2946 vehicles) by relying on the domestic car "Tripod" (I am not talking about the election...), it is not true at all to say that the old god is there. In addition, the cumulative number of vehicles from January to July was 16,318, which also won the third place in the total market year (second only to Hetai and Zhonghua). Although the closure of the Odyssey Asia-Pacific version of the seven-seater MPV champion at the beginning of the year has brought Taiwan's Honda back to its status as a purely domestic automaker, it can also be seen that the changes in the strategy with insight a few years ago have worked: one is SUV-based, and the other is It is mainly made of domestic cars (do you think there is a similar one...), although the scale is not as large as other competitors, the price has always been relatively high in the same industry, after cutting off inappropriate products, focus on core products , The spirit of Honda's technical research has never fallen, and the thinking of appealing to the consumer with its essence and design has not changed, which may not even be comparable to the market leader.

Furthermore, although Fit was listed in July with less than 400, it can be found from January to July that the proportion of e:HEV gasoline and electric vehicles has reached a high proportion of 69.64%, which even Hetai cannot catch up. It was announced in August that the Fit e:HEV would increase by 20,000 yuan. Although the price of new cars has also increased recently, the success of the first domestic e:HEV operation shows that as long as Taiwan Honda can successfully introduce ALl New The production and sales of the HR-V e:HEV gasoline-electric version is believed to enable other domestic and imported competitors in the market to enter into full preparations.

In addition, if you add up the listing data of domestic small SUVs in July, you will find that among the 9,998 new vehicles listed in the month, including Corolla Cross (4,064), HR-V (1,401), Kicks (1,297), Venue (263) Vehicles) accounted for 70.2% of the total, and the total of the four models reached 34,246 from January to July, which not only accounted for the highest proportion (62.2%) of domestic sports SUVs, but also surpassed all domestically produced vehicles except for The performance of the class other than SUV.

Top 10 best-selling car series in the total market in July 2022
In July, Corolla Cross was listed and returned to the 4000 camp. With everyone lacking cars and materials, and the constant changes in buying sentiment caused by the epidemic, its performance was as hot as this summer's sweltering heat.
Among the top ten best-selling car series, the only one that has declined compared with the listing in June is Ford Focus, but the cumulative growth rate from January to July last year only lost to the national small car (Yaris). Corolla Altis (+1.6%).
The CMC Veryca Lingli family still listed 1,522 vehicles in July. Not only was it the runner-up in July's best-sellers, of which 1,061 vehicles were listed for cargo cards, and it was a narrow victory over Towm Ace's 1,023 vehicles.
The number of top 20 car manufacturers listed in July 2022
Ranking of the number of domestic passenger cars listed in July 2022
Ranking of the number of imported passenger cars listed in July 2022
510 new CX-30 vehicles were listed in the month. Becoming the most eye-catching leader of Mazda in Taiwan, it is obvious that the trend of increasing the proportion of SUV miniaturization is gradually popularized.
Even though the New Year's Eve has not yet arrived in Hong Kong, 541 Lexus UX, whose products have entered the mature stage, are still listed, which shows that the miniaturization of LSUV is also amazing in the high-end car world.
In July, the market-wide MPV listing champion was actually Sienna (312 units), and Hetai (274 units) was finally proud of the combined profits of household and commercial vehicles.
The FUCHS T6.1 family listed 127 new vehicles in July, and the flagship nine-seater Crafter also reached 9, bringing the total number of new brands listed in the month to 220. It is obvious that the demand for international travel has increased significantly after the epidemic, and the passenger car market has shown steady growth recently. situation.
Number of listings of Top 15 imported passenger car brands in July 2022
Number of listings of Top 8 premium car brands in July 2022

Tesla's absence from traditional car factories sharpens knives

In July, when Tesla did not arrive in Hong Kong again, in addition to the gradual improvement of various facilities by various systems and equipment manufacturers in the environment, at the end of March, after the National Development Council of the Executive Yuan announced the "2050 Net-Zero Emissions Overall Path", adding The specifications of the public charging piles were finally finalized before the launch. In addition to the market leader Tesla, which was still listed on the throne from January to July, other brands have successively announced and received orders for new electric vehicles since last year. After all, in a field that is completely different from traditional fuel vehicles, in addition to the desire of the government, it is hoped that Taiwan will use ICT to combine the automotive and electrical industry to sweep away the haze that has been difficult to become a major industry and economy in the field of fuel vehicles over the past hundred years. Of course, car brands will not let it go. The situation of blooming flowers this year also presents a different scene from the past. Especially in the second half of July, in addition to the gradual cooling of the epidemic in major auto industry countries, in addition to accumulating experience in the past three years, At least it is slowly recovering. If you focus on the "non-Tesla camp", it is not difficult to find that the situation where all the high-end brands are leading the way has undergone unexpected changes.

First of all, when only one pure electric car Tesla Model 3 was listed, the single-month listing champion immediately gave up, but it was actually the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which had stopped taking orders. EV6 also won Top 4 with 25 vehicles (a total of 110 vehicles listed in the group). In the first half of the year, BMW, which had a sudden emergence of new cars due to its arrival in Hong Kong, listed a total of 51 new cars with iX and i4; as for the Volkswagen Group, which was quite sturdy in previous years, Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo listed a total of 71 new cars, plus Audi electric car family. A total of 10 vehicles were listed, which is equivalent to a total of 81 vehicles listed by members of the Volkswagen Group. Hyundai-Kia is so far equal to the double champion of non-premium brand electric vehicles in a single month and from January to July (240 units), which will certainly attract the attention of competitors.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 launched 85 new vehicles in July, winning the first EV single-vehicle championship and setting a record for a non-premium brand.

As for Toyota/Lexus, the leader in the domestic market, although the bZ4X claimed to have broken records shortly after the release of the bZ4X, the original factory issued a global recall on June 23. In addition to ordering all sales markets around the world to stop delivering cars, it even notified car owners. Don't open it, in the largest single market for receiving orders - the United States, it has even adopted a "repurchase lemon cart" method with a super move. However, according to the Defect Information Report released by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), the first case discovered in the world appeared in Taiwan as early as May. The order-taking action for the twin car Subaru Solterra, although "the hub bolts may be loosened after being used in severe driving conditions, which may affect driving safety." According to Akio Toyoda, the head of the electric new car group, after attending the US Congressional hearing in person in 2010, he has made a big plunge into the field of electric vehicles. Don't forget that it was exposed in early March. The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism found that Hino, a commercial vehicle brand of the same group, was involved in a scandal of emissions and fuel consumption fraud. For the Toyota Group, which was originally considered to want to make a big splash in the field of electric vehicles, it will also be in the second half of the year. The Lexus RZ450e is planned to be released in Taiwan, as a big step to challenge other premium brands. It is still waiting to be seen whether it will be frustrated or delayed.

It can only be said that the electric vehicle boom ignited by the madman Elon Musk has not only subverted the tradition and ecology of the automobile industry for more than 100 years, but also is full of many variables in order to catch up with the factories. Almost three years later, even the new commander of the command center has already issued a notice that BA.5 is already sweeping overseas, and it is very likely that it will be maddening in the mainland as soon as mid-September; and Shanghai, which has just been unblocked, is only ready to let the world go. The auto supply chain has recovered, and now there is a dilemma of successive power shortages in China. It can only be said that the only confirmation is that the lack of cars caused by lack of electricity and materials may not be significantly improved in the short term.

Ranking of electric vehicle listings in July 2022
The number of ultra-luxury and rare car models listed in July 2022
Camper King California still has 44 vehicles listed in July, and there is a continuous shortage of cars. No wonder Taiwan Mercedes wants to announce that MarcoPolo will start taking orders (3 vehicles listed in July).
Although the epidemic has slowed down, the purchase of supercars is still high. In July, there were 5 new cars listed on the Ferrari SF90.
In the ultra-luxury LSUV market, as long as the vehicle can be delivered, none of them performs badly. Even the Lamborghini Urus has listed 13 new vehicles in one month.


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