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【Collective Evaluation】Named ArrayHonda HR-V vs. Toyota Corolla Cross (Part 2)

Part.3 Power Control

Pursue a balance between comfort and stability

Small and medium-sized crossover SUVs can become a popular segment in the market. A big reason is that they benefit from the smart body size that is very suitable for urban mobility. The performance level of dynamic response and handling will directly affect the market. The degree of freedom of running through the regional road and the mountain road, and these two cars do have above-standard performance.

Honda HR-V

Smooth power delivery, Honda-style handling

The new HR-V replaces the previous 1.8-liter straight-four SOHC i-VTEC engine with a 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine, matched with a CVT stepless gearbox, with a maximum power output of 121hp and 14.8kgm, which is lower than the previous 143hp and 17.5kgm. A lot of repairs, but the average fuel consumption has also increased from 14.5km/L to 17km/L. In actual driving, the acceleration force at the start is not as strong as before, but it is still light, and the performance at medium and low speeds on ordinary urban roads is also quite smooth, without heavy drag or powerlessness. In addition, it is also suitable for CVT gearbox and The final transmission ratio has been adjusted, and the output performance of the engine in the common range of 1500~3000rpm has also been strengthened, so the overall acceleration performance can be regarded as brisk, and the acceleration force in the middle and rear sections is also sufficient for use. It is still necessary to pass through the S gear to obtain a more immediate and powerful acceleration power.

The performance of the new HR-V in terms of chassis handling is still good, with Honda's consistent handling style and level. Although the suspension is more comfortable, the flexible damping coefficient and 215/60R17 tire size can be said to achieve an excellent balance between comfort and stability, especially in the middle and rear of the suspension. Even when entering corners at high speed, body roll and center of gravity transfer can be controlled within a reasonable range, coupled with precise head pointing and excellent rear wheel tracking performance, giving people quite high driving confidence. Therefore, although there is no exciting dynamic performance, it can still bring a little driving pleasure to the driver.

Under the condition of lower power output, the starting acceleration is fairly light, and the cruising in the low-speed range in the urban area is also quite smooth and smooth, but high-speed overtaking or heavy-duty mountain roads still have to rely on the S gear to increase the speed to obtain enough speed. Accelerate thrust.
The chassis suspension settings fully take into account the comfort and handling needs, and the balanced and smooth driving experience shows the consistent high level of Honda.
The previous 1.8-liter SOHC engine configuration was cancelled, and a 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC naturally aspirated gasoline engine was replaced with 121hp, 14.8kgm maximum horsepower and torque output. Figure 25 = After the optimization and adjustment of the CVT gearbox, the average fuel consumption has been greatly improved from the previous 14.5km/L to 17km/L.
After the optimization and adjustment of the CVT gearbox, the average fuel consumption has been greatly improved from the previous 14.5km/L to 17km/L.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Comfortable and stable handling

The 1.8-liter gasoline model tested has a maximum power output of 140hp and 17.5kgm. It is equipped with the Super CVT-i continuously variable transmission system, which can provide a very brisk and smooth start-up acceleration response, which is very suitable for stop-and-go road conditions. Generally, it is enough for daily commuting or family outing. Especially when you continuously step on the accelerator deeply, you will also use the simulated shift response to avoid the noise caused by being fixed in the high-speed range, but it is limited by the setting of NA and the higher The heavy load of the car, the acceleration response at the top or high speed will be much milder, and although the acceleration thrust obtained by the big-footed accelerator is not enthusiastic, the smooth, linear and sprinting acceleration force is still good for people to stay. impression.

As for the suspension setting, it is a clear and comfortable orientation. When pressing over uneven roads, potholes, manhole covers or bridge expansion joints, the chassis suspension system can effectively absorb crushing shocks and restrain shaking, so that the occupants in the car can keep a good Multiplyability. The Corolla Cross does have very good body rigidity under the TNGA chassis structure, and the solidity of the chassis is also quite good. In addition, the steering response of the steering wheel is also clear and neat, and the clarity of the road feeling feedback is not bad. Therefore, the whole body dynamics and The handling performance is flexible and stable, and the handling is not sacrificed due to the special emphasis on comfort, but it is important to note that if you enter the corner in an aggressive way, the phenomenon of unstable pushing will still occur. , but overall the car's handling is above the level of performance.

short comment

The HR-V and Corolla Cross, the two domestic models, are closer to the standard SUV style in overall setting, but the relatively compact body size retains a wider field of vision than ordinary sedans, but it is not as easy as a traditional SUV. Shaking my head, the road texture and driving experience of the two cars are very standard, but if we really want to distinguish the difference, we can only say that the Corolla Cross equipped with the 1.8-liter engine is indeed more popular and dominant in terms of power output.

Corolla Cross maintains Toyota's usual easy and easy-to-use driving experience, whether it is a brisk start-up acceleration or a vigorous acceleration after pressing the accelerator hard, it can meet the driver's expectations.
Under the TNGA chassis structure, coupled with the specially designed torsion bar type trailing arm rear suspension, the Corolla Cross can take into account both ride comfort and flexible and stable handling performance.
Although the book data of the 1.8-liter straight-four naturally aspirated gasoline engine code-named 2ZR-FE is average, its running refinement and linear power response are above the standard.
The adjustment of the Super CVT-i continuously variable transmission is quite clever, the response is quick and sensitive, and the power transmission connection is very smooth and linear.


Part 4. Conclusion report

Brand preferences and selling points

Judging from the current domestic auto market, there are countless small and medium-sized crossover SUVs with prices ranging from more than 700,000 yuan to one million yuan, including the new generation HR-V, Corolla Cross, Kicks, Kona, Stonic, Juke, Vitara, Kamiq, T-Cross, CX-30 and XV, etc., can be described as a hundred schools of thought contending and competing for beauty. Not only does it truly reflect the high popularity of this class, but also their unique and attractive product features attract consumers with different preferences. come. This time, the two main protagonists, HR-V and Corolla Cross, are believed to be able to meet the daily use needs of most people, regardless of body size, space performance, richness of equipment, safety specifications, and the entire power control performance. Which car is the main owner, I believe that it will not disappoint people and regret it.

In addition to the blessing of the Honda brand, the new HR-V also exudes charming charm with its dynamic and fashionable appearance; in addition, the practical large space and rich seat changing functions are also one of the selling points. The upgrade of the equipment is also quite impressive, especially the introduction of a full set of Honda Sensing and the standard configuration of the whole car series, which shows sincerity and improves the competitiveness of HR-V a lot. As for the replacement of the new 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine, although the displacement and power output have been reduced, it is generally sufficient for daily commuting or travel use, and the average fuel consumption has also increased from 14.5km/L to 17km/L, coupled with the Honda-style road feel and handling, it is still a high-level performance in terms of dynamic performance.

The Corolla Cross still follows a route that meets the needs of most consumers, so it is deeply loved by the people. Apart from the halo blessing of the brand and high availability rate, the performance of all parts of the car is quite balanced and excellent, not only the appearance The shape is pleasing, and its size setting and large space performance are quite in line with the needs of small families. Although the interior equipment of the gasoline prestige version is slightly less abundant than that of the HR-V, it is already a standard performance, especially the sincerity that the whole car series is equipped with TSS 2.0 safety technology as standard. The performance of the material space is quite outstanding, and even the performance in the power and driving dynamics is quite good. I believe that the above characteristics will make the Corolla Cross a consumer who wants to buy a small and medium-sized CUV. It is difficult to refuse it, and has It's why and why.

editorial view

Judging from the sales volume of Corolla Cross in the past 1 or 2 years, its product strength and charm need not be repeated. Personally, HR-V, which I have always loved, lacked ADAS technology in the past. Even though it has a very good product intrinsic strength, it has indeed struggled to survive under the siege of many powerful opponents. However, in this major facelift, in addition to retaining the advantages and characteristics of the original products, great efforts have been made in equipment, especially the introduction of the standard Level 2 Honda Sensing system, which can be said to make up for the shortcomings of ADAS in the past. It does greatly increase the overall combat power and market competitiveness of the product. However, it is very realistic and cruel that even if the HR-V becomes so strong, it will still be more difficult to shake the impregnable champion dominance of the Corolla Cross.

Honda HR-V vs. Toyota Corolla Cross Specifications Table


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