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【Collective evaluation】The battle of imported mid-size SUVs from Europe, Japan and Korea (Part 1) Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD X Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4WD X Mazda CX-5 25T 2WD Sport Edition X Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI English version

This new generation of Kia Sportage entered the market with greatly improved product strength, and it has indeed become a shock in the market at this level. From the first month of its launch in June, it exceeded 1,500 orders, and it exceeded 2,000 orders in July. In the case of hot sale, you can spy on its strong product strength. In addition, the imported mid-size SUV models of the same level with strong sales, including Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, Skoda Kodiaq and VW Tiguan in this price range, also had to devise strategies to launch a counterattack to defend their own territory. It also created the drama of this "Battle of European, Japanese, and Korean Imported Medium SUVs". After all, although Sportage is a powerful role, the combat power of other opponents is not to be provoked. It is necessary to let everyone know who is stronger and who is weaker. , which car is most suitable for you, so you can have a reference when buying a car.

However, it should be noted that there are Kodiaq and Tiguan in the mainstream representative models of the European series. However, since the Kodiaq is the only 5+2 seven-seater setting at this price, the product is more unique, so I finally chose this car to join the group. The battle situation of the competition between Europe, Japan and South Korea. In addition, due to the problem of vehicle scheduling, the Kodiaq to be filmed is the RS performance version, but the 1.5 TSI luxury elite version with a price of 1.469 million yuan will be introduced later.

Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD

●Suggested selling price 1.359 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption: 13.0km/L

〇 Avant-garde technology modeling, high-quality interior layout

X digital instrument is still not Chinese culture

Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4WD

●Suggested price of 1.37 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption: 20.1km/L

〇Excellent overall balance performance

X screen touch sensitivity can be further improved

Mazda CX-5 25T 2WD Sport Edition

●The suggested price is 1.379 million yuan.

●Average fuel consumption 12.4km/L

〇 Good interior texture and dynamic control performance

Compared with the X, the rear seat space is slightly smaller

Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI Deluxe Elite Edition (the borrowed car is the RS model)

●Suggested selling price 1.469 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 15.0km/L

〇 5+2 seven-seat passenger performance

X interior texture and equipment with room for improvement

Part1. Market

Part2. Interior equipment

Part3. Car room space

Part4. Power Control

Part5. Conclusion report


◆Part1. Market

The market will always need new assassins

As the budget price band for imported medium-sized SUVs has been raised to a level of more than 1.2 million yuan, the layout of imported brands in this market segment, whether first-come-first-served, veteran or novice, outflanking with multiple levels or breaking through with a single model, as long as With strength, no matter if you sell more or sell less, you can always occupy a foothold.

Kia Sportage

Comprehensive strength improvement, take advantage of the situation to fight again

As early as mid-December 2021, when Kia held a new brand recognition presentation, although the biggest focus at that time was on the electric vehicle EV6, the remodeled Sportage that appeared at the same venue could not hide the edge of the new car and became another focus of the media. . On June 1st this year, Kia announced that the Sportage will start pre-sale. The Trendy, Apex and X-Line 4WD models are available for pre-order at RMB 1.149 million, RMB 1.249 million and RMB 1.359 million respectively. They will be officially released a week later, and the official price will remain unchanged. Same as pre-sale price.

The Sportage launched in Taiwan is a long-axle version, powered by a single 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline turbocharged engine paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, with a maximum power output of 180ps and 27.0kgm. The driving mode is 2WD and 4WD which is only available in top gauge models. Among the 264 new cars listed in August, 112 were top-spec 4WD models. From the product point of view, in addition to the appearance of the Sportage, which continues the concept of Kia's new generation of "State of the Art front-end design" and attracts attention with its prominent avant-garde appearance, the Sportage has a panoramic curved display screen and a mobile-friendly cabin that can be seen in the cabin. Technology, ventilated and heated seats, dual-zone climate control, panoramic sunroof and Harman Kardon top audio system, plus the spacious functional cockpit space, can be called the "precision strike" of Sportage for the needs of mid-size SUV customers, not to mention the whole car The system comes standard with the Level 2-compliant Drive Wise intelligent driver assistance system. In terms of the imported SUV market of 1.2 to 1.5 million yuan, the all-round combat power of the new Sportage upgrade, coupled with the sales growth of Kia in recent years, is indeed a good brand to fight hard!

According to the general agent, Sportage has exceeded 1,500 orders in the first month of listing in June, and exceeded 2,000 orders in July. However, compared with the current number of new car listings, the top priority of the general agent before the end of this year should be how to strive for more There are many new cars arriving in Hong Kong. After all, under the tide of car shortage, it is also a headache to have no car to pay.

Toyota RAV4

High costs are difficult to absorb, and 23-year-style cannot escape the increase

The RAV4 has accumulated to the end of August this year, with a total of 11,496 new vehicles listed. Although it is inevitably affected by the lack of cars, it is still a figure that many rivals at the same level are envious of. In mid-August, it was reported that the price of the 2023-style RAV4 car series would be increased by 20,000 yuan, but in mid-September, it can be seen on the official website that the RAV4 has updated the 2023-style car model information. The price and equipment of the whole car series have been fine-tuned. Except for the gasoline and Hybrid entry models, the original prices remain unchanged, and other models have an increase ranging from 0.6 to 15,000 yuan. Equipped with adjustment parts, the entire car is equipped with an emergency avoidance steering assist system (for pedestrians) in the PCS early warning protection system; all models except the entry-level luxury (gasoline version) and the Hybrid are upgraded with 12.3-inch digital instruments; Hybrid The flagship 4WD model adds a PVM recording function to the PVM surround view system.

For the RAV4, which is the main sales force in the medium-sized SUV market, the general agent and the original factory have been in the New Year-style car price negotiation for a long time. The original possible increase of 20,000 yuan was reduced to 0.6 to 15,000 yuan; but soon after the announcement of the new car price, Hetai released it on 9/21, including Town Ace, RAV4 HEV, Sienna HEV from 9/20 (inclusive). , GR Yaris and GR86 models have increased the suggested prices, among which the suggested prices of the three RAV4 Hybrid models have been adjusted to: Monarch / 1.14 million yuan (+41,000 yuan), flagship / 1.25 million yuan (+41,000 yuan) yuan), flagship 4WD/1.37 million yuan (+45,000 yuan).

The reason for the increase in car prices is nothing more than the sum of factors such as shortages in the global supply chain due to the impact of the epidemic, rising transportation costs, and increased raw material costs. The original factory cannot absorb the increase in manufacturing costs, so the first wave of announced car models has 2 ~7% increase in car prices; as for the adjustment range of other domestic and imported models, it will be released later.

Mazda CX-5

22 minor changes to make up for the battle force 23 to ensure the stability of the car price

The CX-5 series introduced a minor facelift 2022 model in February this year, focusing on the introduction of the new Skyactive-G 2.5T engine, Mi-Drive intelligent driving mode selection and key features such as full-speed range CTS, induction electric tailgate, wireless charging /Additional wireless smartphone connection, etc.; in mid-August this year, the price of the 2023-style model will be released. The 2.0 model offers S Touring/999,000 yuan, Carbon Edition/1.079 million yuan, Carbon Edition Plus/1.149 million yuan, Premium/119.9 yuan The 2.5 model offers Proactive Touring/1.299 million yuan, Sport Edition/1.379 million yuan and AWD Signature/1.489 million yuan, while the 2.0 S Touring and 2.5 Proactive Touring continue to be introduced by order. Mazda Taiwan also announced in mid-September that the 2023-style CX-5 will be introduced into the Japanese-style "Snow White" new car color to choose from in October.

Compared with other rivals who have raised car prices due to cost pressures, Mazda Taiwan is committed to keeping car prices stable. Therefore, the 2023-style CX-5 can keep the car price unchanged and continue to accept orders, benefiting from minor changes at the beginning of the year. Power, plus the Japanese-style refined exterior and interior have always been pleasing, the main 2.0-liter model is competent to play the protagonist of stabilizing the sales force; although the 2.5-liter model with a new engine is less popular in the tax system, it is a favorite for the CX- 5 For consumers who want more dynamic performance and driving fun, it is a cost-effective redemption.

Skoda Kodiaq

The price with the only 7-seat entry price is a pity

In the price range of 1.2 to 1.5 million yuan we set, the Skoda Kodiaq is the only model that offers a 5+2-seat 7-person setting. In January this year, Kodiaq officially launched a small facelift model. The whole car series includes three grades: 1.5 TSI Deluxe Elite Edition, 2.0 TSI Honor Edition and RSTSI. In April, the official prices of 146.9, 166.9 and 189.9 were adjusted back.

Although the price of the entry-level model of Kodiaq has reached 1.469 million yuan among the four models this time, from the actual equipment point of view, the safety of the driver and the ADAS intelligent vehicle assistance system have not been discounted (this is also Skoda's emphasis), and no paddle shifters, electric passenger seat or 10-color LED ring cabin mood lights...etc The luxury elite version is front-wheel drive and has a power setting of 150hp/25.5kgm. If four-wheel drive is rarely used in daily use, and considering the comprehensive consideration of budget and general daily power requirements, the Kodiaq 1.5 has a 5+2-seat seven-seater. The setting is indeed the most suitable consideration for the "new three-generation family" that is frequently derived from dual-income families; but if you insist on performance and four-wheel drive, you can really only use pocket depth to exchange!

Number of car models listed from January to August 2022


unit: vehicle
Remark 1.: Kia Sportage will be pre-ordered on 6/01, 2021, and will be officially released on 6/08.
Remark 2.: All the listed models are the total number of licenses for the entire vehicle series.

【Group evaluation】Europe, Japan and South Korea imported mid-size SUV battle (Part 2) Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD X Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4WD X Mazda CX-5 25T 2WD Sport Edition X Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI Deluxe Elite Edition

【Collective evaluation】The battle of imported mid-size SUVs from Europe, Japan and South Korea (Part 2) Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD X Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4WD X Mazda CX-5 25T 2WD Sport Edition X Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI Deluxe Elite Edition


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