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【Collective evaluation】The battle of imported mid-size SUVs from Europe, Japan and Korea (Part 2) Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD X Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4WD X Mazda CX-5 25T 2WD Sport Edition X Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI English version

◆Part2. Interior equipment

Luxurious, comfortable and safe equipment

Since it is worth 1.4 million yuan and it is an imported SUV, of course, the equipment cannot be used in the sun. It must be as luxurious and rich as possible, and at the same time, it must take into account the perfect and complete active safety technology. Break out of the battle.

Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD

Impeccable match

In addition to its stunning avant-garde appearance, the new-generation Sportage also uses many of the same bold design elements as the EV6, such as a hyperboloid digital screen, E-Shift electronic knob shift system, and the shape of the air outlet and central saddle. Design, etc. In addition, a lot of fog silver chrome-plated metal, black piano paint trim, and wood grain trim, leather and suede and other materials are used in the cabin, which greatly enhances the luxurious and refined texture, whether it is visual or tactile experience. All are excellent.

In the equipment part, it is full of luxury technology equipment. The entry-level Trendy models are equipped with LED head and tail lights/daytime running lights, Push Start, Smart Key, and Level 2 intelligent driving assistance systems (SCC/FCA/LFA/DAW as standard). /BCA/SEW/AHB/BSVM), 12.3-inch digital instrument, 12.3-inch multimedia audio-visual system, dual-zone thermostat, touch switch air conditioner/audio function panel, electric driver's seat, RVM reverse development, Drive Mode and induction Equipped with electric tailgate and other equipment, I believe that this equipment lineup can meet the needs of most consumers. The mid-level Apex models are equipped with BVM blind spot development assist, SVM surround view assist, Harman Kardon audio, shift paddles, E-Shift electronic knob shifting system, and 64-color adjustable atmosphere lights. As for the top-spec X-Line 4WD, in addition to the exclusive X-Line appearance and blackened interior kit, dual front seat heating/ventilation functions, electric adjustment of the passenger seat, rear heated seats, and Qi mobile phone wireless charging are added. As well as optional panoramic electric sunroof lights and other equipment, it is indeed impeccable for this scale.

The new interior design, in addition to the material texture and technological atmosphere has been greatly improved, the panoramic curved large screen composed of a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 12.3-inch touch console is the biggest highlight of the cabin.
The 12.3-inch digital instrument can provide rich and easy-to-interpret driving information, and can change different display themes and colors according to different driving modes.
The 12.3-inch multimedia touch console is the first to add Traditional Chinese culture interface, and supports Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection function, which is more convenient to use.

Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4WD

Rich equipment and good texture

The interior of the RAV4 2.5 Hybrid adopts a simple, yet elegant and textured design. Only the buttons for air conditioning and heated seats are left on the center console. The rest are integrated into the steering wheel and 9-inch touch-sensitive console. Allows the driver to operate more conveniently and clearly. In addition, the creation of the cabin texture is also very good, including the entire center console and door trim panels are covered with soft plastic and leather, and with chrome trim strips, the entire cabin has a very delicate visual and tactile texture.

The interior is laid out in a simple design style, but the luxury comfort and safety equipment are not sloppy at all, especially the creation of the cabin texture is also quite good.

Equipped with parts, the 2.5 Hybrid flagship model comes standard with 8-way power adjustable seats (with memory function), power ventilation seats, multi-function leather steering wheel, 9-inch full-color multi-function information display, E- Mirror electronic rear-view mirror, Smart Entry/Push Start, dual-zone climate control, PVM surround view image assistance system, kick-sensing electric tailgate and Level 2 TSS intelligent driving assistance system (ACC/PCS/LTA/ BSM/AHB), etc. In addition, the New Year model has also added a 12.3-inch full-color digital instrument from the flagship version, as well as an emergency evasion steering assist system for the PCS early warning protection system. The top-spec 2.5 Hybrid 4WD model adds smart navigation/24H car guardian/one-key rescue/Drive+ APP and other service functions to the Drive+ Connect intelligent connected vehicle system, and has Apple Carplay and Android Auto mobile phone connection functions, and comes standard with a co-pilot The 4-way power seat, Qi wireless charging stand and panoramic power sunroof are also equipped with high-level performance.

The entire RAV4 Hybrid series comes standard with a 9-inch head unit with WiFi function and the Drive+ Connect in-vehicle system, while the top-spec model has 4G networking function and can provide services such as smart navigation/24H car guardian/one-key rescue/Drive+ APP.
A sizeable panoramic power sunroof is standard on the flagship 4WD model of the RAV4 2.5 HYBRID.

Mazda CX-5 25T 2WD Sport Edition

Exquisite texture, fully equipped

In addition to its dynamic and beautiful appearance, the CX-5's interior design is not inferior. The raised saddle integrates the gear lever and MZD Connect control knob, emphasizing the ergonomic and easy-to-use operation interface. The creation of an independent space for the driver and the passenger seat is a unique design, and the delicate interior materials and the creation of a high-quality atmosphere are definitely a plus point for the interior, which is close to the high level of high-end Japanese cars. show.

The equipment part also provides the standard and sincerity that this class of models should have, such as 7-inch full-color digital instrumentation, Push Start/Smart Keyless, multi-function leather steering wheel, shift paddles, driver seat 8-way/off-hand seat 6 Power-adjustable seats, dual front-seat ventilation, 8-inch MZD Connect man-machine information integration system, full-color HUD head-up display, Qi wireless phone charging stand, Bose surround sound (10 speakers), and 360-degree surround view image assist, etc. It is fully equipped, and the richness of equipment is comparable to that of the RAV4. The safety equipment part has a complete set of i-Activsense active safety systems, including full-speed MRCC, CTS, SBS, SBS, BSM, RCTA, LDWS, LAS, DAA and HBC systems, etc., with TCS, DSC, HLA, ESS and 6 Airbag, safety performance is beyond doubt.

The CX-5 upholds Mazda's consistent high-quality interior, and is also equipped with a wide variety of rich equipment, which achieves a cabin atmosphere that is comparable to that of high-end luxury imported recreational vehicles.

Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI Deluxe Elite Edition

Quality level, good equipment

Due to the problem of vehicle scheduling, this time Kodiaq comes with a performance version of the RS model, but we will still introduce the 1.5-liter TSI luxury elite version with a price of 1.469 million yuan. However, when you see the interior layout of the RS model, you can't help but admire it, because you can feel the obvious warm-blooded atmosphere at a glance, especially the red stitching that can be seen everywhere, plus the three-spoke sports car-style shuttle wheel steering wheel , carbon fiber-like textured trim panels, and sports seats designed with suede material on the seat surface and other RS-specific configurations, you can get excited. However, the TSI luxury elite version with the same interior layout has less enthusiastic performance decorations, but the overall interior material texture still has the level of performance that a German imported car should have.

The RS-treated interior is full of enthusiastic performance atmosphere, but the TSI luxury elite version with the same layout design, the interior texture and materials are also of the highest level.

In the equipment part, since the TSI Deluxe Elite Edition is the human-door version of the Kodiaq car series, the interior equipment is of course not more luxurious than the RS version photographed, but the richness and convenience are also not to be mentioned, including the Matrix LED smart compound eye head Light set, LED daytime running lights/turning lights/sequential direction taillights, Kessy Full keyless opening and closing, floating shuttle wheel multi-function leather steering wheel, driver's seat 8-way electric adjustment with 3 sets of memory, 10.25-inch digital instrument, 9.2 inch touch screen, CNS third-generation infotainment system, wireless Apple CarPlay, three-zone climate control, intelligent somatosensory electric tailgate, full-vehicle overlooking development warning system, XDS active electronic limited slip, and smart Eye intelligent driving Assistive technologies (ACC/AEB/Front Assist/Lane Assist/Side Assist/RTA) and 9 airbags are standard.

The TSI Deluxe Elite version also comes standard with a 10.25-inch digital instrument, but the RS version adds two exclusive display styles. The color matching and ambient lighting can also be manually set or adjusted in conjunction with the driving mode.
The 9.2-inch touch screen is equipped with a third-generation CNS infotainment system that supports wireless Apple CarPlay mobile phone connectivity.

short comment

To be honest, the richness of the equipment of these four cars has reached an impeccable level, especially the active safety technology also meets the level of Level 2, so they are all temporary choices; but in terms of price, The price difference between the Sportage, RAV4 and CX-5 is very small, while the price difference between the Kodiaq and the other three cars is about 100,000 yuan, mainly due to its slightly higher price class.


◆Part 3. Car room space

Comfort and practical space niche point

Whether it is the spaciousness and comfort of the ride, or the appetite for loaded items, it is an important key factor when purchasing an SUV. For the four models of this class, the space performance has basically reached the standard, but from the perspective of actual riding and use, the "feeling" of the subtleties will be the key to the choice. Of course, the Kodiaq, which has a 5+2 seven-seater ride function, has an advantage in this part.

Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD

Spacious, comfortable and intimate rear seat

The body length/width/height dimensions of the new-generation Sportage are 4660/1865/1680mm, respectively, which is an increase of 175/10/25mm compared with the previous model, and the wheelbase is stretched by 85mm to 2755mm. And such an increase in the size of the body will help the performance of the passenger space in the cabin. For an adult with a height of 175cm, in addition to having 2 fists of room for the knees, there is also a distance of more than 1 fist between the head and the canopy. In addition, the seat back has 14 levels of inclination adjustment, and the seat cushion The coverage is also quite good, the seat length is also long enough, and the leg support is good, so the whole ride experience is very spacious and comfortable.

The dual front seats of the X-Line model are upholstered in leather and suede, with electric adjustment and heating and ventilation. The ride is very comfortable and comfortable.
The rear seat has a very spacious and comfortable riding space, and the seat back can be adjusted in 14 steps to make it easy to find a comfortable sitting position, and the rear seat of the X-Line model is equipped with a heating function as standard.

In addition, there are also many thoughtful and ingenious designs for rear-seat passengers, such as the rear-seat Type-C charging hole set on the side of the front seat, and the large hook behind the front-seat headrest that can easily hang clothes or items. The preferences and needs of consumers at this level. As for the space volume of the rear luggage compartment, it has a performance of 586 liters in the standard 5-seater state, and the bottom plate also adopts a functional double-layer design, and the cargo space can be expanded after the 6/4-separated rear seat is folded forward. To 1872 liters, there are also configurations such as seatback quick dumping lever, hook and 12V power jack, which can win the appreciation and favor of car owners.

The rear luggage compartment space can be expanded and adjusted from 586 to 1872 liters. The bottom plate also adopts a more functional double-layer design, and has thoughtful and practical configurations such as quick dumping levers, hooks and 12V jacks.

Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4WD

Spacious space class leader

The body length/width/height and wheelbase of this generation of RAV4 are 4600/1855/1485mm and 2690mm respectively. Compared with the previous generation, the vehicle width and wheelbase are also enlarged by 10mm and 30mm respectively. Enough passenger space is enlarged. With a 175cm occupant actually riding, the knees are 2 fists away from the front seat back, and the head is about 2 fists away from the ceiling. With this performance, it can be said to be one of the best in the same class distance car, and the rear seat The length of the cushion is also sufficient, plus the softness and hardness of the foam is moderate, and the angle of the seat back can be adjusted. It is quite comfortable to ride, and the spaciousness and comfort performance are not inferior to the Sportage.

The dual front seats with good coverage and support have 8-way and 4-way electric adjustment functions respectively; in addition, there are 2 sets of memory function settings for the driver's seat, and both front seats are also equipped with ventilation devices.
The rear seat space was already spacious enough, but the wheelbase is 30mm longer than that of the previous generation, and it is even wider. Both the knees and the head have more than 2 fist space performance.

As for the rear luggage space, the performance is also quite good. It is deep enough, wide enough and high enough. It has a volume of 580 liters under standard conditions. After the 6/4 split rear seats are folded forward, it can be expanded to 1976 liters. This data is in It can be regarded as the leader in the same class of cars, and the flatness is not bad, so placing large items is never a problem. In addition, the luggage compartment floor also adopts a two-stage double-layer design, which can increase the height of 50mm to expand the capacity when placed on the lower floor. Said to be quite practical.

Under standard conditions, the rear luggage compartment has a volume of 580 liters, and after the 6/4 split design of the rear seats is folded forward, the volume can be expanded to 1976 liters, and the flatness is good, deep enough and wide enough.

Mazda CX-5 25T 2WD Sport Edition

Small ride comfort, luggage compartment ingenious

For the front seats of the CX-5, it is not a problem to adjust the ample and comfortable driving space, and the wrapping and conformability of the seats are quite good, and the riding comfort is above the standard. Electric adjustment and ventilation function, a practical design that is very considerate to the occupant. With a wheelbase of 2700mm, a 175cm adult actually rides the rear seats, and there is about a fist distance between the knees and the head. Although it is not as abundant as the other three cars, the riding space is absolutely sufficient. The seat support and seat back angle adjustment functions are above the standard for wrapping and support, so you can still get a quite comfortable rear seat space.

The front seat space and ride comfort of the CX-5 is remarkable. At the same time, the driver's seat and the passenger's seat have 8-way and 6-way electric adjustment functions respectively, and have a diversion ventilation seat design.
Although the CX-5 has a decent 2700mm wheelbase, its response to the back seat knee space is not obvious, which is a pity for ride comfort.

As for the rear luggage compartment, it also has many functions and ingenious designs. In addition to the two-section multi-functional partitions that can be placed on the upper and lower double tracks to provide flexible loading functions, the partitions are made of waterproof material after they are turned over. It also has a large hidden storage space below. It is also a waterproof design that can store wet items or car wash tools. This will be a very convenient and considerate design for car owners who love outdoor leisure activities.

The luggage compartment of the CX-5 is wide enough, but the depth is smaller than that of the other three cars. However, if you need to expand the passenger space, you can use the 6/4 separation seat back and the seat back quick dump switch to complete.

Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI Deluxe Elite Edition

Excellent advantage of 5+2 three-row seven-seater

The Kodiaq is the only model among the four cars with a 5+2 three-row seat design, which gives it more passenger seats and richer space-changing functions, which is definitely a plus. First, slide the second row of seats directly to the last section, that is, in the 5-seat mode, the occupant's knees are 2.5 fists away from the back of the front seat, which is very spacious, and there are about 1 fist and 2 fingers on the head. Space, plus the cushion foam is moderately soft and hard, and the seat back can be adjusted to a suitable angle, so the ride comfort is good. After adjusting the seating position of the second row, and taking a 175cm adult into the third row, you can find that the occupant's knees are still against the front seat back, and the legs also need to be bowed to ride, plus the seat back The angle is also relatively straight, so it is more suitable for short rides or for children.

Whether it is the performance version of the RS TSI or the entry-level TSI luxury elite version, the driver's seat is equipped with 8-way electric adjustment and 3 sets of memory setting functions as standard.
The second row of seats has front and rear sliding and seat back angle adjustment functions. In the case of five-seater, it has very spacious knee room performance and ample head room.
Although the third-row seating space is more suitable for small adults or children, there are also 2 more seats for emergencies.

As for the luggage space performance, it can be said to be Kodiaq's strong point. It is surprisingly wide. Even with the third row upright, it still has a good depth. The official data is 270 liters, and when the second row seats are folded forward The rear is 630 liters, and even the 2 and 3 rows of seats can be folded forward and backward to form a storage volume of 2005 liters, and it has a very good flatness.

Luggage space is Kodiaq's strong point. Even with the third row up, there is still a decent amount of storage space, with 270/630/2005 liters of performance under 7/5/2 occupants, respectively.

short comment

When buying an SUV, space is definitely an extremely important indicator, but in fact, everyone has different intentions for using the vehicle, so it is difficult for us to define what is the best. Basically, these four cars have a sufficient level of space and comfort performance, the difference is only the difference between "large" and "bigger". Of course, the Kodiaq, which has a 5+2 three-row seven-seater setting, has Innate advantages, but relatively must pay a higher car price.

【Collective evaluation】The battle of imported mid-size SUVs from Europe, Japan and South Korea (Part 1) Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD X Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4WD X Mazda CX-5 25T 2WD Sport Edition X Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI Deluxe Elite Edition

【Collective evaluation】The battle of imported mid-size SUVs from Europe, Japan and South Korea (Part 2) Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD X Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid 4WD X Mazda CX-5 25T 2WD Sport Edition X Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI Deluxe Elite Edition


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