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【F1 Feature】 FIA intervenes in "jumping car"

When you see which team's car has a unique design in the new year, it is either a good or a bad thing. Mercedes is currently the latter... Is there a chance to release the "potential" of the W13?

The season is almost over halfway through, and this year's new body specification brings a problem to the car. Even so, some teams did not have much problems before the start of the season, and some teams gradually improved after the start of the season. The trouble is still the Mercedes W13 car with extreme side design this season: the Spanish station seems to be solved, the situation in Monaco is unknown (because there is no high-speed section), and Lewis Hamilton has a backache after the Azerbaijan station. It is difficult to get off the car, Clearly the problem is still serious.

Whether each team's racing car can handle the side effects derived from the design of the rules is the team's own issue. Just like Mercedes has dominated for eight consecutive years since the power system was changed to a gasoline-electric hybrid turbo in 2014, the current problem of dolphin jumping can only be It is said that Mercedes did not handle it well; but when this problem would cause harm to the health of the drivers, the FIA ​​could not let the team go on like this, so it intervened and issued a technical order TD039 before the Canadian Grand Prix.

TD039's measure is to monitor the vertical acceleration of the car, and if it exceeds a certain level, it will force the team to adjust. The FIA ​​said it was decided after discussions with the medical team that in a sport over 300km/h the athlete must maintain focus to cope with any conditions brought on by the speed, if any conditions of excessive fatigue or pain cause the driver to be distracted Or affect the body's response, which may lead to serious consequences and must be intervened.

The fastest way to reduce the dolphin jumping phenomenon is to reduce the ground effect, that is, to increase the height of the chassis from the ground. The FIA's mandatory adjustment measure is that the team must increase by 1 cm, but the higher the chassis is off the ground, the lower the downforce of the body, and also That will reduce the performance of the car, but there is no way. If you can only choose between the performance of the car and the body of the driver, the conclusion is of course people first. In short: if a team cannot suppress the problem of dolphin jumping, it must reduce the performance Pressure, you can think of it as a penalty, but in short, it doesn't do any harm to the driver's body.

This year, many teams have a pair of brackets (one on the left and one on the left) connecting the car shell on the chassis in front of the rear wheel of the car. The purpose is to increase the strength of the chassis and reduce the situation of dolphin jumping. TD039 allows the team to install a second pair of brackets, but TD039 is in Canada. Announced on Thursday, the team was too late to make adjustments, but Mercedes had a second pair of brackets in Friday's practice session, which the team said they made overnight out of existing materials. Other teams still questioned whether Mercedes had a black box inside; the team didn't use it after practice because the experiment didn't work well.

However, the situation of Mercedes in Canada has still improved. Hamilton no longer complained of back pain. It turned out that the team had raised the chassis, but George Russell said that this did not affect the performance of the car, it did not get worse or better, and Every time they set the car differently, they had different side effects and still couldn't find a proper direction. While Red Bull and Ferrari were fighting each other on the field, Mercedes was still wrestling with its own endless side effects.

After the Azerbaijan race, the scene of Hamilton stroking his back attracted attention, but Mercedes immediately took palliative measures, allowing him to climb the podium in Canada after the opening race for seven races.

Among the top three teams, Red Bull is currently the best deal with the problem of dolphin jumping, followed by Ferrari, and Mercedes is the worst. If the latter two teams meet the TD039 standard in the future and must raise the chassis, Red Bull's advantage will be reduced. bigger...


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