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【F1 Special】Furious BullfightRed Bull wins six consecutive victories and seven victories in nine races

From the last issue to this issue, all Red Bull wins, not only have they achieved six consecutive victories, they have won seven games in nine races since the season started this year! So overwhelming, the opponent (and only one opponent) was either defeated or blew himself up, and now the season is about halfway through...

openThere were frequent failures during the season, and Red Bull was still third in the constructors' championship at the third round, but after the problem was solved, Red Bull showed the speed to be able to compete with the early season champion Ferrari, and then it became a Ferrari situation Frequently, Red Bull rose to the first place in the team's championship in the sixth round, Max Verstappen also rose to the first place in the driver's championship in the sixth round, and teammate Sergio Perez rose to the second place in the driver's championship in the eighth round, it seems that Red Bull has begun to monopolize the 2022 season. ...

Leclerc won the pole position in Monaco in the home country for two consecutive years, but once again failed to return (this year's 4th is the best ever), and the home spell has been formed.
At first glance, I thought it was two Haas colliding? In fact, it's only Schumacher. He has broken the car twice this year. Will he continue to be the car repair king?
Monaco Station experienced heavy rain, accidents, and the game time was dragged to nearly the upper limit of 2 hours. In the end, Perez won his first victory in this station and this season, and also won himself a two-year contract extension.
Of course Perez wasn't born wanting to be world runner-up, but if being Verstappen is what he's doing today, then he'll have to be "your wingman at all times."

Red Bull's wingman

In the past two years, Red Bull's driver personnel issue was to find a stable and reliable deputy for Verstappen (Daniel Ricciardo was unwilling to leave the team), the previous sons Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon both failed, and they were hired at the end of the previous year. Released by Force India (now Aston Martin), Perez, who is more senior than Verstappen, has not only revitalized his F1 career, but also proved to be the ideal candidate.

Unlike Gasly and Albon, last year Perez adapted to a car originally built for Verstappen's style: five podium appearances, including one, not only Perez's best F1 career result, but also Red Bull's own. After Ricciardo left the team, he was the "No. 2" driver who was able to win again after two years; and this year, after finishing the ninth race, Perez has already matched his five podiums last year, including one victory. The difference is that last year's other four The second is the 3rd, and this year is the 2nd.

Alonso in Canada won the first row start after ten years (the last time was the pole position in Germany in 2012, when it was still Ferrari), but the power system was not smooth in the final, which lowered the ranking.

This performance is better than Valtteri Bottas, who once served as Lewis Hamilton's "wingman" at Mercedes, so Red Bull also gave Perez a better deal than Bottas when he was at Mercedes: a two-year contract extension (Bottas is always one-year-a-year at Mercedes-Benz). sign)! This is certainly a nod to Perez's role from Red Bull. And this year the car also caters to his needs, which is right: when Verstappen can win, he can be stuck in second place, when Verstappen can't win, he can win, which means Perez is better, Red Bull is better .

role of number two

Of course it makes sense (otherwise I don't have to say it): last year Verstappen won the drivers' championship, Red Bull did not win the constructors' championship, the difference is that Perez's results are not as good as Bottas, and a large part of it is Perez's first half of the season. Still getting used to running in the Red Bull car, his results were good and bad, but in the second half of the season, his performance became more stable. This year, Red Bull not only finished 1-2 for the first time since 2016 (Ricciardo and Verstappen last time), but also won the mid-season drivers' championship for the first time since 2011 1-2 (last time was Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber). )!

What's more, Perez got the pole position earlier than Verstappen this year, and has now won three qualifying matches against his teammates. In fact, Perez could have won in Spain and Azerbaijan, but it was all under his role. He gave it to his teammates. Even if he was reluctant in his heart, and even expressed it verbally, it was still his destiny. After all, Red Bull didn't ask him to win the championship. His role and value was to ensure Verstappen won the championship. Being able to help Red Bull to win the championship and himself the runner-up of the driver of the year, this is his perfect performance in the team.

= Sainz in Monaco and Canada both clung to Verstappen's back for a second and took second place. His first victory is just around the corner? Or is this his bottleneck?

Last year Perez won in Azerbaijan because of Verstappen's retirement. What about Monaco, where he won this year? In the second half, Ferrari's Carlos Sainz was between him and Verstappen. It was too difficult to make the car in such a situation, but perhaps this was the mode that Perez wanted the most and his only winning code, so Yasser. Bairan stood with him and overtook Ferrari's Leclerc, and separated the latter between him and Verstappen. At that time, the last person who wanted Leclerc to retire must be Perez. Unfortunately, the opponent failed and Verstappen rose to second place. Of course Can't let it go.

The rise and fall of the two armies

Under such a premise, as long as the two Red Bulls run normally without incident, the opponent is almost unprofitable. On the other hand, Ferrari, except for one 1-2 and two 2-3 at the beginning of the season, the two drivers' performance Even the current record this year is that as long as Verstappen doesn't retire, Ferrari (Leclerc) can't win: Leclerc did better at the beginning of the season, but he has had bad luck lately, and he has made Sainz on the podium. He also surpassed him. This is like the internal friction of Ferrari driver points, and the internal friction of points is the internal friction of ranking. After all, Red Bull has already had three 1-2 and one 1-3.

Speaking of the ups and downs of the two teams, there are currently nine stops this year. In terms of pole positions, Leclerc has won six times (including a wave of four consecutive poles) and Verstappen has won twice, but in terms of winning numbers, Verstappen has won six times ( Including a wave of three-game winning streak), Leclerc has won twice, the situation is completely opposite, the number of podiums is Verstappen seven times (as long as he is on the podium at the end of the race), Leclerc four times (but not in the last four races), and two. Each of them retired twice, and it evolved into a point gap between the two, from Leclerc leading by 46 points after the third stop, to Verstappen winning by 49 points, not to mention Perez in the middle of the championship...

Since the beginning of this year, no matter where Russell is in the starting position (currently the worst 12th), he has consistently won the top 5 in the finals, and his high and stable performance has made him still ranked 4th in the championship points.

【F1 Feature】FIA intervenes in "jumping car"


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